This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Look what came in the mail! A cute pumpkin basket from my friend Karen in Texas. It had a bag of candy corn inside of it. I do like candy corn. Libby from "A Simple Girl" showed a picture on her blog recently of candy corn trees! Karen also recycled a Halloween card that I gave her last year by sending it back to me. It is one of those that makes noise. I will have to pass it on to someone else to keep the recycling thing going. Anyhow, thank you my dear friend for the basket & candy.
I am flitting from project to project again. I am working on log cabin blocks that I started last winter. I am determined to get the blocks done before moving on to another unfinished project. All the blocks are pieced. Right now I am working on stitching around the windows and doors to hold them in place. I am doing that on the machine. I hope to have a completed top to show you next time. You will note that the pattern is the same one used for my blog header. Stitching all those rows of strips together gets kind of boring but I did get a nice stack of them made up for the blocks.
I finished the basket quilt for my sister-in-law. It looks pretty much like the one I took to the family reunion auction. I hope she will be pleased with it. My photos aren't the best today. My husband is cleaning floors today and everything is moved around. I did not have much space to take a good picture of the projects.

To update you, I am feeling better than I was but still having back and leg pain. I walk with a limp because of the pain but at least I can get around some. I have to have some medical tests done and will start physical therapy later this week. I can sit in the sewing room and work some. I am thankful for that.

My brother-in-law passed away last night. This is my husband's younger brother. I posted wedding pictures a couple weeks ago that were taken at the Hospice Center where he was staying. His son & fiance got married there so that Brad could participate in the wedding. We are glad that could all take place before things went any further downhill and it will be a special memory for his family.

We are preparing for family to be coming in so I have to cut this short today. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I will be visiting your blogs very soon.



  1. Karen it's great to hear that you're feeling a bit better...if you're sewing that's always a good thing. I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL...enjoy the time with the family.

  2. I am SO sorry about your brother in law. That is so sad.

    Hope you make a speedy recovery :o) Love the log cabin blocks! And I am sure that your basket quilt is going to be very well received!

  3. Me too...so sorry to hear...sad news!
    And I must have missed that you are ill... hope you will be better really quick!! Amazing that you still can sit and sew some..love your log cabins...:o) Take care...

  4. Great log cabin blocks. I like that style. I like your basket quilt also. I have that on my to do list.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your BIL.
    The log cabins are looking awesome and the basket quilt will be loved. Enjoy time with your family.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear of your family's loss. Enjoy the time with family - it will be a comfort for you to all be together.
    Love those cabin blocks - I would be dragging my heels on the detail stitching, too. That's the part that gets me every time *s*

  7. Karen,
    I'm so sorry about your brother in law. I know it is so hard for everyone.

    Hope you get to feeling better and get to stitch more when you can. As you know, it's a good way to just let go and relax.

    Robin in VA

  8. Hi, I've missed reading what is wrong with your leg but hope it continues to improve. Enjoy that family time, and those log cabins are wonderful, I admire them in the header every time I see your blog.

  9. I am sorry to hear of your family's loss of a loved one. Your log cabin blocks are awesome! Love the basket quilt too!

  10. Sorry to hear of your BIL's passing, but what a treasure the wedding memories will be! Hope you feel better soon too. Your projects are great!

  11. Sorry to hear about your brother in law, but glad he was part of the wedding, and nice to know he is at peace and no longer in pain.
    Hope you are on the mend soon, its frustrating to deal with pain when you dont know what the problem is :(
    As for your quilt...it is lovely (of course), and im sure it will be well rcvd!
    Enjoy the visit with your family...laugh, cry, and hug lots! :)

  12. Hi Karen, Lots of lovely show and tell. I am pleased you are not in quite so much pain now...and thank goodness you can still sew!! Terrific therapy for those tricky times!!!
    Am sorry to hear about your brother-in-law! Cathy

  13. Love your log cabins. I bet it is a pain to sew all the strips, but they turn out so cool! Lovely basket quilt as well. What a wonderful gift!

  14. Hi Karen, I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Love the log cabin blocks. And that basket quilt is adorable.

    I hope your feeling well soon. Hang in there!!

  15. I'm sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, but how great that it came after that wonderful wedding.

    I hope they get to the bottom of this pain you're having soon, although I'm happy to hear that you're feeling a bit better, I'm hoping to hear that it's completely better soon!!

    Love your log cabins!!

  16. Sorry to hear of your loss.

    I've looked at that log cabin pattern for years in my Red Wagon book. It's such a warming pattern!

    Take care.