This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I did get some stitching done the first week of vacation.  The first week was at the beach.  The second week in New England and that was a whirlwind of sight-seeing and family time.

First of all, I got the applique done on two Bible quilt blocks.  I had no way to mark the embroidery lines for the wording that needs to be added.  I will mark them yet this week for future stitching.

The feet on the second block bother me.  They seem to stand out too much.  But I think I will leave them as is and move on.

Next I did a redwork Santa block.  Embroidery like this is a bit hard to photograph well so that the stitching can be seen.

Then I finished the Civil War applique block that I had previously had so much trouble with.  It is still not perfect but I am leaving it as is.  The horse is my favorite part of the block.

Since coming home from vacation, I have not been sewing.  I have been cutting 1 1/2 inch squares for a postage stamp style quilt.  Kathie from "Inspired by Antique Quilts" has inspired me to make one.  Look at her post of September 28 and you will see how much she has done on her postage stamp quilt.  I am cutting squares from reproduction fabrics only just as Kathie is.  I have no plan as to how large I want to make the quilt.  Kathie says that she needs over 10,000 squares for hers and that it is a long term project.

I have lots more fabric to cut.  All those little squares take time.  It is interesting to pull out all the fabrics from the shelves and revisit those I have forgotten about.

That's all for today's post.  Have a good sewing day!



  1. You have got some lovely sewing done there Karen. I have been so tempted with the Bible quilt, but I need to complete so many starts first!lol!
    I am loving the redwork too-such detail, you have done a great job!
    Good luck with the squares, sounds like quite a task.

  2. You have accomplished a whole lot of stitching! It all looks great (even the feet!). I take stitching with me on trips and have the best of intentions, and then do nothing.
    I have always loved Kathie's postage stamp quilt. It is tempting to start my own. It is on the bucket list, but seeing your box full of little squares makes me think this isn't the time. How is that for chicken? : )

  3. I love your Civil War block. :D

  4. You are showing some great progress on your projects!

  5. I have a very old postage stamp quilt (dates back to the 1940-50). The top was handpieced by my husband's great-aunt, given to my husband's mother who gave it to me. It had dry rotted some, so I had a lot of repair to do, then my mom hand quilted it for me and I did the binding. It is in the TATW layout.

    I checked out Kathie's blog - and now I am a follower.

    One suggestion on the feet of the one applique (all of the applique is really nice!). If the feet stand out too much for you, why not color them with a crayon - just a little shading, then put paper over it and iron. That will pull out the wax and just leave the shading.

  6. Your applique stitches are a.ma.zing!!! What's one tip you could give me? I'm always looking to improve and you are a master!

  7. I'm really loving your Bible blocks. Those are too cute. The feet in mention look fine to me. I am following another blogger who is doing these Bible blocks. I like them.

    A postage stamp quilt sounds great. I should cut some 'stamps' and get to making one myself. Kathie's is coming along great.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. You have been a busy girl! Like everything you've done. Good luck with the postage stamp quilt. Keep us posted (pun intended!).

  9. Your applique is really good. I hope you post the final results when they are done...or better yet....progress pictures along the way.


  10. You managed to get a lot done and vacation, too! Everything looks wonderful. Postage stamp quilts are so pretty but lots of work. Can't wait to see your progress. Have fun with it.

  11. love your applique blocks but I really LOVE that Santa
    he is just so antiquey, I love the old fashion Santa's!!!!!
    good for you cutting those squares, I will start a pile for you too
    send me your address ;)

  12. I just love vacation/road trips sewing. Getting it all ready and then you can't wait till its time to get on the road. You have some nice designs. We had our shop hop today and I saw lots of embroidery, fall stuff and penny rugs. I am working on penny table toppers for fall and Christmas.
    I will post them on my blog soon, so come on over and take a look.

  13. Love your Bible blocks! So fun to see them popping up on different blogs. Great inspiration.

  14. Love your blocks, Karen! And that postage stamp quilt is going to be awesome!

  15. Kathie has inspired me to create a little postage stamp quilt also, enjoy stitching on your's....

  16. I can't believe you got all that done on vacation! Wow. I think the feet look fine, but I like the idea of shading them with crayon. I may have to try that sometime. I started a postage stamp quilt one time, BY HAND, and decided I was nuts, lol....

  17. Your work is lovely. We are our own worsed critics aren't we? 10,000 little squares - ouch!!!! have fun with however many you have to cut

  18. You really have made great progress on your blocks.

    I love the idea of the postage stamp quilt. I may join you in that one day.

  19. All your blocks look gorgeous, love the redwork Santa. I think you'll be cutting little squares every time you piull out fabric now.

  20. Your redwork Santa looks lovely...are you making a whole piece out of Santas or framing the one?

  21. Weeeee, fantastic Karen!! Are you trying to keep all your 1 1/2" squares different? Like a charm quilt too?
    Love your applique blocks. I think Joseph's feet look fine. Once the quilt is together its going to be fantastic.
    Your CW block is awesome and I love the horse too!! Nice work!!

  22. I love your bible blocks. I have admired that quilt for a long time. Your applique is beautiful.

  23. Your blocks are great. I like the horse, too. 10,000 squares? I am not sure I could stick with that one. You are a dedicated quilter!

  24. I absolutely love your Civil War block with the soldier on the horse, Karen! I have never seen anything like it!

    Don't you just love Kathie's postage stamp quilt. I'm soooooo tempted.

    You never cease to amaze me with your productivity. I always love what you are working on at any given time. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Thank you for your comment, Karen.
    Your blocks are so lovely, and the shoes don't stand out too much, I think. Kathie's stamp quilt looks nice, I'm looking forward to see yours.
    Happy quilting, Cisca