This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The basket quilt top is complete. The pattern I used is called "Baskets of Life". You can see another version of this quilt on "Covered Porches & Wooden Screen Doors" blog here. I enjoyed doing the stitcheries. I have one more stitchery to make which will be incorporated into the backing of the quilt. I have that stitchery partially done.I was home alone so I had to lay the top out of the floor for taking photos. Not the best angle. The piecing of the settings for the stitcheries took longer than I had anticipated. I figured that one day of sewing would have it all together. Especially since I had a bit of it done already. It actually took me two days plus about an hour of a third day to get it all put together. I am pleased with the result.

Thank you for all your well wishes concerning my allergy flare up. I went through 2 1/2 big boxes of tissues blowing my nose! Not a fun time. It has pretty well cleared up now.

I am busy today stitching on a wool table mat. The mat is getting close to being done. I finished a little candle mat but forgot to photograph it. I will show that next post.

The last photo is not a good one. I was trying to get a picture of all the pelicans that were swimming on the little lake behind our house. I took the picture through the screen enclosure over the lanai & pool. I was afraid that opening the screen door and going out by the water would scare them all away. I have no idea how many were out there swimming. And it wasn't just the pelicans. There were diving birds, cranes, egrets, and some other types all around the lake & the shore areas. The next day after I took this photo, the birds returned. That time, we counted twenty-one pelicans. It was like they were having a meeting and all were invited. I think the birds upset the one neighbor as he loves to fish (catch and release) and the birds were devouring fish. He was trying to shoo them away without success.
Well, back to my stitching. I have lots to do. Hope you have some sewing time today, too!



  1. Your baskets are wonderful!
    It must be fun seeing the pelicans and other birds having their conference. ;-)

  2. Happy to hear you have recovered! You quilt looks fabulous. Love the stitchery and the primitive setting with those fabrics. It just feels so comfy.

  3. You quilt looks lovely and glad your feeling better. Have you tried one of the little pots for "flushing" out your nose? Some people have success with it.
    You are lucky to have such amazing birds right out your window.

  4. I really like the fabrics you have chosen to go with your stitcheries, Karen. I actually enlarged them to get even a better view. What an heirloom you have here, a keepsake for sure. And, I love the idea you have about putting a stitchery on the back. Where will you use, or display, this beauty?

    What an awesome view from your home. I have to admit, I don't think I've ever seen a pelican (and if I have I don't remember it). How beautiful!

  5. Oh my gosh.. you are almost finished.. WOW.. and it is wonderful.. fantastic job you have done on this one.. and ... Pelicans.. wohoo.. I thought it was swans..
    My view from my window today is another 10 inches of snow.. sigh.. what a snowstorm.. wonder if I can get the car out tomorrow!!! Think we have more than a yard of snow now... Where is SPRING????

  6. It's wonderful, Karen. My favorite, stitching and pieced blocks together.


  7. Oh Karen I LOVE this basket quilt, great fabric choices and colors....nothing better than quilts and baskets!
    congrats on finishing it
    HOw nice that must be to sit outside and watch the wildlife on the lake in your yard.
    glad your feeling better...

  8. I'm glad you are feeling better. Your baskets quilt looks fantastic.

  9. I love the basket quilt Karen! The stitchery is wonderful and I love the way you pieced it. It reminds me of my Country Calendar quilt. Warm and homey!

  10. Beautiful! I love the scrappy look!

  11. Oh Karen what a wonderful quilt! I really love the fabrics you used in this. It really sets off the stitcheries.
    That's a LOT of birds - how fun!

  12. Wonderful! Love the stitching AND your fabrics.

    Pelicans!!! I love pelicans. I would never get anything done if I had that view! Cranes are my next favorite... oh, my... what a view (even through the screen).

    Glad you are feeling much better!

  13. Your quilt is so amazing....and so are the chickens below....

    I just love your basket quilt...

  14. Wow, this scrappy stitched baskets are fantastic, way to go on finishing it. What a great view from your window.

  15. Your basket quilt looks wonderful...love the view from your window...I could watch pelicans all day long.

  16. Wow Karen, I love how you framed out your basket quilt, very very pretty!!

    I was shocked when I saw pelicans hanging out in our lakes in North Dakota, I always associate them with the southern coastline of the US. I love watching them.


  17. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better. Let's hope the allergies stay at bay!!
    I love the stitchery quilt and what great fabric and setting!!!
    I'd love to have that view from your porch!!

  18. What a labour of love that quilt is. It is just beautiful!
    We get pelicans here in the summer and Just love to watch them fly- the wing span is amazing.

  19. The basket quilt is lovely. Love the fabrics you used around the blocks.

  20. This is lovely. I love the fabrics you used.