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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The mailman brought me a new quilt kit from Temecula Quilt Co. I have been waiting on this kit ever since the announcement was made on their blog that the shop would be featured in the next issue of Quilt Sampler. I fell in love with the quilt they designed as soon as I saw it on the blog. I e-mailed and asked to be put on a waiting list. Just thought I would show you the brown paper bag the kit came in stamped with the quilt name.
And this is the little brown paper bag with my receipt in it. Stamped with "Thank you" on it.
A photo of the magazine cover with their quilt on it.
And last is the fabric. Now I did not artfully display it for the photo but it is definitely my kind of fabrics!
I am participating in Dawn Heese's BOM which has just started. Her blog is Linen Closet Quilts. Pay her a visit for your first free pattern for "Vicksburg". I promptly made the first block. I certainly could have lowered the eagle a bit lower on the block but I think I will applique my initials or the year on the block later on. Thank you Dawn for the pattern and those to come.
The next two photos are more of my basket blocks that I have done over the last five weeks. I took the project on our vacation but didn't do very many blocks. I have done a few back at home but it is progressing slowly. I still have a stack left to go.

It is a somewhat rainy day here in Florida today. We had a heavy downpour yesterday and had to drain water out of the pool. We are supposed to have a repeat today. Can't complain as our county needs the rain.

I am going to spend some time in the sewing room today making signature blocks for the exchange I am participating in. I meant to do it before now. I should make a list and stick to it.

Nice to have you visit. Come back soon.



  1. Oh my! I am certainly going to have to check out those blogs! I love the fabric you got! Yikes! It screams my name but then again I haven't been able to do much quilting lately with taking care of the old folks and such!
    Thanks for letting us know about the BOM!

  2. I have not seen that issue yet around here. I love reading them.
    Wow, that quilt is fabulous. Have fun with that one. I am off to visit the links you added to your post. Thanks.

  3. I'm needing to pick up that magazine. American Patchwork and Quilting is my favorite magazine and this spin off is one I pick up as soon as it come out.

    You have been a busy beaver! the baskets look great and I'll keep an eye out on your kit progress.

  4. What a great way to package that kit! I love your basket blocks -- they look wonderful.

  5. This is a beautiful quilt kit & design. I can't wait to hear how you like it when you finish it.


  6. Lots of great projects! Can't wait to get my copy of quilt sampler, it looks great as always!

  7. YEAH you started a new project
    and you bought 2 more kits !!!!!
    Love the eagle, so does this mean you will start 3 new quilts in the month of Sept???
    or are more planned then these???


  8. Love your new quilt stuff, the fabrics are lovely. It looks that you will be very busy sewing through the next few months.


  9. How fun that you are making the Temecula Quilt Co. quilt! I love that pattern too...I picked up the magazine last week at Quiltique, another of the featured shops just an hour and a half from me! And wow!!! You got Dawn's block finished fast! I'll make mine next week!

  10. The fabrics look wonderful! All those warm colors. Can't wait to see you work on your kit in the bag. But, first, ya gotta get your siggie blocks done!! :0) I already sent mine off.
    I haven't seen the The Quilt Sampler Magazine out yet. I look forward to finding one in the book store soon, now that I see you have the newest one!

  11. You know...I thought of you when I saw that quilt on the cover! Didn't I send you an email...I was going to...honest!
    Then look at you....quite the over achiever with already getting to Dawn's BOM!! Geez....your really putting some of us to shame...ok perhaps just me!

  12. Wow, new projects! I order from the Temecula Quilt Co on a very regular basis and love their little receipt bags. A nice touch!

    Cute baskets!

  13. Wow, that looks like fun mail! I love the fabrics in your kit. Thanks for mentioning the bom (like I need to start another one...) lol

  14. The kit is wonderful! I love that quilt and the fabrics they chose look very nice. (even if they were'nt laid out nicely)
    Thanks for the heads up on the BOM, I think I'm going to do it!

  15. I love the Back to School quilt and can't wait to get the Quilt Sampler magazine. Is the pattern for the quilt in it? I would love to make it too. The Vicksburg BOM looks great too! So many neat things - it's hard to decide what to do next!!

  16. My goodness--what a lovely quilt and and all that neat fabric--lucky you==will keep my eyes open for the magazine--going shopping tomorrow and maybe I will be lucky????? Just "popped" over to Dawn's site and signed on for here bom--will have alot of civil war fabrics left even after I do the siggy blocks--sooo!!!!
    happy stitching--hugs, just, Di

  17. I can't wait to get the new magazine! There is always a quilt or two I want to make. Looks like a great one on the cover!

    Thanks for the tip on the free blocks. I'll go check it out right now!

  18. I love that Temecula Quilt Co. quilt!! I am going to be taking a little road trip up there soon!! Your baskets are darling :)

  19. Love the packaging, Karen. It's nice when shops do a little something to make themselves different from the rest. The fabrics are right up my alley as well.

    When I was in Vermont last week I picked up 5 different shirting fabrics for my basket quilt. I think I'm going to wait til the new year when I hope things will slow down a bit for me before I start one.

    Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration.

  20. I just love visiting your blog! I love the fabrics! Is the Quilt Sampler book out? I haven't seen it... Thanks for the link too~ I am seriously considering taking the plunge into that BOM with you! ;-)

  21. Love it all. I can't wait to get my copy.

  22. What a great quilt pattern - it will make a wonderful quilt! I do like the paper bag they sent it in - very creative. I can't wait for that issue to be on sale here - hopefully later this week.

  23. You've been busy - but I LOVE all of your projects. Can't wait to see your newest one. And the shuttle launch - how fantastic to be able to watch it right outside your back door!

  24. I love your basket blocka and all of your projects!

  25. I really like both basket quilts! One of these days I'll make one.

  26. Hi! Creative packaging, and the fabrics are beautiful. I am sure you will have fun putting it all together. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment.

  27. Great packaging and great fabrics inside. What more could anyone ask?

  28. It will be perfect...:o))
    LOng for this mag to be out.. have some shopping to make soon.. cant miss this issue ...cant I???
    Good luck with your new project!!! :o)