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Friday, March 28, 2008


Welcome to my Blog. It is a very nice day today in our area of Florida. It is sunny and should get up to about 80 degrees. I wish I could send some of the good weather to those still experiencing snow and cold weather. Our Ohio friends will be coming for a visit in about a week. They come every spring to soak up some sunshine and warm weather. We always have such a good time and are looking forward to their visit.

I finished a quilt this morning. It is called "Lone Cabin". The pattern is in a book called "Red Wagon Originals". The pattern is by Gerry Kimmel. The book was published in 1992 and I think I purchased it right about then. So, I have wanted to make this quilt for a long time. Sixteen years! I have had the top done at least 1 1/2 years or maybe longer. I prefer hand quilting but decided that, if I was ever to get it done, I needed to go ahead and machine quilt. I fused the applique pieces on and did a hand button hole stitch around them. I like the fabric I used for the log cabin as it sort of looks like logs.

I am doing hand quilting on the "Poppy Ladies" quilt. It is not a large quilt, so maybe I can get it done before too long.

Lastly, I am sharing two pictures of cabinets in my entry way and living room that house several quilts that I have made. I will post pictures of the quilts over a period of time. I will also post a picture of the small sewing machine on top of the one cabinet. It is a favorite of mine. I used to have many vintage and antique sewing machines but sold or gave away most when we down sized.

We got news that our grand-daughter and great grand-daughter will be coming to visit the end of May. They live in Texas. We are very much looking forward to seeing them both.

My friend Karen from Texas, is also coming for a visit in May. That is the visitor that slept in the bed with no sheets (see the January 21st entry for the story). Guess the lack of bed sheets didn't scare her away! She is planning a new bed quilt and wants to shop for fabric while she is here. I will make the supreme sacrifice and drag her and myself to the quilt shop. Hahaha! I will probably have bought the shop out before she even gets here. Anyhow, that is also a visit to look forward to.

Got to get busy. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I am just a reader of quilt blogs. anyway I am glad to read that you hand quilt. I think that it is a dieing art! the women in the local quilt shops here look at me funny because I do not machine quilt and that I even do most of my quilts all by hand! I was also wondering if you have a pattern for the log cabin quilt shown on your blog header?

  2. So much to talk about. I love the lone cabin quilt. I have a quilt similar that. It has 1 house block and a bunch of tree blocks. They always seem to speak to me.. Beautiful work. Your quilt cabinet is awesome-- Totally envious, what a great display. Enjoy the weather, family and friends.... that's what life is all about and it soundslike you are living it... throw in some quilting and 80 degree temps and you've got what many would call "paradise..."*S*.

  3. I so enjoy reading your blog and wanted to say that I am looking forward to seeing the quilts you have in your gorgeous cabinets. I love your Lone Cabin quilt.

  4. Your Lone Cabin is wonderful and I love your Poppy Ladies...you've been busy, busy! You will have such fun with all your visitors.

  5. Your quilts are great. I love applique quilts so the Lone Cabin is my favorite.
    I had to show your cabinets to my DH. He loves woodworking and has been wanting to start doing some to sell at craft fairs. I have been trying to explain different designs he could make to display quilts. I had been trying to explain something similar to him.

  6. I love your quilts. I am just learning. How long have you been quilting? I sure hope I can learn. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed my visit to yours.

  7. Oh goody a quilt show!!!! I'm excited to get a look at those quilts in those cabinets...they look beautiful!

  8. I am an Ohio gal myself, and boy am I envious of you and your friends coming to visit! :) We thought Spring was here and then it went and snowed on us again. Phooey. So ready for warm temperatures, open windows, and green grass!

    What a gorgeous display of quilts too!!!

  9. Gosh, you must be busy everyday. Your Poppy Ladies quilt look so adorable! I love your quilt cabinets. Are they both antique furniture? I wish I could take a look at all of your quilts in person...

  10. You are a very productive quilter! Can't wait to get a peek at all your projects.
    The lone cabin is really beautiful! You do such good work, Karen.
    Have a great time with family and friends visiting! Don't forget the sheets! I still chuckle when I think about your story :o)

  11. Your poppy ladies are adorable. And, you handquilt - sigh - wish I could. :-) Love your lone cabin quilt, too. You do some wonderful quilts.

  12. Mmmm - aren't those Red Wagon books just deeelish? Your quilt looks great.

  13. My goodness, you and Darlene could have a quilt contest! Lovely lovely quilts!!

    I love the cheddar one with red flowers, so very pretty! Did you mention the pattern for that? I'll have to go back and read again!

  14. There are a LOT of quilts in those cabinets - should take you a while to write about them - lol ! Really looking forward to seeing them all. Beautiful quilts !

  15. Hi, I am a new reader of your blog, am enjoying it very much. Love all the quilts you have shown and can'y wait to see the ones you have in the cabinets. I guess instead of a "trunk" show we are going to have a "cabinet" show!!!!
    What Fun***VBS*** J

  16. Karen, I've also done the long cabin quilt and as yours was for a long time, my top is done and "parked" in a cupboard

    love your fabrics, so different from mine

  17. Where am I!?*LOL* I missed all your wonderful posts!
    OMG, I love this old Red wagon's quilt sooooo much! This quilt is in my long to-do list.*S*
    and your cabinet!!! Aaahhh, I just want to take all quilts out and look!*S*
    Your poppy ladies looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see when you finish it.

  18. Baby - I want that cabinet and those quilts! Especially that star and geese one! Oh and the feathered star one and the ......!!!!