This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Friday, December 17, 2010


I am doing the Whoopee Dance (I don't think that will translate very well for those that have to use translation)!  Mary from Quilt Hollow sent me an early birthday present.  Look at what she sent.
This is the quilt she showed on her blog in a very recent post.  Little did I know that it was coming to me.  It has those stars with the long points.  I find them hard to piece but Mary's are done so well.  I did use the Tri-Recs ruler set the last time I made a couple of the stars and had success.  And, of course, Mary's machine quilting.  The quilt is made with Kansas Troubles fabrics which tend to find their way into my stash quite often.  As a quilter, I very much appreciate the time and workmanship that goes into making a quilt.  Mary knows how much I appreciate this gift.

I finished stitching the twelve wool flower blocks and set them together.

I don't know why I can't take a straight picture.  The blocks were designed by Lisa Bonjean of Primitive Gatherings.  She showed the blocks over the summer on her blog.  I did a quick look and do not find the patterns on the shop website though they may be there and I did not see them.  Lisa used a pieced border of small squares.  I decided to use a plainer border as the blocks were busy looking.  I tried several fabrics before deciding to settle on plainer fabrics.  The dark brown inner border is a wood grain look fabric.  The tan is a crackle print.  All the fabrics I used including the wool came from stash.  I will do minimal quilting on this piece.

Stash brings up a thought.  How long does a piece of fabric have to be in your possession before it is considered stash?  I think it is when the fabric is already on the shelf and not planned for any particular project.  Or a leftover from another project.

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  1. That is a wonderful gift sent to you from Mary and so beautiful!

    I love your flower blocks too. So nice. You always do such nice work.

    I think stash means exactly what you said.

  2. What a fun gift and, of course, I just love your baskets. To me, stash is whatever I have on hand - waiting to become a quilt. Even it I purchased for a specific purpose, that doesn't always mean that's where it will end up *s*

  3. O lucky you! such a lovely quilt you got from Mary!

    Love your flower block quilt-I really like the plainer borders you have chosen, they make the blocks stand out.

    Have a great weekend,
    Shazy x

  4. How jealous are we? Very! Double very! What a wonderful gift from a treasured friend. blessings, marlene

  5. Mary is wonderful, her quilting is amazing too.

    Love your basket quilt!

  6. OMG....your wool baskets are wonderful! You whipped that one out in no time flat too! Geez...my Speedy Gonzales friend strikes again! Sleep I tell ya!! Go to sleep!!!! Big smiles here...I know the quilt I sent you is in a loving and good home and for a very special blog friend.

  7. What a fabulous gift!! You must have been a good girl all year. ;)

    LOVE those wool baskets!!!

  8. What a wonderful gift from Mary!! It's beautiful!!

    I LOVE your choice for the borders on the basket quilt. You are right a pieced border would distract from the pretty center :0)


  9. Another gorgeous quilt from Mary!! That woman is incredible!!
    You have been very quiet the last couple of days so I KNEW you were whipping up another master piece!! AND I was right. I drooled over Lisa's when she made hers...and yours is even nicer!! Another sleepless week!! haha Good for you!!

  10. Congratulations! What a wonderful surprise! Love your baskets. haha, I consider it stash the minute it hits the shelf~ planned project or not. ;-)

  11. What a great quilt gift! And I love the borders you put on your basket quilt - the simpler treatment works much better with the baskets. You've motivated me to get out my baskets and finish the quilt after Christmas.

  12. Oh what a wonderful surprise.
    That quilt is lovely. I sew a lot with Kansas Troubles.

  13. What a wonderful surprise! I love the quilt, it's just gorgeous. I thought that was Lisa's blocks. They looked oh so familiar!! LOL! I really like how you did your version!! Beautiful.

  14. Oh Karen! What a wonderful quilt Mary made for you!!! Love the effect of the blocks!! Lucky you! 8-)

    You wool flower blocks look great together! Nice job! 8-)

    Have a great weekend!

  15. What a beautiful gift from Mary, something you will treasure. I cannot take straight photos either, I use my photoshop to straighten it;)


  16. Wow Mary is a lovely friend! That quilt is so beautiful. I love your baskets, it seems like you finished that quick! My fabric becomes stash the minute it comes in my door, lol.

  17. What a great friend Maary is. You are one lucky woman!!!!
    The wool flower quilt is amazing. I really like this one.

  18. Gorgeous gift from Mary. Isn't she the best?

    Love your wool-on-cotton quilt too, Karen. But you know me and wool.

    Congratulations on being so productive lately. What beautiful things you've managed to come up with!

  19. the baskets looks great with the plain border - what a nice quilt.
    Its so nice to hear someone so happy about a quilt - it's great.

  20. What a gorgeous gift, sure to be treasured!!

    Love your wooly basket quilt!! Nice work!!!

  21. Oh, the quilt from Mary has found a perfect home! Enjoy this delightful treat.

    Look at your blocks - they are fabulous.

  22. Another Sue here~
    So, you are the lucky friend who got the wonderful star quilt. Lucky you! I really like reading your blog. :)

  23. I remember seeing that quilt on Mary's blog. She is spreading the Christmas cheer even though it is for you birthday. lol
    Happy Birthday.
    Your basket quilt is lovely.