The wall hanging in the header is made using a pattern called "Spring Sampler" by All Through the Night.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ohio Collection Update

I forgot to share the basket blocks I made for the quilt.  I used Nancy Johnson-Srebo's diamond free method to make the blocks.

I sewed and sewed, and sewed some more.  Lots of partials seams in the construction of the quilt top but it is finished.  I have lots of strings clinging that need to be plucked off.

I need a taller husband with a wider arm span to hold this quilt top up for a picture.

I love the quilt.  I was going for the faded out look that some of the colors in the original antique quilts took on over the years.  I think I succeeded.

Nancy completed her quilt top a couple weeks ago.  Lori,, Cathy, and LuAnn are still making their blocks and making very good progress.  Click on their names and you should be taken to their blog so you can see what they have to share this week.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Ohio Collection and 1850 Album Block Update

Today, I have combined the last two Ohio Collection blocks with the additional blocks I have finished for the 1850 Album quilt I am working on.

The house block design is something I took from the Ohio Miami Valley Quilts book.  I used the name of the first grade school I attended for the sign.

Now the 1850 Album blocks that I have completed since the last post I did on them.

I previously showed a block with a bird with the plume coming out of the tail area.  This time, it comes out of the head.

These two blocks are very similar.  I did them the same as the pattern with reversing the green and red placement in the two blocks.  I forgot to do the eye on the green bird.

Lori, Cathy, and LuAnn will also be showing their latest Ohio Collection blocks.  Visit their blog if you have the time.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Ohio Collection Quilt Update

Another update on my Ohio Collection quilt.  I have had company for about 10 days so not a lot of sewing done but I did have some free time here and there.  Some of the blocks were done previously and not shown so I will share pictures now.

A Bow Ties block.

Birds In the Air.

The hands and horseshoes is not from Anita's book but a version is pictured in a quilt in the Ohio Miami Valley book.  I enlarged the picture and traced elements to create a block that would fit the space I had.

Periwinkle.  The edges did not come out exactly the way they should have but will work in the quilt as is.

An Old Maid block.

I still have blocks to stitch but was anxious to start sewing the top part of the quilt together.  My design wall is not wide enough to show the entire width flat but you can get an idea of what it is going to look like.  Lots of partial seams and thinking on how to best do it.

Not all the parts are connected yet but many are.  I need to sew a couple blocks before I can put more together on the quilt.  I am liking it very well.

Lori, Nancy, Cathy, and LuAnn are still working on their blocks and you can see updates by visiting their blogs.

I have had inquiries as to where the book can be purchased that we are using for patterns.  As far as I know, the Ohio Collection quilt pattern book is only available directly from Anita Shackelford.  Here is a link.  We are also using the Album Quilts of Ohio Miami Valley book by Sue Cummings for reference and some of the blocks that we have opted to add to the quilt.  You can find new and used copies of the book on Amazon.

Back to my sewing room for more fun.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ohio Connection Update

Time for more blocks for the Ohio Connection quilt.  I am chuckling at myself because as soon as I downloaded the pictures from the camera, I saw a big error in the star block.  I have to fix it but will show the block anyhow.

Next up is the Turkey Tracks block.  I decided not to piece the block but did it in applique instead.

The flower vine is not hard to stitch but I discovered that I needed to mark the rectangular space it should fit in.  The pattern is in parts and it does not line up like you expect it to.  Once I drew a rectangle in the sizer needed and traced pattern parts to make it fit, I could see what I needed to do.  It is easy to end up with a block that won't fit otherwise.

I think I am ready to trim blocks for the top part of the quilt and start sewing a section together.

Lori, Cathy, LuAnn, and Nancy should have blocks to share with you too.  Pay them a visit if you have time.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

1851 Coverlet Update

I haven't spent much time on the applique shapes lately for this 1851 Coverlet design but did do two more of them last evening.  I have a tiger and an elephant left to stitch on the bottom row.  Then I have shapes cut out to add above the top row.  I am a bit over half way on  making the quilt top.

Have you seen Barb Vedder's new pattern?  It is titled "Fun Folk Art Patterns".  It is for the same style of quilt that I am making.  When she made her quilt, she used some of Kaffe Fassett's drawings and interspersed it with her own designs.  She said there are enough shapes in her pattern that you can make a quilt with just her designs.  You can see the pattern here.

And just in case you want to visit Barb's blog (it always has interesting posts and quilts to look at), click here

Have a nice day and take a few minutes to sew.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Catherine's Garden Block 5 and 1850 Folk Art Album Update

I finished block five of Catherine's Garden.  It is interesting how the one stem is created with two fabrics.  The patterns are available through Dawn (Collector With A Needle).

And here is a picture of all the blocks to date.  I may be the only one that likes my prim version done in pinks and brown and a bit of red.  Check out Dawn's antique look version that she is making.

I have stitched more blocks for the 1850 Folk Art Album pattern by Laurene Sinema.  I have been asked where the pattern can be found.  Laurene Sinema passed away quite some time ago.  I found the album quilt pattern on E-Bay.  For a good while, I saw Laurene's patterns on The Pattern Peddler but I could not order from there as it is a wholesale site.  When you would look at the Laurene Sinema section, it said to order soon as supplies were limited and no more would be available.  The site has changed its look and now I do not find any of Laurene's patterns available.  I suggest you watch E-Bay and maybe one will again show up there.  Or, if you are a blogger or on a Facebook quilt group, you might ask if anyone has one they would be willing to sell.

This was an easy block to stitch.  One piece.

This is a quirky block with the plume coming out of the bird's tail section.

I am going to be prepping more applique blocks today.  You will find me in the sewing room.

Friday, April 24, 2015

New Blocks For the Ohio Connection Quilt

An update on the next batch of blocks I have made for the Ohio Connection quilt.

The first block is the Oak Leaf and Reel.

The lamb is not in the Ohio Connection Quilt book but is found in the Quilts of the Ohio Miami Valley book.  There are some different versions of the lamb.  Standing and laying.  I chose this particular one because it would fit a rectangular space and has a more folk art look.

The rooster is another block not found in the pattern book but in the Ohio Miami Valley book.

A Bear Paw block.

The stork block is also a design I found in the Miami Valley book.  It was found in a few of the quilts from that area.  I may be the only one doing this block from our little group.  It works well in the solid fabrics.

I am enjoying making the quilt blocks from the pattern book and in finding ideas for the substitute blocks.

Visit Lori, Cathy, LuAnn, and Nancy for an update on their block making since the last post.