This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here is finish #3. This quilt is from a pattern called "Midwest Pride". It is from the spring/summer 2007 Quilt Shop Sampler from American Patchwork and Quilting. I pieced and did the wool applique several months ago. Since then it has been draped across the back of a chair in the living room just waiting for the inspiration to layer it with backing and batting and do the quilting. My New Year's resolution is to finish some of the UFO's langoring in the sewing room closet and mixed in with quilts in the living room.

I like this quilt because the applique designs are all of things I like. Sunflower, crow, sheep, watermelon, a saltbox house, stars, and a flag. It was fun to make. The wool applique is easy to do. I decided that, being a primitive style quilt and having the thickness of the wool, I would resort to the simple machine quilted crosshatch design. It was quick to quilt.

Speaking of the crosshatch design. I have been doing that on everything here of late. I decided that finished was better than unfinished. The crosshatch is easy to do with the machine. I don't plan on doing it on everything I quilt but I like the feeling of "done".

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I could not do much on my birthday. I had an injection in my knee in the morning and had to take it easy the rest of the day. We did go out to lunch but no where else because I was limping so much. The knee was pretty much recuperated from the injection by the next day. That was injection #4. I can have five but I am not sure I need the fifth. I will wait and see.

I have printed out the free block of the month pattern for January from Bunny Hill Designs. I really like the cute snowman in the basket. Darlene from A Quilting Daze already has her block prepped for stitching. I think I had better work on some more finishes before I start this new project.

I noticed last February that so many of you have Valentine quilts that you have made. I have a couple quilts with hearts but none so specific that I would say it is a Valentine quilt. I have been searching my books for something suitable. I have a Joined at the Hip pattern that I am considering making. I look forward to seeing all your Valentine quilts on the blogs I visit.

Time for me to get busy. Thanks for the visit! Come back soon.



  1. I love that quilt! I am going to have to see if I can find that issue, it's one of my favorite magazines, and I generally save all the issues, so hopefully I will find it in my collection. Cute!

  2. What a great quilt, and you're right, the cross hatching is perfect for it. Hope the knee improves soon.

  3. Happy belated birthday to you! 8-)
    You've been a busy gal! Three wonderful finishes!!! Good for you!
    Hope you knee is feeling much better...
    The blogging world is full of challenges, BOMs, draws, and swaps right now! Wow! I think I may be eating more than I can chew!!! lol! Good luck with all your commitments!
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Love this! I'm just starting out with the wool quilts. Looks like I need to find myself some magazines and patterns. There is such nice stuff out there!

  5. I love your finish----I'm going to have to dig out my magazine... don't remember that cute one. It's nice to see that you display your pieces unquilted...I do that as an encourager to get it into gear--- plus it may take a couple of years for them to get displayed otherwise....

  6. I love this!
    such great fabric choices.
    the sunflower is just beautiful and love the flag...and the sheep!
    ok, need to go look for that magazine, I save those!

  7. That is beautiful.
    I am really impressed that you have finished 3 already. Congratulations.

  8. That is so nice. Way to go on three finishes.

  9. I'm with you on "done is good" :)
    I just saved the bunny hill pattern..soo cute! Oh and I love your finish #3...it's my favorite so far!

  10. beautiful quilt!
    Three finished already in the New Year..well done !
    Julia ♥

  11. I love your quilt! You are ready for summer with that one!. Crosshatch was a good choice for the pattern too. Glad to hear your knee is feeling better, hope it stays well for you! Keep those finishes coming its inspiring.

  12. Karen.....you are too much....three finishes already! I am working away slowly on getting some things finished and have looked at all the BOMs on blogland.....wow.....this year is going to be a busy one!

  13. I love the folksy scrappy look of your quilt. And three finishes already this year WOW! Good luck with the knee.

  14. I've looked at this pattern several times and every time thought I should make it. Yours is just wonderful; you made some wonderful fabric choices. I love it! blessings, marlene

  15. I can't believe you have already finished BIG 3 quilts this year?!!!
    They look so great and very primitive! Just love them all!

    Hope you will feel better soon!

  16. Oh, I love this quilt - it's darling!

    I'm so sorry that your knee is still causing incredible challenges. Wishing you well.

  17. wow not even a week into the new year and you have 3 wonderful projects completed!! they are so gorgeous that finishing must have been a great joy. I still love cross hatch quilting.. sometimes simple is best.

  18. Wow Karen, that turned out so well. It's funny becasue it has some fo the elements of a quilt kit I bought 2 years ago. I looked at it the other day and realized I didn't like it anymore and would have to change it so I could still use the kit! Yours look like a good version of that kit!! I'll have to keep it in the back of my mind!

  19. I love that quilt. I saw it at the quilt shop actually. Loved it then too. That was on my to do list last year. Didnt happen. LOL
    I hope your knee feels better soon and hope you had a nice birthday even though you were in pain.
    Get better.

  20. Oh Boy - me likey - lots, LOL. Now I'm off to check it out in my stash of sampler magazines. See this is why I never throw a magazine out

    Hugs - Karen

  21. I am so impressed that you have 3 finishes already this year!! I feel like I am still getting caught up from Christmas. What great quilts -enjoy!

  22. 3 Finishes! Way to go!!! All the elements are tops on my list, too *s* I think cross-hatch is a nice look - have some plans for using it on the top I'm currently working on.

  23. Great quilt and great colours. And congratulations on 3 finishes already. And Happy Birthday a little late to you