The wall hanging in the header is made using a pattern called "Spring Sampler" by All Through the Night.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hello to everyone stopping by for a visit. Today's quilt photos have been taken in the evening which is not the best time of day to do it. Had to lay them out on the tile in the entry way with the big light on overhead. So you have a nice view of my tile too.

My first Valentine quilt finish to show you has heart blocks that are embroidered. Stina from Kviltstina designed the hearts and shared them with everyone. Visit her blog and follow the link on her side bar to the patterns. I decided to piece the little quilt, trace the designs onto the white squares, then add batting behind it before doing any of the embroidery. I embroidered the hearts right through the batting. It worked well as I then added the backing and did a quick job of machine quilting. I forgot to add French knots to the one heart design but I think it looks fine as it is. Thank you for sharing, Stina. Hope you like what I made.
Second, I selected the big polka dot fabric for the border on the Valentine redwork stitchery. It gives it a more fun look.
I used the Valentine fabric that looks like cards we gave when I was a child for the backing. It feels good to get two quilts done, though small ones. And now I officially have quilts for Valentine's Day.
There is a new blogger that is looking to make some online quilting friends. I came across her blog through another blog. Her name is Jackie and her blog is called 1836 Victorian Farmhouse. Pay her a visit and say hello. She will be posting more photos of quilts as she goes along and learns more about blogging.

Our weather has been so nice until yesterday afternoon. Well, it is still nicer than many parts of the country but cool for us. I wore a long sleeve denim shirt when we went out this afternoon and was comfortable but it cooled off before we got home. It is a bit chilly this evening. I can't complain because it was so nice last week. Lots of people out in shorts and flip flops. Many times in the winter, those people in shorts and tank tops are tourists. Those that live here think it is cool but those coming from the north think it is balmy.

I will finish up physical therapy this coming week. I am having less discomfort but I am certainly not back to full steam ahead mode yet.

Have a great day!


Saturday, January 23, 2010


The Valentine Sewing Party day is nearing an end for me. I finished the stitchery and then had to stop for the day. My knee was protesting and said, "No more". I have not made an official decision on what fabric to use for a border. I found the vintage look Valentine fabric in the sewing room. I just don't know that it is what I want to use. Maybe for the backing. Right now I am leaning towards the big polka dot though the tiny dot fabric is still in the run. I need to wait until I have daylight to make a decision.

I enjoyed paying visits to the participants of the sewing party. I had not visited a few of the blogs before today. Always good to meet someone new that likes quilting. I hope your projects are far along in the sewing process.



Valentine Sewing Party day is here! I have been busy stitching on my Valentine redwork stitchery. It is coming along nicely. I was just in the sewing room looking in my stash of reds for a fabric I can use for a border. Nothing is making me jump with joy (if I could jump) and I am really not able to get out for fabric shopping. Maybe the big polka dot fabric. I have another option if I can find the fabric in the sewing room.
I have "Pride & Prejudice" playing. A long movie with a romantic ending. It should keep me entertained while I stitch.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone's projects as the day progresses. And I will post progress later in the day on my project.

Oh, in case anyone wonders, I am using DMC #115 for the red floss. It is a variegated red thread. And I have the stitchery backed with a light weight fusible fleece. That way the stitches tend to stay on top and threads won't show through when I move from one line to another.


Friday, January 22, 2010


I have decided to join in on the Valentine Sewing Party tomorrow that many of the participants in the Charming Girls Quilt Club are doing. We are going to be working on projects for Valentine's Day.

I am not able to sit at the sewing machine for any length of time so I have decided to work on a Valentine redwork stitchery which will have a border added and turned into a small wall hanging. I have already done a little stitching on the project because I know that I cannot sit any length of time to do the stitching either.

I will be posting the progress on the project tomorrow.

I am feeling better this week. Therapy is going well and I am having less pain. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you to all who have given their well wishes and especially those that keep checking up on me.


Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello to all my visitors! I am still progressing on my recuperation from knee replacement surgery. It is a slow go but I expected that. I have finished home physical therapy and started outpatient therapy last week. It is going well.

