This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hello, friends! I finally feel like I am getting somewhere on my quilting projects. I have been flitting from one thing to another and not getting much of anything done. I took a break from the sewing room clean up project and went on a marathon hand quilting frenzy. It took me two days to finish quilting "Baskets for Betsy". I had a good bit of the quilting done but had just not taken time to get back to it. I retreated to my little corner in the bedroom where I do a lot of my handwork. I popped in videos and also watched a lot of HGTV (love those decorating shows). The quilt needs the binding attached but I couldn't wait to post a picture. I forgot to mention that the pattern is by Carol Hopkins.

Next I moved onto the snowman that needed the buttonhole stitching completed. I know it is not snowman season. I shouldn't say that as I saw that Seattle had snow yesterday and there is snow in Montanna today. Don't they know that it is June? Anyhow, the snowman piece needs quilting (probably by machine) and big buttons for his vest. I made one of these snowmen without the January lettering as part of a quilt back on a snowman quilt I put together for a friend. That turned out really nice. The pattern is put out by Joined at the Hip. There is a series of twelve patterns. I sewed the snowman together probably two years ago and never got any further on it. I found him while cleaning in the sewing room and decided it wouldn't take much to finish.

The last finish was the Bonnet Girl block. I sure didn't get a good picture of it. The block needs pressed and doesn't look quite as wompy as it does in the photo. If you remember the photo from a previous post, the boy needed his head attached and feet and hands appliqued down. My heart was not in this project but I had agreed to participate with a group. This block is called "Karen" and since my name is Karen, I chose it to do. I dislike this method of applique. The pieces are embroidered down with contrasting thread instead of an invisible applique stitch. I like the look but wanted so much just to applique it down and then go back and do the embroidery on top. It would have been double work. I opted to do it as the instructions called for. I don't plan on doing any more. I'll be glad to turn this in at our next group gathering. I am anxious to see how the other ladies are doing with their blocks.

I decided to start a subscription to Alex Anderson/Ricky Timm's internet quilt program. I watched three of the past episodes yesterday while working on the above projects. There is a wonderful applique block of the month pattern that members can download for free. It is called "Bouquets for a New Day" by Susan Garman. I printed out all that are available so far. It takes many, many pieces of printer paper. You can see a picture of the quilt on Sue's blog at http://suegarman.blogspot.com/. Look at the December 26th, 2007 entry.

Time to get busy on projects for the day. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Love your finishes! That snowman is awesome! Everything turned out great Karen and doesn't it feel good to finish? This is something I don't know too much about,lol.

  2. You have been a very busy girl...love that Baskets for Betsy...take pictures of the other Bonnet Girls if the ladies will let you. Great finishes!

  3. Love that Bonnet Girls block *s*

  4. Look at all your busy-ness! Wow! I love to sit with my handwork - bliss! Beautiful work, Karen!

  5. Oh..you have been busy...love the basket quilt...!!! And the snowman!! Lovely!!
    BTW...you better have a look at my blog...;D

  6. You're inspiring me! I sure need to pull out some unfinished things and get to work. Your bonnet girl block reminds me that I need to make a block for our patriotic block auction! Blessings, marlene

  7. I love your Baskets for Betsy! I made that one a long time ago and it still isn't quilted! I don't know what pattern to quilt it in!

  8. Loving that sewing room with all that fabric. A little slice of heaven!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by! I have got to scroll back to look at your projects. I just love quilters blogs and because you like the prim kind, I am sure I am going to be drooling. I love all your pincushions!!

    Nice to meet you Karen, hugs, Linda