This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


More quilt tops from the closet as promised. I think I need to take them all out at once and then start hanging the quilts back in that have backing prepared. I have made a couple backings since I started pulling the tops out. I just don't want a big mess however I decide to organize these.

The first top is a wonky log cabin block quilt. I did this with just some verbal instructions that someone gave me. I like earth tones, so you will see those color combos a lot in my quilts.

The second quilt top is wall hanging size. I am sorry that I don't remember anything about the pattern at the moment. I think the reason I never finished this was that I satin stitched the appliques on. I wish I had used another technique. Still, I need to go ahead and quilt this.
The third top I am showing today is Missouri Star by T. Atkinson. I can't remember if it was supposed to have a border but I think I should add one. Have to think about it some and then decide.

The next two quilt photos were taken this past Saturday at the Sew 'n Sews group get-together. The first one is a top that Jean showed. She had shown the inner part of the quilt top previously. The quilt top had been started by a dear friend of hers whom has since passed away. The top was done in solid colors in the Amish style. Jean did not have a solid black that matched the black used in the top. She asked for advice. A group member suggested that she use a narrow border of a solid that would look good with what was already used. Then add the black that she had available. The separation would make the two blacks not be side by side and thus not be noticeable that they were not from the same bolt of black fabric.

The last photo is of a quilt that Jean had machine quilted. The top was made by me. It was one that I made and gave away as I just had too many tops waiting for finishing. Jean said she didn't have to do anything but take it to the quilter.

We had another quilt top shown but I did not have my camera out at the time. I am sure I will get a chance to photograph it once it is quilted.
Jean was our hostess for the day. She fixed two meals for us although I don't think she thought she was doing two meals. When we arrived, she had quiche squares, fresh cut up fruit, and blueberry muffins ready for a snack. The quiche & blueberry muffins were oh so good but I could have taken the fresh fruit platter and eaten the whole thing by myself. I like fruit that is all cut up nice & pretty. Then for lunch Jean prepared a hot chicken salad casserole, mashed potatoes with sour cream (I can't remember if she said Swedish or Scottish style), green beans, and more of the fruit. She also served a special recipe of apple dumplings that I have never had before. Served warm with a dab of ice-cream (we were too full for a scoop). She is a wonderful cook!
The group was small Saturday. It was a nice gathering, though. We talked up a storm and stitched and stitched. I worked on my Trumpet Flower applique. Didn't get much done as we were talking, sharing, and eating too much of the time. Next month I think we will be doing a little mini shop hop. The shops will all be new to me so should be fun. You can look at the previous post where I show photos of my clean sewing room and tell I need more fabric. LOL!
Speaking of fabric. I ordered a bundle of Beach House fat quarters by Blackbird Designs. I love the soft muted tones of that fabric line. I have to come up with something to do with them. I will be waiting for the mailman to deliver my box. I haven't received notification of shipment, so I don't think it will arrive before week's end.
My two grand-daughters have birthdays in April. The youngest turned 10 on April 16th. The oldest will be 26 on April 26th. Happy Birthday, girls!
Stay tuned for more quilt tops from the mystery closet!


  1. I am really enjoying your show of quit tops! I am in awe of how many you have. It takes me forever just to get one project done!

  2. I just love your closet..do you think I could move in??? ;o)
    Lovely quilts.. and your weekend sounded just heavenly with all that food!! :o)

  3. MORE!?! Wow!
    Thanks for part 3 out of the closet show and tell! Awesome quilt tops you have there! 8-)

  4. More wonderful, wonderful quilts! My favorite is still the 'one'. teehee!

  5. This is fun....I think you really really like making tops LOL.

    Mini hops are good, even if you have a sizable stash. You never know when that fabric you purchase will be just the piece you need LOL.


  6. Oh I really need a closet like yours :o) I will keep working on that. Glad you had a nice time with your stitching group and that you are getting out and about. A shop hop... now I am definitely up for that! Love your quilt tops :o)

  7. I sure am lovin' this quilt show . . . . your fabric choices are right up my alley *s*
    The Sew and Sew's sound like a fun group. It's such a great thing to have a good group of gals to get together with and stitch the day away.

  8. I knew I should have come over and helped you clean out your closet. Maybe I could have relieved you of some of those quilts. Hee hee!

  9. OMG! What a quilt show! Your closet has very lovely quilts. :-)

  10. More great quilts. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I don't think there's any end to that closet!

  12. Karen your quilts are just beautiful, I love looking at everything you have made! What a talented lady!! Hugs, Mary

  13. Oh the log cabin still looks great, even if you didn't needle turn it. And the terri Atkinson star one is really cool too.

  14. Oh, I've had my eye on Beach House and keep slapping my hands! I bet I'll be real disappointed when I see the quilt you make with that line! As always....you didn't disappoint with tops from the closet! Just how big is it anyway!

  15. I am really enjoying your quilt show. Such nice variety and inspiring designs. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  16. I so loved finding your blog this morning. I love all the out of the closet quilt tops. I would love to do the log cabin one you can't remember the name of. So I am on the hunt. How long ago do you think you pieced it. ???
    Beautiful blog, and will be visiting often