This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Friday, January 25, 2008


It's a sunny day in central coastal Florida but not all that warm. Still it beats shoveling snow and driving on ice!

I finished piecing the Poppy Ladies quilt top. I'm posting the picture of the quilt top for my friend Jeanne. I am glad to have all those triangles pieced and over with! The cheddar really sets off the red poppy blocks. You can see the blocks before the addition of the cheddar in my last post. Quite a difference, I think. I had eight blocks done on Tuesday. I got up early on Wednesday and pieced the final four and then all the triangles for the outer border. Had it together in the early afternoon. Have to get it layered for the quilting. I am using a tumbling block print from the Rocky Mountain reproduction fabric line for the backing.
I want to show you a favorite quilt of mine. It was pieced quite some time ago. I used a pattern from the book called "Classic Quilts" and it is by Tricia Lund & Judy Pollard. It is called "Country Roses". Most of my quilts are darker than this but I do like blue and white together. Several reproduction fabrics were used. The points were paper pieced.
My friend Karen brought me a chicken teapot when she came to visit. I have a collection of chickens and they are all around the house. This one is quite cute. I am especially fond of the black with white polka dots and have three other chickens that have the same coloring. I have to rotate my chickens as I have so many now. I haven't bought nearly as many as have been given to me.
I also collect glass. My favorite color in glass is the cobalt blue. Here is a picture of more chickens and these are glass. I will post pictures of chickens every now and then. I also like to eat chicken. My favorite chicken is from Barberton, Ohio. Barberton is the chicken restaurant of the world....or used to be. It is hard to explain why I like Barberton chicken so well. It is a taste that I have never experienced with fried chicken prepared anywhere else. It certainly isn't very healthy for you but good. Every time we visit our friends in Ohio, we head to Barberton for chicken at least once and usually twice.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It's gorgeous!! Love those Turkey reds and cheddars. You are right they make each other pop!

  2. That cheddar really does make those poppies 'Pop' *s* Love it.

  3. Ahhh, This quilt is so beautiful!
    I love those cheddar and Turkey reds combination. You did a great job!

  4. Forgot to mention about your blue quilt! :-)
    I do like Blue & White quilt too and yours are awesome, looks just like an antique's.

  5. Your Poppy Ladies quilt is wonderful...love the color combo.
    What a great teapot...friends are great!

  6. The poppy top looks great, I love repro quilts and cheddar, AND lots of triangles! I like all your quilts, and have the book with the blue and white one in it, I've often admired the pattern.
    I love the idea of you 'rotating your chickens', it sounds funny. By the way, we call them 'chooks' in Australia.

  7. Beautiful work! Love your color selections. You do have an eye! Love the chicken teapot. Cute!

  8. Thank you for visiting on my blog!
    I love both of your quilts. They are both antique looking not only the color combo also the design themselves. Excellent!

  9. Love your Poppy Ladies quilt. The blocks look stunning with the cheddar fabric. Like all your chooks.

  10. I have a top assembled for this same quilt but haven't shown it yet. Mine has blues and rusts/yellows but I do like your version of just the two colours. Lovely!