This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hey, Mr. Sunshine! It sure is good to see you after all those days of rain and gloom. Tropical Storm Fay sure did a number on Florida. Our neighborhood got about 20 inches of rain. One area about 5 miles down the road got between 25 to 30 inches. The lake level behind our house is going down though it has a ways to go yet. We had minor wind damage to our pool screen enclosure. Got lots of tree debris in the yard but nothing else. We were fortunate that the winds were not any higher along with that rain. I do feel sorry for the people who lost their homes in the tornado that hit at the southern end of our county and for those with flood damage. Now I see there is a tropical disturbance brewing way down. It can just skip us by please!

Thank you fellow bloggers, friends and family for all the concern, comments, e-mails, and phone calls. We have survived just fine. My fabric, quilts, patterns, and books are all safe.

I have finished one of the autumn table runners. The twin to this one is almost done. I just need to do the hand stitching part of the binding and add a label to the back. The first is for my own use and the second will be going to another home sometime very soon. The magic number is getting closer.

I am working on The Great Pumpkin Quilt. The pattern set is by Jeanne Davis of Briar Rose Designs. You have probably seen parts of the quilt on some of the other blogger sites as there are several people making the quilt. For some reason, I thought there were nine 15 inch blocks and then one long block that goes all across the top. Now sitting here with the pattern picture in front of me, I see there are 12 blocks instead of the 9. So much for thinking! This block is finished. I have four more blocks prepared for stitching. That means I have seven more of this size block to do and the one humongous one that goes the width of the quilt. I am on a roll doing the prep work on the blocks. I was going to prepare one at a time and do all the stitching before going on. Now I think it is best to prepare all the blocks and get the fabric and prep supplies put away. I told you in a previous post that I can no longer stand up to work at a cutting table. I work at a lower small table. My fabrics that I think I might use on a project are on the floor beside me. After a while of pulling & poking around in the fabrics on the floor, I end up with a mess. And I have to step over the mess each time I come in and out of that work area. Best that I get it cleaned up. So for the next couple days, I will be working in the sewing room most of the day.
I like that the backgrounds are pieced for each block. The more fabrics I use, the merrier I am. And I don't have to worry if my fat quarters already have a hunk out of them because I only need a smaller section of each one. I have way more oranges than I am going to need. I purchased some on vacation in our travels. I think some are too bright for my use. Also, I had forgotten that I had some oranges & rusts in a crate for another fall project that is waiting for the applique.
Now some bad & good news. I got a phone call last week from our bank asking me if I had attempted to purchase an airline ticket with my debit card that day online to some foreign country I never heard of. I said no to that. I was asked if my debit card was in my possession which it was. The lady calling said not to worry. The purchase was denied. She asked if I had made a $28 plus some change purchase online earlier that day and I had not. She said that someone had the debit card number and she would cancel the card. She said she would have the $28 amount put back in our account. She is sending paperwork for me to sign so they can prosecute if the thief is ever caught. I asked her again about the airline ticket. It was on some airline I have never heard of and was to a country over by Dubai. The thief made the small online purchase about 10 minutes before the attempt to purchase the airline ticket. Thank goodness the bank's computer system recognized that this is not something I would be doing. I am left wondering how the card number was compromised. Guess there is always going to be bad people who want something for nothing.
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  1. Oh Karen this is awful news... tell me I know about them creditcards... Glad it turned out well this time...pheewww!! And thanks to the rain stopped and that it wasn´t to much damage at your place!
    And for your pumkins...they are just wonderful!! Take care in the big big world!

  2. Karen I'm sorry about the debit card but thankful that banks are getting smarter about detecting out of the ordinary purchases. I've made the pumpkin quilt, I think I told you that already, and it was really a fun quilt to make. I love your autumn quilt and I've saved a picture of it to see if I can make one like it. blessings, marlene

  3. I am very glad about the weather clearing for you!
    Okay, that runner is very cute :o) And I am loving that pumpkin block! I think prep can be the biggest hurdle to overcome with applique, so I might follow your lead and prep all my blocks too. I like to get the fabrics back into my stash, lol.

  4. I'm glad the lake is showing signs of retreat! The rain has finally made it to us where we need it. I have a skylight just outside my office and I can hear it pounding away. Now, if I just had a quilt and a pillow I would be out like a light!

    Thank God the banks are getting smart. A year or so ago someone got our card info and within 2 days charged over $2,500 to our account. Somehow they got the card info and created real plastic card with our info on it and was using it in Mexico. It's really too bad that folks are that clever and can't figure out a way to use their talents for good not evil.

    You're pumpkins are great and I LOVE the autumn wall hanging!

    Take care!

  5. So glad to know that you came through the rain with little damage. Hope you are fully dried out soon.
    Credit card fraud is rampant. Several months back we had a similar problem with two different accounts. One company handled everything for us happily and with no problem - the other was difficult to work with and made us feel as though we were trying to get an $11 charge over on them.
    I think the small dollar amount was a test run to see if anyone was paying attention. We jumped through all the hoops our financial institution required and then closed the account.

  6. It is good to hear that you are starting to dry out. Everything is still a little spongy, but at least it isn't raining at the moment. I'm going to ignore Gustav and hope he goes somewhere else. If not for Charlie, Frances and Jeanne I would say definitively that we've had our turn and should be done.
    I love how the pumpkins look. It will be a lovely piece to have around in the fall.

  7. ....glad to hear you survived the rain and things are drying out! good news also that the card scammers were caught out!

  8. It is going to be fun watching your progress on the pumpkin quilt. I agree that the prep work can be a hassel with all of the fabrics laying around. You are smart to get the prep for all the blocks finished first!

  9. First I want to say that I hope you're drying out and have survived Fay's visit. She just didn't know when to leave, did she?

    I'm so sorry that your debit card has been compromised - I don't understand why some people think they can do things like that. I'm glad the bank was paying close attention.

    Love the first pumpkin blog - very cute indeed. The autumn runner is adorable.

  10. Glad to hear you are drying out a bit. The runner is a lovely addition to fall decor. And Wow the pumpkins are coming along great. I'm doing a pumpkin quilt but not nearly as big. Thank goodness the bank caught that transaction and you canceled your card. I guess we have to be more watchful these days.

  11. I just saw a special on the news here about how people are sitting outside business establishments with their wireless computers and hacking in and then when you punch in your pin # they get it and the account number and actually make fake cards and get people's cash from the atm. They said to always use your debit card as credit. It's pretty scary all the different ways people are getting ripped off these days. I'm glad yours was caught and you won't lose any money.

    Great Fall table runner and pumpkin block!

  12. That's terrible about your debit card. Can't these jerks get a real job and leave us alone??? It just irritates me to no end.
    Love your AUTUMN runner. I have that too. And your pumpkin quilt is gonna be so pretty.
    Glad your starting to dry out over there.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the pumpkins, they're charming. This thing with your debit card sure is annoying, someone once forged some checks on my account. I got my money back from the bank.

  14. WOW - how scary is that - a plane ticket and you didn't even have the fun of using it! So glad the bank caught it.

    LOVE the runner and the other quilt block! And I am so glad you are starting to dry out.

  15. What a beautiful table runner. Autumn colours are so gorgeous.
    Your pumpkin quilt looks as though it will be a beauty also.

  16. This table runner is just gorgeous Karen. I love the autumn colours and the pumpkins are gorgeous too. Hugs Khris in Oz

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