This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hello to all of you stopping by for a visit. It has been a busy week for me. I did not do any sewing but did work on cleaning my sewing room. Also, I was preparing for company. My older grand-daughter, Jessica, and great grand-daughter, Alexis have come from Texas for a visit. They arrived on Saturday afternoon. On Monday morning we took them to Orlando to visit our daughter who is Mom & Grandma to these two. I will pick them up on Saturday for a return visit to our house for one more day and then back to the airport.

It has been a while since we had a little one in the house. Alexis will be four years old the end of July. All I had to go by were pictures of her since we had not seen her for two years. I watch John & Kate Plus 8. The sextuplets are almost 4 in the recent series, so that is about what I expected in activities and language skills. Alexis is a bit shy but talks really well. She warmed up to her Great Grandpa before she did me but seemed to adjust after a bit. We had toys for her to play with. She finally got in the pool after I got out. I don't think she had warmed up to me yet! Below is a picture of the two of them.

I have a 9 year old grand-daughter named Jennifer. She is sister to Jessica. They are 16 years apart in age. I had a picture of her in the pool also but it has disappeared from the computer album for some reason. I will have to post her picture another time.

I took Jessica and Alexis to our local zoo. It is about 3/4 of a mile from our house. It is not a big zoo but is very interesting. There are always lots of people there. It sure was a hot and humid day. I took along a good book and read while they did the zoo trails. I have a bad back and knee, so I can't walk far nor can I stand for a long period of time. Grandpa took them to the beach in the late afternoon. We live so close to the ocean but don't often go to the beach. Okay, now to the sewing room. I worked in there about 5 days of last week refolding and stacking fabrics attempting to make it a little neater. The first two days, I was pressing and trimming threads from the fabrics. I did that through the off whites and greens you see in the left of the first picture. I decided I would never get done if I kept that up. I settled on just refolding fabrics that needed it, pulling out some to give away, and then making them neat. I have them sorted into colors. The reproduction fabrics are in a section of their own to the far right in the picture. I did not sort lighter browns from darker browns, etc. Just what fit into the brown category best as I could. I dislike the heavy duty plastic storage unit you see pictured in the second photo. Every time I sort the fabrics and pull out for give-aways, I think I might be able to take that unit out of the sewing room. It never happens. It is sturdy and very usable but I like the white cubicles better. I refuse to buy any more of the cubicle units. I feel I need to pare down instead of adding on. Maybe someday.
The plastic unit holds the more neutral plaids from my collection and some larger pieces of fabric for backings. The reds, greens, blues, and other colors of plaids are in the two cubicle units shown in the right side of the picture below. I love plaids! As you can tell from photos of quilts I have shown and from the fabric collections in these pictures, I like darker fabrics.

I have a small portable DVD player in my sewing room. I rent DVD's through Netflix. I kept it going while working on the fabric pieces. Kept me entertained. I am watching a television series that I have seen a few times, so I could listen and not really have to concentrate on watching.

I now have to get into the closet and clean it out. That is where a lot of the unfinished projects are and quilt tops waiting for quilting. I am looking for a baggie with churn dash block pieces in it. I found the setting blocks that go with them but not the churn dash ones.

I have several plastic grocery bags of fabric pieces ready to give to a friend of mine. She takes them to a senior citizens quilt group for their use. Several of the ladies cannot afford fabric so I feel good about passing on pieces I no longer want. Most of us have bought fabric with good intentions but that never get used. We seem to always want what's new on the market and what appeared so wonderful a couple years ago does not appeal any longer. And these women get good quality fabrics to use.

While I was sorting through fabrics, I came across some various pieces designed by Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. I also came across a pattern by her. That sent me on a mission to gather fabrics for the quilt. I ended up ordering a fat quarter bundle and some 1/2 yard pieces. I am waiting for my last purchase to arrive so I can play. Am I crazy? I promise not to let the fabrics linger on the shelf!

Have a great day!



  1. Okay... your sewing room stash is AWESOME. I will say it again... AWESOME! You did a great organization job. Everything looks easy to find and neat. The cubicles are nice. I have shelves. My fabric stash would fit in 1 cubicle! And I have been doing this for 9 years! You know what? I think it is becauase all the fabric I buy is with the pattern that I was going to make with it... in a bag in my closet! That would explain things, lol.

  2. Karen sounds like a fun, fun visit with your girls.
    Your sewing room is looking really good...I need to get mine cleaned up and organized.

  3. Sounds like you're having a fun visit! Don't you hate it when pictures disappear? grrrr.

    Your sewing room is looking good! I love seeing your pictures of it :) Lots of yummy fabrics!

  4. Karen you have more fabric than some quilt shops I've been in! Do I sound jealous? You bet I am.....I'm just wishin' I didn't feel so guilty every time I buy more. :)

  5. Crazy? Maybe just a little bit. But at least you are well organized. It is so rewarding to restore order to a little corner of the world. Now if it would only stay that way!

  6. Wow - your sewing room looks fantastic! You've got a marvelous stash there *S* Glad you got a chance to visit with the grands . . . little ones can really be a kick!

  7. Looks like you are doing a good job karen! Love peeking at others stashes and rooms!

  8. Look what a nice organized room you have. I need to do that very thing. But I'd have to stop sewing to do it. LOL!!!

  9. Hi! I enjoyed visiting your blog! You are one creative lady!!! Beautiful work. Looks like you've made just about every pattern out there!!! LOL!!! We have one quilt in common, the Country Sampler...
    I shall visit again!
    Happy stitching!
    New blogger...

  10. Love to see you wonderful fabric stash...that one is really impressive!! And mostly homespuns...WOW!!! Your cubicles are perfect for your fabrics...don´t think I´ve seen that before...so thats a good idea!

  11. Sounds like you are having nice guests to visit you. They look so cute in the pool!

    Oh my goodness, your stash look so awesome, just like mouth watering for me~~~!!
    I love those cubics to organize fabrics. I never thought of that. Good inspiration, again, thanks!!

  12. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your comment about the purple and I am so surprised you don't have much purple in your stash. It is HUGE. It is very well organised though and it must be easy to find what you need. I like to go through my stash every now and then and do a tidy to remember what I have and give myself a shock
    Take care and kind regards from Liz

  13. Are you sure that's your sewingroom and you didn't by mistake upload pics of your local quiltshop? Wow that's a lot of fabric. In comparison to your stash, mine looks more like a tiny scrapbag *lol*

  14. Wow what a lovely stash you have and lots of lovely homespuns that I like a lot but difficult to find here there I live..

    You had also done lovely quilts :)

    Take care!