This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dearest Boy Update

The 15th rolled around fast for me this month.  Time for another "Dearest Boy" update.  This time it is the Christmas tree block.  The tree has a star on top and pears as decoration.  The stories that go with each block are delightful.  You will enjoy them if you decide to purchase the pattern.

Two more quilters are joining in making the quilt blocks.  One is Doreen from "Aunt 'Reen's Place".  I don't know that she will be posting with our little group.  Just that she will be starting the blocks when things slow down for her.  The second is Carole from "Quilter On the Hill" which formerly was known as "Wheels On the Warrandyte Bus".  She shared a picture of a cute, cute calf which her family recently purchased.  It is what has drawn her to this album pattern.  Carole lives in Australia so she may not have her blocks posted quite at the same time as Julie and Cathy.  Just click on any of their names and the link should take you to their blog.

I have been busy making eight placemats for a gift.    The placemats have taken quite a chunk of time for something that looks so simple in style.  I am doing the binding on the last one and will share a picture in my next post.  I have some applique blocks to photograph and share with you also.


Monday, July 2, 2018

Catherine's Garden and Early American Life

I revisited an older quilt in progress and got the top put together.  The pattern is "Catherine's Garden" and is designed from an antique quilt by Dawn (Collector With A Needle) and her daughter Nora. 

I have had the sixteen applique blocks done for a good while.  I started the project without knowing exactly where I was going with it.  Just that I wanted to do the applique blocks and I wanted to use my fabric in stash.  I chose a pink and brown combo (it may not be to your taste unless you are drawn to pink and brown quilts).  I didn't know what I would use for the setting blocks and how the border would be done.  I did not have enough of the applique block background fabric for setting blocks and ended up using a dark brown screen looking print that I had enough of in stash.  I only had small amounts of the applique fabrics left.  Not really enough to do the border meant to be added to the quilt.  Just recently, I purchased this pink and brown floral print with no particular use in mind.  Today, it became the border for my quilt.  I don't have anyone to hold up the quilt top for a picture so it is floor pictures today.

I also finished the "Early American Life" quilt top.  I did the border different than the pattern instructions.  I used a Jo Morton border stripe print and like the way it looks.

Cathy (Big Lake Quilter) was making the same quilt along with me.  You can see her finished top here.

I still have many unfinished quilt projects in the sewing room but at least I have made progress.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Dearest Boy Update

Two blocks this time as one is a pieced block and not as time consuming as the applique designs.

Luscious ripe cherries!

Birds In the Air
Cathy and Julie should have their blocks posted on their blogs also.  Just click on their names to ride the magic carpet to their blog.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.  I will be stitching.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Part Two of Jo's Prairie Flowers Encore

I have completed several more of the flower blocks for the Jo Morton quilt pattern I have been working on.

I like the fabric I used for the wing.

And a picture of all the blocks I have made thus far for the quilt.  Eighteen are done and I need twenty plus the large center block.  The rest of what I need is prepped and ready for stitching.

I am very much enjoying the stitching process on these blocks.  It has been hard to keep ahead on the applique preparation as the designs stitch up fast.  I have another Jo Morton design that I want to do and have the border fabric ordered for it.

I will be back tomorrow with a "Dearest Boy" update.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

1880 Doll Quilt Swap

I particpated in an 1880 Doll Quilt Swap organized by Deborah Cade in the Prim Folk Arts Facebook group.  My swap partner was Dianne Ducello of Helena Montanna.  The guidelines for the swap were that no side to be more than 18 inches and to be made in the style of one from 1880.  That meant handwork as Deborah reminded us that the sewing machine had not yet been invented.  Our hand piecing skills came into play.  Below is the quilt I made for Dianne.  It is hand applique, hand piecing, and hand quilted.  The small blocks are four inches square and the block designs by Jill Cox Kemp.  Click to enlarge and see the blocks better.

We also were to create a sort of background story as to why we were making a doll quilt for an 8 year old girl.  My story was that I was the aunt of an 8 year old girl whose mother has passed away.  She had been in my care quite a bit but now her father had a job offer in Denver, Colorado and was taking his beloved daughter with him.  I was a seamstress in Boston, Massachusetts and could not leave my sick father to travel with them.  I planned to later on move to Denver also because my brother-in-law said there would be many wealthy women there who would be in need of a talented seamstress.  The blocks all had special meaning and are explained in the letter to my "niece".

Dianne sent me a basket quilt with some special fabric in it gifted from her mother.  She also sent me a cloth doll with the sweetest face and dark brown braids.  She is wearing lace trimmed bloomers and holds a heart made from a section of an antique quilt.

Dianne's story was that the quilt was being made by an 8 year old girl with the help of her mother and making it for her cousin's birthday.  The cousin had moved out west and the girl making it hoped that they would be moving there also.

A successful swap!


Friday, June 15, 2018

Prince's Feather

A new block for the "Dearest Boy" quilt.  The block name is "Prince's Feather".  An interesting design.  Sort of like a Princess Feather but not as curvy feathers.

Cathy and Julie should have their blocks posted today also.  Just click on their name and the link should take you to their blog.

I picked up four quilts today that had been machine quilted.  I see a lot of binding sewing in my future.


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jo's Prairie Flower Encore Blocks

A change in plans.  I had one quilt project in mind and started the first block.  It looked way too busy for my taste so part way through, I set it aside for re-thinking.  I needed blocks to stitch on while watching television, so a quick switch.  I am working on a "Prairie Flower Encore" quilt design from a book by Jo Morton by that name.  I have five blocks to share today.

The stitching goes fairly quick and I am having trouble keeping enough prepared ahead of time.  I am making the 20 block version from the book and there will be setting blocks between.

I am linking with Kathy's "Slow Sunday Stitching".  I haven't done that in a while though I most often do slow stitching on SundayKathy's "Slow Sunday Stitchings.