This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello! It's a beautiful, sunny morning here. I want to get a few things out of the way and then sew the rest of the day. Sounds like fun, huh!

I began doing the applique on a project I prepared several months ago. My friend Jeanne is working on the same project only she has actually been working on it and not thinking about it like me. I had all the pieces cut out and the applique marked. I really shouldn't have let it lay around as I forgot exactly where I intended some of the cut pieces to go. The quilt pattern is called "Patchwork Garden" and is by Jan Patek. If anyone intends on making this, beware of the quilt layout diagram. Some of the measurements for cutting are wrong. I didn't have much trouble remembering which squares went together for the nine patch blocks. I am just having to remember which backgrounds go where. Some of the applique pieces are repeats and in different fabrics. I have to figure out what placement I intended for those also. The applique is easy as the shapes are not intricate. The project is going fast now that I have applied myself to doing it.
I want to share a picture with you of another one of my quilts. Remember I was supposed to be showing you the quilts from the cabinets. Well, this one does not reside in a cabinet but on a rack near the cabinets. It is called "Chips and Whetstones". I was inspired by a picture of an antique quilt (circa 1845) in the book "Treasury of American Quilts". I chose colors that were similar to what was used in the original quilt. The thing I did differently is that I used a border stripe print to create the centers of the stars. The stripe blended well with the fabrics I chose for the project. The effect of the stripe gives the centers a sort of kaleidoscope effect but it does not jump out at you. I made this in 1997. I am very attracted to quilt patterns that create circles.

I bought a jar with a lid at Walmart the other day. I have been wanting something to display a small collection of cookie cutters in. Some of the cookie cutters are vintage and some modern. I prefer the vintage cookie cutters. My friend Karen has given me many of the vintage cookie cutters that I have. One of my favorites is the witch pictured below. Karen said she thinks the copper colored cookie cutters were given free with a purchase of a certain brand refrigerator.

This past Saturday was my turn to host the applique stitchers. Carol (Brown Quilts) is part of the group but she is off playing with her grandson. That left three of us. Jeanne and I both worked on our basket quilts. Susan is hand piecing round swirly things for a wonderful quilt project. The day passed quickly and was much enjoyed.
Next Saturday is my turn to host the larger quilt group that I belong to. I host them once a year because they have to come so far to get here. I live anywhere from 60 to 95 miles from the ladies (a rough estimate). Of course, I have to drive just as far to go to their homes. The ladies will car pool over. Sometimes I drive to Beverly's house (about the closest) and we carpool together to the homes that are furthest away. It breaks up the trip for me and it is pleasant to visit on the way. With gas prices so high, it is a good thing we only meet once a month. I am going to prepare wool pin cushion kits for them to stitch on. I have to make a trip to the pet supply store for some more crushed walnut shells for the filling. I hope they enjoy working on the project.
That's all for now. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  1. I love your applique project - love the large chunky pieces. :-)

    Hey I'm part of your group, too. I feel so left out. LOL

    Look your cookie cutter jar is like my yo-yo jar. Cool!

    Love your quilt, too.


  2. I love the Jan Patek quilt! Love the colors you chose. I hate that when the directions aren't accurate. It makes it so hard for people like me who need it mapped out step by step, lol.

    Your cutters are great in the jar! What a great way to keep them. Mine sit in a drawer.

    Enjoy your sewing groups :o)

  3. Oh..you have that pattern ...I love them baskets...It is on my purchase list...I love it...and when I have seen yours..I definetly have to go for some shopping!;D Love your cookiejar!! And hope you will have a lot of fun with your friends!! And sew a lot!!

  4. Love your Patchwork Garden :O)... the design and the colors your using :O)...

    Halloween is such a great Holiday! Love the cookie cutter... that would make a great applique!

    Sounds like a fun group you guys have going :O)

  5. Goodness I thought it was hard for me to get to quilt guild because I live 35 miles away and you go way farther! But I've been with those friends for so many years now that they are family so I can't possibly give it up. Wonder how long it would take me to bicycle? That's a great way to display your cookie cutters. Now, if you're baking any time soon just give me a call and I'll come right over!

  6. I love Jan Patek designs. I have all - I think! - of her books and many of her patterns. I've made quite a few of them and have plans to make many more. I've learned through the years that you can NEVER trust her measurements and cutting directions. Now I always check all the math before I start one of her quilts. I have emailed her about it and here is her answer - "It's primitive. Just cut some off or add on another fabric." Very poor answer in my opinion.

  7. WOW....your Chips and Whetstones is beautiful. I've never seen that pattern before.....LOVE IT. I too loves patterns that creates circles.

  8. Hi Karen,
    Your applique quilt is very lovely and the Chips & Whetstones is stunning. Does the name have a meaning for something? Is a whetstone a tool?
    Always interested in these things.
    Have a nice quilt meet.
    Kind regards from Liz

  9. I bought that pattern this spring (the patchwork garden), Oh I"m loving yours! But I really love your chips and wetstone one! That is awesome!

  10. Love that Patchwork Garden - it's going to be wonderful!
    Those cookie cutters look like a lot of fun and the jar is a great way to display them . . . oh remember the days when you could get such fun items for free. We had a whole set of glasses collected from filling up at the gas station *s*

  11. I love your new "old" quilt, you must be happy to get it out and start working on it again. The jar is so cute with all the cookie cutters and to think I just gave all mine to my daughter. Can I come to your meeting too...LOL

  12. What beautiful quilts - and I'm loving that applique one in progress. I find handwork so relaxing and need to get some prepared for evening sitting in the porch. Have fun with your group. Oh the cutters look great in the jar.

    hugs - Karen

  13. Hi there, I wandered into your blog from Andreas, (Welsh Quilters) blog. Congrats on your prize. :-)
    Just had to say enjoyed your blog and I'll be back again.

  14. Your quilt is beautiful and the applique one is going to be wonderful. I love cookie cutters and have a drawer full of them. Those giant glass jars are great aren't they? I found ones at Target with red lids.

  15. I love the colors you have chosen for your quilt. I, too, am often guilty of thinking about my projects more than working on them. :) Lol* I've got a slew of UFO's to prove it. :)

  16. Hi Karen, Just want to thank you for stopping by the barn. I have been a lurker on your blog for months and love all your quilts. I have you on my blog feeds list so I can check your posts regularly. I love your color choices and all your great ideas. That cookie cutter jar is so clever.

  17. Your applique project looks like so much fun. Inaccurate directions aren't fun -- but sometimes they can lead to a way to make the quilt totally your own.

    The witch cookie cutter is wonderful.

  18. Love that new old project, a perfect summer quilt! I love to see things like cookie cutters displayed in glass jars-- very cute!

  19. I just can't stop looking at those quilt photos again and again. Beautiful!