This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We are back from our week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Well, really we were staying in Cherry Grove and not Myrtle Beach. But you get the picture. We had a great week with the couple we vacation with a few times a year. The weather was good. Somewhat cloudy the last couple days but not rainy. A good thing because we couldn't afford rainy day shopping!

We ate twice at Horst Gasthaus. For years, we couldn't get Judy to agree to eating at this restaurant. We finally got her to agree to trying it three or four years ago. Now we plan ahead for the night we want to go because of the Monday night special. This year, we went two nights in a row. One night for the stuffed pork chops and the next for stuffed cabbage. I think the stuffed cabbage is my new favorite on their menu. It is a charming German style restaurant. Even has a man who plays the accordian. The polka music is fun along with other favorites he plays. The beach vacation is spent at a condo on the beach but we don't cook. Always good seafood to be had and many, many restaurants to choose from. We are there every year when the Shaggers are in town. For those who don't know what a Shagger is, it is a specific kind of dance that is popular in that area of the country. Sort of a slow jitterbug. They have a big gathering and have lots of fun. We stay close to that area.

I visited three quilt shops on the trip. One was Quilters Cottage in Garden City, South Carolina. They have a bright and cheery shop with a good selection of fabric, though I did not find much in the line of reproduction fabrics. Another shop was right in Myrtle Beach. I have forgotten the name. They had lots of dark fabrics and this is where I started shopping for the green, red, & yellow reproduction fabrics I purchased.
Not all of the fabrics in the stack came from that shop. On the way home, I had an opportunity to shop at Olde Green Cupboard in Orange Park, Florida. Always a treat to shop there.
Almost all of the greens in the photo above came from Olde Green Cupboard.
The fat quarters are from Quilters Cottage.
The eagle fabric is for a quilt backing. That & the cheddar piece came from Olde Green Cupboard. The Cupboard was having a 25% of sale on fabric and fat quarters. Made it extra special shopping!
I have a new piece of blue carnival glass to add to my collection. It is a Fenton swan. Below is a new toothpick holder our friends gave to me. It is a pretty orangish red color.
The greens, reds, & yellow reproduction fabrics were purchased with this pattern in mind. It is a Terry Clothier Thompson pattern and is found in the book "The People of the Plains Quilts and Stories". A couple weeks ago, I came across a green plaid fabric similar to what was used for the vases in the patterns. I found it in my stash when I was straightening shelves. I had been saving it specifically for this quilt. Well, I can no longer find it. I had taken some fabrics off the shelves and put them in plastic bags for donation at a local church thrift shop. The only thing I can think of is that my piece got into one of the bags. And the fabric is long gone from the thrift shop. I can't find anything else that I think will work as well. I have searched high & low in the sewing room trying to find it. A substitution will have to be made. I plan on using one of the fabrics I purchased on vacation. A lesson learned to double check a bag before donating it!

Oh, I secretly put the Halloween cat (shown on a previous post) on my friend's porch last night. I don't know if she will figure out it was me that put it there. We did it after dark and just as I got onto her porch, the sprinklers came on. I had to dash back to the car getting wet as I went. I hope that the sprinklers didn't spray all the way up to her door. I figure she either found the cat last night when walking the dogs or this morning.

I did a lot of stitching at the beach but need to put some finishing touches before I post a couple pictures of what I was working on. So keep tuned for that.

Come back for another visit soon!



  1. Welcome home ... and with lots of lovely goodies too - lucky you! Love that blue swan too - it's very striking! :0)

  2. Your vacation sounds delightful,so glad your home safe and sound. Lots of beatuiful fabrics in your stash.Will chat soon. Hugs, Marie

  3. We're former shaggers and twostepers. WE also vacation at Myrtle but way up at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Maybe we'll meet up with you sometime in the future.

  4. Welcome home Karen!

    What great fabric buys you've made! Good for you! 8-)

    I like that Fenton swan... very pretty!

    Bummer about your "missing" fabric!!! What you assume happened is so easily done. I hope you find something else suitable... Great pattern!

    I hope you surprize kitty didn't get soaked! 8-)

    Happy stitchings!

  5. Lovely fabric you've bought, I especiallay admire the grees!

  6. Sorry about your missing piece of fabric but you got a lot of nice new pieces while on vacation!!!

  7. Welcome back home. I'll note the name of that German restaurant. I think DH and I are heading that way beginning October for a quick overnight visit. We lived in Germany and would love some good food again!
    Lovely buys btw!

  8. What's a vacation? :) Sounds like such a wonderful thing! I love all the goodies you picked up while you were traveling. And I'm so sorry about your missing fabric. If I see anything even close, I'll snatch it up for you.

  9. Sounds like you had fun, I am so glad. Wow! You found the mother load of fabric...love your red/yellows/greens, so pretty. I have plans to go the Old Green Quilt Cupboard soon! I will definitely check back to see what you are up to.

  10. great new fabrics!
    Olde Green Cupboard was vending at the quitl show I went to yesterday, oh my I could have spent Lots of money there.
    I love that quilt and have a vase fabric put away for this quilt too!

  11. So fun that you left that cat on your friends porch, lol, and good that you can run fast, too! You sure did find some pretty fabric and glass treasures, you always do. Sounds like a very nice vacation and time with friends, but it's good to have you home again. :o)

  12. Sounds like a fun trip. We always like to get fresh shrimp when we go to the coast.
    I would like to have seen your friends face when she finds the cat.

  13. Don't give up on finding your piece of fabric yet---at Christmas time last year a friend gave a little kit of a chicken pin cushion and after the holidays i look high and low for it--now fast forward to this week--was in my Christmas card box and lifted up an envelope with Christmas stickers in it and guess what I found--the missing chicken!!!
    Hugs, just, Di

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation. I am so glad :o) The fabrics are wonderful and I love the pattern! Pretty glass works.

    Glad you are home! Missed ya!

  15. great purchases --- love those reds...

  16. Super purchases, Karen. Sounds like you had a great time. Welcome home! We missed you!

  17. Welcome Back!! If you ever get the chance and the weather is not too hot I suggest Brookgreen Gardens. It's a sculpture garden/park/walk and they have a lovely little cafe to eat at.

    The fabric you bought is just delightful. I can't wait to see what you make with it!

  18. Welcome back. Sounds like a good trip, and 3 quilt shops too. Wowee.

    Has your friend worked out where the cat came from yet?

  19. Welcome home, you obviously had a wonderful time and did manage to pick up a few necessities, what more can a quilter ask for, good friends, food and fabric.


  20. WOW! LOok at that great stash of poison greens, chrome yellow and reds! If I could reach my hand right through I'd be sure to take a closer look. Sounds like a great week!
    I love the quilt you are planning. It's a real beauty!

  21. I love all of you new fabrics. And Im looking foreward to se what you will make with it:o)

  22. What a wonderful vacation. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new fabrics. Love the story about the cat.

  23. Te He! Your a sneeky one! Leaving a Halloween kitty on the porch! Did she figure it out yet? MMMM... German food! Nothing like it!!!!!!

  24. I've had A Perfect Garden in mind to make ever since the book came out, but I also want something very close to the fabric in the vases and have never found anything. Also want a similar sashing :-).