This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am spending a lot of time attempting to get pictures into my Blog. With some guidance from my friend, Carol who is also has a Blog, I hope I can get this done. Pictures are what make reading a blog much more interesting.

The first picture is one of the blocks from the Christmas quilt pattern by Cherie Saffiote-Payne. I am debating with myself if the floral print for the angel is really good or not. I cut out four different angels to audition them. This is what I finally settled on though I saved the other three in case I decide to make a change.
The second photo is one of the placemats I made before Christmas. I made 16 of them. Four for myself and then three sets for friends as a gift. The first four were done over a period of time. Then I decided they would make great gifts and I went on a sewing frenzy to make the other 12. The pattern for the placemats is by Linda Brannock. Those little logs are cut from 9/16" inch to 11/16". I had a problem keeping the strip sets from curving. I know to reverse the stitching every other strip but even this did not help. Since they are meant to have a primitive look, I just squared the edges best as I could. The background and the sashings are close in value & color so they look good regardless. I thought I would never make another after doing the 16 placemats but guess what! I am back to making the blocks. Now I want to do a quilt. I have 4 strip sets made but have not done the actual block itself. The strip sets seem to be doing better this time. I did notice a difference in how well things lay by the different fabrics being used. Some of the thinner plaids are a bit stretchy. Right now I am using my Pfaff for sewing them. It has a built in walking foot. Maybe that makes a difference.

Time to get sewing.

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  1. YIPPEE Karen you did it! How fun, I get to be the first commentor. You are going to have lots of fun! I'll be looking forward to lots more posts and lots more pictures. Welcome to Blogland!

  2. Welcome to blogland!
    I love those log cabin houses. this will be fun watching your progress on this quilt.
    I have that book and have wanted to make that quilt forever!
    oh do I pull it out , maybe but just to look at it! I have 2 quilts I just started and want to finish first....

  3. Hey - so glad you joined the Blogland fun *s* Your project pictures are fantastic - can't wait to see more *s*

  4. Welcome to blogland, just love your log cabin placemats.

  5. Welcome to the very addictive world of blogging...but it's lots and lots of fun too!
    I've added you to my google reader so I will be back!

  6. You did a great job! That Christmas block is coming up soon for me too! Can't wait to see your next ones!

  7. I'm so excited to meet you-- I think Carol is a special lady...Great photos--- Love the placemats as I have a real weakness for dishes...I hope we can keep in touch. I appreciate the tip on preventing curving strips. I'm going to remember that.

  8. Love your work and enjoy the primitive style too. All my old patterns from "before" I discovered and fell in love with primitive are just collecting dust now.

    And I think that angel looks good!


  9. Hmmm...I think I just deleted my comment but Welcome to Blogland! I love the placemats -- what a lot of work!

  10. Your placemat is gorgeous, and I really like the angel block - Cherie Saffiote is one of my favorite designers. I don't do much of the primitive look these days, but I certainly do love it! I may have to sew something prim soon! Thank you for the inspiration, Karen!

  11. Welcome to the wonderful land of blogging!!! Carol told us all about you and said you made some wonderful placemats. Love them. Before you know it you'll be addicted to this blogging like the rest of us.

  12. Hi, Karen! Thank you for stopping by and left a very nice comment on my blog earlier. :-)
    I love your style too! Wow, Cherie's block is so cute and Love Linda's log house!!!! I have Linda's this pattern but I don't think I never see Cherie's Christmas quilt pattern. It looks very beautiful!
    I will visit your blog often. :-)