This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I know.  I know.  This is not one of the BOM's that I am supposed to be working on.  But I am actually stitching on one of those blocks.  As soon as I finished the "Love Letters" block 5, I grabbed something easier to stitch.  I finished the star block and most of Mary and Baby Jesus in one evening.  Rewarding to finish two blocks in much, much less time than one of the "Love Letters" blocks.  But the L.L. blocks are much bigger so not a good comparison.

The pattern for "Christmas 101" is by Jan Patek.  I have all the blocks prepped for applique.  It will be easy to grab one and stitch when the mood hits.

Back to a block from the "Town & Country" BOM that I need to finish before month's end.


  1. Well these look good and it will be nice to see how all of your other blocks progress.

    You are like a stitching machine! I'm always amazed at how much you can accomplish.

  2. Your Love Letters in the previous post are wonderful. I always like grabbing some easy prim blocks to stitch after working on complicated blocks like the Love Letters.

  3. Very sweet nativity blocks! So smart to have something ready to do that is relaxing after a more taxing project.

  4. Looks all fantastic, greetings

  5. Wonderful blocks. It is nice to have some things prepped ahead for quick pick ups. You have wonderful projects!

  6. These are beautiful! Could you please let me know the method you use with your appliqué.....do you use fusible web and then machine stitch, or do you use the starch method and hand stitch around it, or...??? I'm new to appliqué and would like to focus on a method that will look as good as yours (after much, much practice!!). Thank you!

  7. This cracks me up - you definitely have a case of quilter's ADD!!! Have fun :).

  8. Hi Karen... just finished looking at your mini quilt show. WOW! Such varied quilts all these years. I especially liked the compass and sailboat quilt and the last one, Cindy Taylor Clark winter scene. Thanks for sharing.

    The Love Letters blocks are wonderful! I can understand wanting something a bit easier to stitch after that last LL block.