This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Monday, January 19, 2009


No finished project to show you this time but I am working towards it. I started "Noah" quite some time ago. I will guess about 4 years ago. I was hand buttonhole stitching this project. Made my way about half way up the quilt doing that and then quit. It is hard to bunch up the fabric and hold it in your hand to stitch things in the middle. I just got tired of it. I can't tell you how many times I almost gave away the UFO. I guess I gave away the book finally as I no longer have it. I made up my mind last week to finish the project. I have been doing the handwork on it every day and finally finished that yesterday evening.

Now comes the border on the quilt. I always thought the border used in the pattern was kind of busy as there is so much going on in the main body of the quilt. Also, it has corner blocks in the border with applique that I don't know what it is supposed to be. Looks kind of like a fried egg shape. There were diamond units pieced into the border. I have decided to use just a plain border and probably red. I held all kinds of reds & blues in homespuns next to the quilt and everything seemed too busy. I have a brownish red plainer fabric that I think I am going to use. It seems to calm the quilt down some. I am waiting on some batting to arrive that I ordered from Hancocks of Paducah a week ago. Then I can quilt this and have it finished. I will be glad to finish.

The "Noah" quilt book is by Red Wagon and is no longer published that I know of. I did a Google search and found some used copies available. One is on E-bay as a "buy now" item and shows the cover of the book with the quilt pictured.

The center of the quilt is over 80 inches long and about 41 inches wide. A long quilt. I had to lay it on the living room floor to photograph and at an angle so it makes it look even longer.

I have started the applique on a block for "Sweet Land of Liberty". I have not worked on that quilt for several months and need to get going again. Plus the applique pieces were laying on the sewing room floor. They could easily have disappeared in there.

Last Saturday was one of my quilt group get-togethers. My head wasn't attached when I was getting ready. I forgot three items that I wanted to take with me. One was my camera, so I have no photos. We were working on a raw edge applique technique project. That is where you just lay your applique pieces on the background and stitch by machine about 1/4" in from the edge. After the quilt is finished, you wash & dry and the edges fray and ruffle some. Tee, one of our members, was leading us in the project. Her finished quilt "French Roses" is really nice. She likes the dark colors like I do and that is what she used. She also started another one using a block from a quilt pattern in a Red Wagon book. I like that pattern better than the "French Roses" pattern so I will have to think about that. I have the book so that is not a problem.

I encouraged the ladies to finally pick a name for our group. We have probably been getting together one Saturday a month for five years and never really named our group. Oh, we discussed it in the past but nothing came of it. Now we have decided to call ourselves The Sew 'n Sews.

That's all the news for now. Hopefully, I will have a photo of a finished "Noah" quilt next time you visit me. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. That is such a lovely quilt - I do hope that you can finally enjoy it once it is finished and after all your hard work.

  2. Nice quilt Karen! Lots of work... oh boy! That is a lot of hand applique.

    I am going to start the Sweet Land of Liberty in March. I need to finish my others first before I attempt this big project. But it is a BEAUTY!

  3. Nice quilt, I know those hand button hole stitches are a hard work....
    I think your choice of border is just right!

  4. I'm so happy you didn't abandon this quilt - it will be a treasure! Sew 'n' Sews is a great name!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. It feels so good to finish those long term projects-very lovely-

  6. One of my most cuddly quilts is made with raw edge applique. I just love to cuddle under it. Your Noah looks great!

  7. The Noah's arc quilt is beautiful. What a treasure it will be when you have it all done.

  8. I say the same as Libby...have a raw edge quit...and everybody loves that one... Might have to make myself a new one...and I love the French Roses...if its the same pattern I have in mind!! :o)
    And congratulations to you... the quilt is wonderful...so you made a great job on nearly finishing it!!
    Wish you good luck on the rest!! :o)

  9. What a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.

  10. That is soooo cute! An awful lot of work, but it will be worth it :)

  11. Beautiful Karen! Love Red Wagon, Hugs, Mary

  12. Your finishes so far this year are all just beautiful. I have done several Red Wagon patterns in the past and I just love them. You have a real knack for choosing colors. A plain border for Noah's Ark will be just the thing to finish it off.

  13. Your Noah quilt is wonderful. I took a look at the pattern book. I think you are making the right decision to use a plain border. The busy border on the sample detracts from the center panel. I wish I had seen this pattern a couple of months ago when I was looking for a pattern to use for my new grandson's quilt.
    Linda in Southern Illinois