This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I had such a pleasant surprise delivered by my mailman yesterday. I guess "pleasant" isn't the word to describe my excitement. I received a package from Colleen at Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens. I opened the box and found a chocolate Santa and a wrapped package.

Now I don't know how I managed to do it, but I waited until this morning to open it. I wanted to take pictures in better light and morning is the best time for me to do it. I tried to just put the package out of my mind yesterday evening but it sure was tempting just to tear into it. Look at what I found when I opened it this morning.

Colleen sent me a piece of red wool, which I definitely can use. My current stash of red wool is from a heavy winter coat and really too thick. Also, she sent me a dark plaid kitchen towel and very much to my liking. Charm squares that are Kansas Troubles Quilters fabric from the Cranberry Wishes line. I do like their fabrics! The last item in the package is this cross stitch piece of a reindeer done in a deep red. Colleen has posted that she was making some of these and how happy I am that I was a recipient of one. I love hand made gifts and this one is wonderful. Tiny stitches and done very well. Thank you so much, Colleen! You have made my holiday season very special. I am so glad that you befriended me when I first started blogging!

Last Saturday, I had lunch at my friend Susan's along with friends, Jeanne & Carol (Brown Quilts). Susan's home was decorated for the holidays. I love all of her folk art/primitive decorations. I am sorry that I do not have any photos to show you of them this time. Susan had prepared a wonderful salad, artichoke soup, and served us a wonderful piece of chocolate cheesecake. Susan has Debbie Mumm Christmas dishes and she has silverware that has Santas on the handles. So cute! We traded gifts. Jeanne gave each of us a gift certificate for Panera's. Some good eats there. Susan gave us each a reindeer ornament. The body is made from sweater fabric. It is cute as can be and very unique.

Carol gave each of us a holiday tray. I had been looking at this very one on Farmhouse Woolens website. It is something that I would have liked to have but would not buy for myself, so I am very happy to now have one.

I have been busy sewing, as usual. I finally made myself a stocking. It is from a Jan Patek book and the pattern is "Zoie's Christmas Kitties". I also made quilt top from the same design.

I did some wool projects earlier in December that I couldn't show you as they were to be gifts. I made these wool covers for date books that you can carry in your purse or have by the phone.

I think all but one of the date books went into a Christmas stocking that I had made. I forgot to photograph the snowman date book cover that I made before I shipped it to a friend. It had a lighter blue background.

I thought I would show you the quilt that I have across the back of my living room sofa right now.
I guess that I should explain that the wall behind the sofa is all mirrored. I had to be careful of the angle I took the picture out because I didn't think you would want to see me in my nightgown. I am slow to get dressed this morning.

I want to take time now to thank a few bloggers that have nominated me for awards the last few months. I have been slow to post the awards on my blog. Part of the award process is to then nominate more bloggers for the same award. I kept thinking about what bloggers I would pick. I find I just can't select just 5, 6, or 7 as the different awards stipulated. I have a nice long list of blogs under my favorites that I visit. I would not want to pick one over another as there are so many good ones. I have noticed that others of you have this same problem. I want to acknowledge how much I appreciate someone taking time and thought to select me for the awards. Thank you so much. And to all of my fellow bloggers that I visit, consider yourselves nominated!

Please come back to visit again. Your comments are always appreciated. Hope your holiday season is filled with joy!


An additional note. I asked for some guidance in my last post about why my photos were no longer enlarging when you clicked on one. I thank all of you who took time to make a suggestion. This time I moved the pictures in the "Edit Html" mode instead of "Compose". Seems to have worked. Evidently I was not moving all the code associated with a photo when doing it in the compose mode.


  1. Love all the pics of all the quilts and gifts, thanks for sharing :^)

  2. Karen, as usual, you do beautiful work! The angel quilt is stunning. And I love the little wooly projects and the stocking... boy yor are a very busy quilter!

    I made that little reindeer and enjoyed it so much... then I made a couple of other cross stitch gifties, but I think my cross stitch needle will be hung up for awhile! I need to make some quilting progress!

  3. What beautiful pieces you have shared this morning. Love all the angels. thanks for taking time to post all of these pictures

  4. What fun things you've shared - I love 'em all . . . . and a little glimpse of you, too *s*

  5. Now Karen if some of your beautiful Christmas things come up missing do not come looking at my house....I'm not the kind of person who would sneak into your house in the dead of night and steal them. No, not me. Right. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Oh what wonderful surprises and gifts. And I love the angels on your couch!

  7. Blog friends truly are special, enjoy your goodies. The quilts and stocking are sure cute. I enjoyed them very much.

  8. Karen...amazing quilts and stockings is done by you...and I am amazed all the time I see something at your blog... you are such an inspiration to me...thanks for that!! I really do love all your beautiful quilts...and the one on the sofa is fantastic...and hmmm I can see you...;o)
    And a lot of wonderful gifts too...
    Colleens gifts is lovely...I love it... actually have a package from her at my house...not opened mine yet...still saving ... :o)
    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Great photos. I love your newest quilt and stocking.

  10. Love your new Christmas stocking, all your work is beautiful. Enjoy your gifties, that red wool is wonderful.

  11. I've always wondered why on some blogs you can enlarge and others you can't. Wonderful gifts you've gotten. I love that angel quilt across the back of your couch...really really cute!!!

  12. Always so much eye candy in your posts, Karen! I love, love the quilt on the back of your sofa!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  13. wow...lots of wonderful goodies at your place...and i love that angel quilt over the couch! beautiful!!!

  14. Love all the pictures and your little wool date book cover - what a great idea. That angel quilt on the back of your sofa is wonderful - I just love it.

    Hugs - karen