This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nativity Quilt

I hope all you visiting my blog had a happy Thanksgiving and that you had a wonderful dinner with family and friends. My husband and I had a quiet dinner as our daughter & family went to the Atlanta area to visit her husband's sister. We fixed a small turkey and some of the "fixin's". We did not make as much variety as we would have with company. My back held up okay during the preparation of food but I did have help from my husband doing it. I don't know what is going to fix my back and leg pain, but I hope something does it soon. I can sit fine but standing & walking is not fun.

I have just finished a new project. The nativity quilt is a gift for a friend (non-blogger). I have given her many quilt type things over the years but I can't remember having given her an actual quilt. She likes the same style as me including the use of plaids, so she should like this quilt. The pattern is from the "Christmas or Not" book which is a Red Wagon book. The pattern is titled "Manger" in the book. I did everything on the sewing machine except the sewing of the binding to the back of the quilt.
I also made my second stocking. It will go to another prim lover with a little hand made gift tucked inside. I need to make a few more stockings but whatever I get done is what I get done.
Yesterday, I received 6 or 7 new patterns from Cheri Saffiote-Payne. I got four in the mail about 10 days ago. There are still a few more I would like to have. I also got a stocking pattern from another designer. In fact, I got two of them from two different online shops. I don't know how I managed to do that. Have you ever bought two of the same pattern or book at the same time? I will pass one on. One of the Cheri patterns is the Nativity and I would like to do it soon. Maybe I will end up with a collection of nativity quilts!
I hope to post some photos of a couple Christmas quilts I have made in the past. I will aim to do that on the next post.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to buy two of the same . . . I had a Brannock & Patek book come through my library a couple of time *s*
    Love the new pieces you've made. I like the idea of a nativity quilt collection.
    I do hope you find some back relief soon.

  2. Oh - I thought I was the only one who bought things twice!! LOL.....you are certainly keeping busy despite the back/leg pain.....I like your "what I get done is what I get done".....I am feeling a bit like that too....there will be some Christmas stitching that will be getting done for 2009!

  3. Same here Karen...;o)
    Oh...sorry that you still have pain..ahh...that aint fun at all...
    And KAREN...I just love the quilt and the stocking you made... I definetly need to try and get that book!!
    And more Cheri patters... ahhh... they are so nice... my favourites...:o)
    Take care...

  4. First and foremost, I sure hope your back and leg mend... or you can find something that will help ease the pain.

    Your work is beautiful! That sock is ADORABLE :o) And yes, I have done the pattern thing! Twice!! But at least then I know I love it enough to pick it out twice.

  5. Karen, you have been tagged by me! Love your blog, Hugs, Mary

  6. I love the pieces you are showing. And now that I know you have made the Pokeberry quilt, please show us a picture - finished or not.

  7. Oh how fabulous they both turned out!

    I can commiserate with the back issue. Take it easy and see a doctor if you need to. Mine was out for 2 weeks and just sunday let go of the nerve with was squeezing for dear life. Hope you get relief soon!

  8. Oh what a cool nativity quilt! I love it!

  9. Love your Nativity quilt and that stocking is just wonderful.
    I've been know to buy the same thing 3 times...just pitiful! But I guess that means you REALLY like it! LOL!

  10. Love your nativity quilt .
    The stocking is just awesome, oh a lucky friend she is to get that.
    I would love to make a few of them too. I have to get that book out hope the pattern for the stocking is in there too!
    always love seeing your work.
    yes I received a few of the brown envelopes yesterday too!!!!
    Love Cheri's patterns.
    Hope your feeling better.

  11. As usual love it all - you do the greatest projects. I'm so sorry that your back and leg are still causing you challenges. grrrr!

    Take care, my friend!

  12. I hate it when that happens!! And yes I have done it too :) I always tuck them away for gifts...I figure if I bought it twice it must be a winner, right? I love your nativity quilt and your stocking! I hope you find an answer to your pain soon, I'm keeping you in my prayers.