This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


About the only fall in the air here is in my fall projects I have been working on. It is still very warm and humid in my area of the country. I can say that the night air is not as warm as it had been as the pool water is cooler. That is the only difference I can see. I have been seeing fall photos popping up on the blogs. I would have to post photos of palm trees. Not the same feeling.
I have finished the stitchery that Kaaren from The Painted Quilt gave us a free pattern for. I finished stitching the binding down a few minutes ago.
I want to share a picture of the fabric I used on the back of the stitchery. I thought it was a good choice as it has words on it about fall things. The fabrics has these phrases: Halloween pumpkins, football games, falling leaves, back to school, crisp nights, apple cider, and cool days. Good words for the "Fall Is In the Air" stitchery.

I finished a new quilt top yesterday. I used a pattern called "Jack-O-Lanterns" which is in the book by Teri Christopherson called "Sunflower Patch". The pattern has three mouth selections, three eye choices, and three noses. Gives you lots of variety when you combine them in different ways. I pieced a back for the quilt. I will show that to you when I finish the quilt. It is all nicely folded right now and I don't want to have to refold.
I have finished machine quilting a piece and need to sit and hand stitch down the binding. It is for The Charming Girls Club challenge and I am running out of time. I have an Elton John live concert video to watch while I work on it.

Come back again soon!



  1. Oh Karen I love your thoughts of Fall, my favorite time of year. Love the fall things your working on. Maybe ours will come soon. Hugs, Marie

  2. Great fall projects... love the jack-o-lanterns, super cute! Hoping you get a little taste of fall, before winter sets in!

  3. You definitely have some great fall projects! The stitchery is very nice and I just love your pumpkin quilt!

  4. Love the quilts. Feels like fall at my house, cool and wet. Come on over and we can sew awhile.

  5. I have leaves turning now... it is becoming so cool and comfy out. My favorite time of year. Love your projects! They are both so cute! And btw.. I saw Elton John in concert back about 10 years ago when he was touring with Billy Joel. It was great!

  6. We have a nip in the air today...by far the coolest of the season so far with drizzle rain all day. Perfect day for quilting but just isn't happening with all home. :-)
    Your "Jack" quilt is fun!!!

  7. I love quilting. I just today pulled out my daughters halloween quilt that she never finished. Thought maybe I would surprise her with a finished quilt. I will check with her first. Not much left to do in it.
    I see some nice prim pics for needlework, so that is what I am working on now and restoring a quilt of my sons.
    I like your halloween quilt.

    1836 Victorian Farmhouse

  8. Having lived in Florida, I know exactly what you mean, Karen. Somehow, Fall just doesn't happen.

    I love your 'Fall is in the Air' stitchery and the fabric that you used for the back is perfect indeed. I wish I had some of that.

    I just love your Jack quilt. Now that is the perfect autumn quilt.

  9. we have some lovely Fall weather going on here...not tooo cool and not toooo hot! My absolute FAVORITE time of year :)
    As for your quilts....well, they are just wonderful!!!
    i love the way the little stitchery came out and the backing fabric is great! almost a shame to put it on the back. And as for your pumpkins....well....i want it! :)

    Sending some cooler Fall weather your way! cheers~

  10. p.s. LOVE your new header photo! what a cute quilt idea!

  11. Awwwww..... love your pumpkins!!Sooooo cute, love the wany all face is bit different than others. :-)

  12. Cute projects Karen, love the header piece. It would be hard to get into the fall mood when the palm trees don't change color LOL.


  13. It's beeen warm here too, but it doesn't seem to be stopping the calendar.:) Love your pumpkin quilt and the stitchery too!

    Your blog background is *too* cute!!

  14. I'm not much on Halloween BUT these are really cute. I like the optical illusion with the peek-a-boo ghosts, very clever.

  15. Love your fall projects!
    On the little wallhanging - are those folded corners on the back for hanging? What a great idea!

  16. I love your new header, and the background to the blog, and the Jack-O-Lanterns quilt is fantastic. I'm off now to do a google hunt for the book.

  17. In Australia we are coming into Spring....we both have my two favourite seasons!!! I live in the tropics so "Fall" or Autumn is a no-show for us too and have to rely on blog photos or rare holidays down south!!!
    Love your work!
    ;o) Wendy B

  18. Thanks so much...I have a new motto now..."Fall is in the air...somewhere!" I'll have to keep telling myself that! Fun fall quilts!

  19. We don't celebrate Holloween this side of the world but it is getting to be popular with some. Stilll nice to see the seasonal projects though.

  20. Great fall projects. I like how you added a little color to your little wall hanging that Kaaren designed.
    Great pumpkin quilt too.

  21. LOVE the Jack O Lantern quilt! Oh goodness that's cute!