I still don't have much get up and go and wish I had more. I can think up all kinds of things to do but little of it happens. I have been able to do some embroidery and that's about it. I finished the five redwork angels that I had prepared. Thank you for all the input of words I might use to make some additional angels. In the end, I decided I might be stepping on the designer's copyright to take the original angel and change words on it. I thought about asking permission to do that but Lori from Humble Quilts reminded me that five angels set with four other blocks would make a nice nine patch quilt. So, I am going to piece red fabric with my background to make pieced blocks of some sort. Haven't decided on that. Below are the five finished blocks and then the individual photos of the three I finished since my last post. I really like the idea of a light weight batting behind the background fabric while doing the embroidery.

I also finished two blocks for the Nice People, Nice Things patterns. I am not making the full quilt. Just whatever blocks I had prepped for stitching and I don't know how many that is.
The "Wool Crazy" book is part of my birthday gift.
And two more books that were part of my birthday present.
A dear friend sent me a nice package with these items in it. A toothpick holder for my collection. A book of crazy quilt stitches to go along with the "Wool Crazy" book, a piece of recycled wool, some perle cotton thread, and the candle holder. The little candle holder will be perfect for the little wool candle mats.
I won a drawing from a blog and my package arrived yesterday. A Christmas cookbook that also has craft ideas in it, two handmade dish cloths, and three terry cloth dish towels. One has a chicken on it and suits me to a tee.
On one of my outings to lunch with my husband, we made a stop at a local thrift store. I can't tolerate standing very long but did manage to find this old wood box. We can't make out the faded writing on it. We figure the box had a lid at one time. I am going to use it for quilts. I think some smaller rolled quilts on end will look nice in the box.
I also purchased the two paper mache boxes. They held some kind of Christmas goodies. They are good size. I think they can be covered with fabric and make nice gift boxes or just for holding treasures.
Our cold weather lasted longer than normal for Florida. I am so relieved that we have a warming trend going on. Saturday it is supposed to get up to almost 80 degrees. We are bound to have more cool or cold weather, though. January & February are hard to know what to expect here.

I am going to miss The Sew 'n Sews get together this coming Saturday. I am not able to drive yet and I live about 60 miles away from the others, so I will be staying home. They are going to be trying some new dying technique and making a silk scarf. I told a couple of the ladies that they could talk about me since I won't be there. We always joke that you are fair game if you don't show up! LOL!

That's about all I can come up with for this post. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.


Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am slowly getting back into the swing of stitching. I am not ready for working in the sewing room yet. I prepared this angel stitchery project before my surgery so that I would have something easy to work on once I was able to tolerate sitting a while. These angels are free patterns available from Primitive Blessings by Twigs n Sprigs. There are many free patterns available on this site and worth checking out when you have the time. I just wish there were more than five of these angels. I want to make a little wall hanging project with them and have to decide how to fill in since five is an odd number. I would even draw my own if I could think of a word or two more than would be short enough to fit and appropriate. The ones I have say "Peace", "Hope", "Faith". "Charity", and "Love". Any ideas?
These are close up shots of the two angels I have finished. I don't have good light today for picture taking. The fabric I used is a tan crackle design. Looks white in the close-ups. The first picture shows the fabric much better.

I have no idea how much quilting I will be able to do this month. It has been almost four weeks since my knee replacement surgery but I still have some recuperation time to go. I am going to use this stitchery project as my January "Charming Girls Club" submission. I feel I can get these done and made into a small quilt.

I have been watching lots of television this past month. Not much else I could do laying in bed. I can help you plan a wedding, pick your wedding dress, select a very expensive cake, prepare your house for sale, help you find your first home, show you how to flip a house, how to clean your house. I can tell you all about 18 Kids and Counting, the Little Couple, the Rollofs, how to lose weight, update you on The Young and the Restless. You get the idea! Too much television!

My physical therapy is coming along fine. I have good bend in my knee but oh does it ache! I had been warned by the physician assistant that works with my surgeon that the aching would set in once all the medications injected in the knee area wore off. Still it is not as bad as my first knee surgery. I should start outpatient physical therapy this next week. I don't need it for the bend in the knee but to keep things moving well.

My husband fixed sauerkraut & pork in the crock pot for out New Year's Day meal. That is supposed to bring us good luck in the New Year. I know different parts of the country have their own traditional meals for New Year's Day. That was the tradition from where we lived in Ohio in our growing up years and early marriage. I hope it works!

Stop back again for another visit soon!