This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Monday, April 21, 2008


The pin cushion bug has grabbed hold of me. I have made two more and have more patterns to choose from for a plethora of pin cushions. I am using wool for all I have made so far. I used crushed English walnut shells for filling the two in the photo today. I made one more but can't show it to you as it is for a pin cushion trade. I don't want to spoil the surprise of which one I chose to make. I ordered a couple more patterns. I hope I don't run out of steam before I get them made up.

I took the pin cushion photo with them propped up against the back of a pillow on the sofa. Thought I might as well photograph the front and show the pillow.
I took time this morning to make another CW block. The block is called "Sad Fate". I see I didn't get the block smoothed out very well for the photo. I faux paper pieced the center of the block and then switched to regular machine piecing for the rest. I found that the EQ pattern discs do not always break the block down enough for paper piecing. I am wondering if others have found this to be true or maybe I am doing something wrong.
On to a few more pictures taken at the Seaside Piecemakers quilt show I attended earlier this month. Enjoy! The first quilt is from a pattern that I have partially appliqued and set aside. I need to get back to mine and finish it. I just have too many irons in the fire.

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  1. Oh Karen! Such wonderful eye candy! Of course if I weren't so busy lately I would have seen it all earlier! Ughhh - something has to change! I just love your pincushions and the pillow!

  2. I was at that same show! I loved the star quilt, especially the back. Did you see the one with the leaves and the terrific machine quilting in metallic thread?

  3. Love your pincushions! And the quilts are great. I really love that pillow. Just my style. I have lost a lot of steam lately too. More looking at my stuff than actual quilting.

  4. Your CW block looks great. I agree with you on the EQ CD. I too have found that I have to play around with the foundation paper piecing patterns before I print them out. I also change the numbering sequence from time to time too. The CD sure makes the blocks a lot easier though! I doubt if I would make more then a few of the blocks if I had to trace the patterns out of the book. When you say faux paper piecing are you refering to using the freezer paper method? Just wondering.

  5. Pin cushions are great as is the CW block. I too wonder sometimes why they divide in the way they do. You know that you can re-do the numbering right? I think you click preview and then pick the tab to re-order the pieces and sections. Try it!

  6. Thanks for sharing the other side of the pillow - I just love it *s*

  7. Stopping by to say Hi - love your pincushions. Adorable!

  8. I love your pincushions!! And that pillow is adorable :)