The quilt in the header is made from a Cheri Payne pattern called "Twelve Days of Christmas"..

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Gathering

Saturday was the Christmas Gathering for my quilt group.  This year, it was decided that the gift exchange would be a handmade gift that could be used on a table.  And not necessarily a dining table.  And something that could be used for more than the holiday season.

The first piece was  an embroidered butterfly table runner.  It was made by Rosy.  The recipient loves butterfly quilt blocks and I am sure it will be well loved.  (Even if the person was not there for their gift, all were shown).

Nancy made a table runner with lilacs fabric.  It is reversible.

Pat made Rosy two sets of napkins with cherry fabric.  And a fabric bowl using cherry fabric.  She added beads around the bowl that look like cherries hanging from it.  Rosy loves any fabric or quilt design with cherries.

Beverly made a wool mat and embellished it with lots of stitches.  The pattern was in a Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.

 Priscilla made these placemats.  There are four and each one has a different center redwork look design.  It is printed on the fabric so no embroidery to do.  It looks like the real thing unless you look up close.

Kenyan made these placemats for Tee (if I remember correctly).

Kenyan received the log cabin wreath wall hanging as an extra in her package.

Kenyan received a two-sided table runner.  The fabric has metallic designs.

Karen (another Karen and not me) made this wool mat for Pat.  The leaves and petals of the violets are partially unstitched so that the mat has a very dimensional look.  Pat said her mother's favorite flower was violets and this almost made her cry.

 I made Beverly a wool table runner.  I used a Primitive Gatherings Pattern called "Patiently Waiting".  I used Beverly's kind of colors that she often uses in her quilts.

I received this really cute bunny wool mat.  I love it!  When Tee first tried working with wool, she did not enjoy it but has since come to like it very much.

We also had some Show 'n Tell.  Tee made this Disappearing Four Patch quilt.

Beverly shared her "12 Days of Christmas" quilt that she made a few years ago.  She cannot remember who the designer is.  The colors are quite vibrant and not showing well in my photo.

Beverly had her "Southern Gentleman" quilt on display.  She used nine blocks from a Fat Cat set of patterns.  She said she made a few changes to the applique design for ease of stitching.

After catching up on everyone's news about new grandchildren, weddings, illnesses, etc., we moved the party to The Cheesecake Factory.  I took some pictures of desserts.  I  promised Pat that I would not show her face in the picture.  The chocolate fudge sundaes were huge and neither person who ordered one could eat it all.

I did not get a good picture of the lemon meringue cheesecake.  I ordered that along with one of the other ladies.  Jean's to-go bag is somewhat hiding it.  I can assure you that it was a big piece and delicious.  I took home half of it for DH.

A wonderful time had by all.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Inspired By An Antique Quilt

Dawn from Collector With A Needle sent me a magnet set and some cards to be used as bookmarks.  These are from the Denver Art Museum.  The house quilt blocks on the card and the one magnet inspired me to make a block for Dawn that looked much like the block in the middle of the card.  I used graph paper to draw the block parts.  I chose an eight inch size for the block with one inch pieced diagonal stripe sashing around it.  Not an easy block to piece in this size because of all the seams.  And not easy to hand quilt because of those same seams.

I forgot to take a picture before sealing the package.  Dawn gave me permission to use the photo she sent to me of the little quilt where she has it displayed.

If I were to make another of the house blocks, I would make it larger in size so that I would be easier to piece and hand quilt  Maybe a finished 12 inch block.  I have no idea what size the house blocks are on the antique quilt.  If you would like to view a picture of the quilt, visit the museum web site here.

Today was spent with quilting friends for a holiday gathering.  I have photos to share and will do that tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Nativity Stitchery

I finished the Nativity stitchery project.  I used a pattern by Plum Creek Collectibles called "The Christmas Pageant".  The embroidered blocks that I made were meant to be made into separate pieces and attached to a cord for a banner.  I chose to make a table runner instead.

Simple quilting.  If I make another, I will use red thread on the red border.  I wish I had on this piece.  The blocks are six inches finished with the dark blue sashing finishing at one inch.

I am running out of time to make gifts.  Are you done?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Small Projects and Special Gifts

First of all.  I changed the header picture to "Twelve Days of Christmas" made from a pattern by Cheri.  I promise you that the quilt is not as crooked as it looks in the picture.

I have been busy on small projects.  I have May and June sheep blankets done.  The June one with the blackbird and strawberries is my favorite thus far.

I made a wool cardinal ornament from Kaaren's freebie design.  Looking at the picture, I need to move the button eye to a little better placement.

I have more small projects in the works but will save those for the next post.

I received an Annie doll this fall from a special friend and had not shared a picture of it.  The doll smells so good.  Sort of like cotton candy.  I have had it on top of a quilt cabinet until moving it for a picture and you can get a whiff of the good smell when you pass by it.  She is prim cute.

Another gift came in the mail a few days ago.  A very talented blog friend sent me a punch needle piece with polka dot chickens.  She is aware that I like polka dot chickens.  I have a chicken cookie jar that is black with white polka dots, a ceramic tea pot, etc.

I plan on learning to do needle punch in the New Year.  I have tried in the past but was not successful.  I needed more guidance on how to do it.  I purchased a book with instructions and designs, watched three videos all by different people, and also purchased a better hoop.  I need to purchase some weaver's cloth for future use and I am looking online for an easy design in kit form.

That's all for today.  I am working on a stitchery Nativity project and plan on sewing the blocks together today.  I am heading to the sewing room in a few minutes.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sheep Blanket for April

Another of the sheep blankets done.  This one is for April.  If you are confused as to what a sheep blanket is, see this post.

I used a purple plaid brushed cotton for the backing.

I am working on the May and June wool pieces and should finish soon.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Flags of the American Revolution

December 1st has arrived and time for the monthly update of the blocks for "Flags of the American Revolution".  I have had company for several days and have not taken time to work on all that I should have for the month.  I do have the applique block done and will work on the star blocks later this week.

I am linking with Humble Quilts.  You can visit her blog post and see how others did the same design.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Good Night

I finally quilted the Santa quilt I made a number of months ago and made a second one.  I did not do a good job of pinning them so they hang straight on the design wall.  One is a bit larger than the other as I cut the outside border pieces a bit wider.  And the applique designs are in reverse.  Didn't mean to do that but it turned out okay.  The pattern used is "A Good Night" and is by Cheri.  The applique is wool on cotton.

I also finished the snowman ornament I showed you in this post.  We have house guests for two weeks.  I have prepped one of the snowman ornaments for my friend to stitch and she has a start on it and building her confidence that yes she can do some basic embroidery.  I used a piece of cotton batting inside the snowman but you could just as easily add light stuffing and make him a bit plump.

I hope that if you celebrate Thanksgiving, it is a good one.