This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was going through some pictures of quilts I made in the 1990's.  I did not have a digital camera so the pictures are what they are.  Some are taken at Show 'n Tell at guild meetings, some on a bed, some laying on the floor and taken from a balcony above.  These are quilts I no longer own.  They were gifts or donated for guild auctions, etc.  My taste has changed over the years.  I scanned the pictures into the computer and will share them with you.  I do not know pattern names or designers for most of the quilts as I did not note them on the pictures.  The patterns and books are long gone out of my library.

The compass and sailboat quilt was made for a quilt store competition.  I didn't win but enjoyed making the quilt.  I sold the piece.  Jinney Beyer border fabrics were used.
A Christmas quilt.  I wonder why I gave it away?
I never did like this quilt.  The blocks were too big to be really interesting and yellow is not my favorite color for sashing.
A friend designed this quilt.  I did the sewing and quilting as she had a hard time sewing well with her vision and arthritis problems..  Water color look quilts were very popular at the time.
I made this quilt in memory of someone who died from Aids.  It was used for a fund raiser.  It is contemporary in design and not something I would make for myself.
A gift for a friend.  A star within a star.  Blue green, black, and rose colors.
My second quilt.  Made with leopard animal print I think.  Browns which I like.  A Twisted Garden design.  The quilt was used so much that it got to be pretty sad looking.  I donated it to a thrift store.
A friend picked the Dresden Plate design for a quilt I said I would make for her as a gift.  Blue and rose colors.  That used to be really popular colors for upholstered furniture and home decor items.
A house quilt that I sold a long time ago.  I saw one on a blog a while back that someone made and it made me remember the one I did and had long forgotten about.
So not me.  A quilt made with Oriental prints and the first time I did any applique.  I don't remember what part of the design is applique but it must be there some where.
I know I made this quilt but I have forgotten every thing about it.  Too stilted looking for my taste now.
A cute bunny quilt with floppy ears that were loose on the quilt.  I hope some child has it.
This is very contemporary looking for me.  I gave it to my son.  Jinney Beyer style with fractured piecing where you take parts of a quilt block and subdivide it into more parts.  The stars were like separate quilts added on.  Sort of like little potholders.  I would not do the potholder thing again.  It was supposed to add dimension to a quilt.
A house quilt from a pattern that was called something like "The Way To A Friend's House".  I gave it to a friend and got it back a couple years ago (a long story).  I gave it to another friend who likes house quilts.
A log cabin quilt that I think was a Judy Martin pattern.  Peach and green color combination which was still popular at the time.  A friend received this as a gift.
A table runner that was for a Christmas gift exchange.
I think this was a quilt ready for the binding.  It was made by my guild in South Carolina for a donation quilt raffle.  I was in charge of the quilt making that year.
I never did like this quilt.  Way too busy looking.  I don't know who has it but it is not in my collection.
The Snail's Trail quilt has Elvis fabric on the border.  Too contemporary for my taste.
The first quilt class I ever took was for making a Mariner's Compass.  Certainly not a beginner class but I came out with a good wall hanging.  I sold this quilt.  Jinney Beyer style again.
The sheep wall hanging was from a Debbie Mumm pattern.
I made a few of these basket pillowcases for donation or a gift.  I never made one for myself.
I had participated in some block exchanges.  I chose a Tumbling Block setting for them and a Flying Geese border.  The quilt top was huge when I finished it.  I donated the top to a guild auction.
A quilt I made for my in-law's 50th wedding anniversary.  I sent family pictures to some place in North Dakota and had them transferred to fabric. A method of sun printing was used (I think).  It was expensive to have done and I had to do it a few pictures at a time.  This was before  the computer fabric sheets were available.  The pictures are surrounded by a narrow lace ruffle.  They used the quilt for a backdrop for their two anniversary parties.  My daughter has it hanging on her bedroom wall now that my in-law's have passed away.  She requested that it be hers at some time.  Below is another picture of the quilt taken at a Bob Evan's Quilt Show where it won a ribbon of some sort.  My mother-in-law entered it in the show.

I gave this log cabin quilt to a friend.  I think the pattern is from a Jan Patek quilt book.
A friend has this wall hanging.  I have intended to make another for myself but never have.  The pattern is by Cindy Taylor Clark and is still available here.  Maybe some day I will get around to making another.

Lots of pictures.  If you stuck it out to the end, I thank you and hope you enjoyed the view of older quilts that I made.


  1. You have certainly made a lot of quilts over the years. I loved this quilt show and really enjoyed the double wedding ring 50th anniversary quilt. Memory quilts like this are treasures.

    It's amazing how as the seasons come and go in our lives, so does our tastes in things. I think all of us have changed up our quilting tastes a bit over time :)

    Thanks for the tour,

  2. wow! what you do now is so distinctive and well, just you! what an interesting journey through the years with your excellent quilting. i wish i had made sure to have pictures of some of the quilts i gave away.

  3. You have had a very eclectic quilting journey, Karen. It is interesting how our tastes and styles change over the years. You made beautiful quilts, even if you didn't like them, but it is easy to see that they are not "you" now.

  4. I sure enjoyed that show! My goodness you've made beautiful things. I really love that quilt you made for your in-laws.

  5. WOW!! You are such a prolific and wonderful quilt creator!! The house quilt with the arrows around it took my breath away!! LOVE IT!! Loved your show...thanks for sharing!

  6. It was so fun to see the history of the quilts you made. I enjoyed being reminded of past color trends and designs. You're an amazing and generous women.

  7. What a lovely and diverse collection of quilts!! Oh so very talented! Isn't it interesting how our tastes change over the years! I think that is why I am still drawn and enjoy making scrap quilts! Timeless!

    Have a great day!

  8. I love to look at a quilters journey. It is interesting how our style, choice of colors and patterns change over the years. Those of us who have quilted for a while probably have quilts in our collections that match yours. The quilting industry certainly can dictate what we do by whats available.
    We all have a history and I recognize a lot of yours. Thanks for sharing a fun show down memory lane.

  9. Aaahhhhhhh....memories.......

  10. Thanks for the quilt show. I found it amusing that I had made several of the quilts too. The Debbie Mumm sheep comes to mind.

  11. I love going down memory lane. Your tastes certainly have changed and your quilt instincts are soooo much better now. But every quilt can be appreciated by somebody.

  12. It was a treat to see some of your work through the years. You have been a generous quilter - all those gifts! I wonder where some of mine have ended up too ;-) I enjoyed seeing the variety of fabrics, styles and sizes you have worked with.
    You are a very generous and talented quilter - thanks sharing.

  13. Karen, Sometimes I can be so dense! It just clicked that we are on the PrimFolkArts yahoo group! I really admire your work and it is a real treat to see your quilting journey. I've only been quilting for a few years and only just begun trying out more Primitive style quilting. It is wonderful to see the evolution in your work. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your work is inspirational.

  14. Wow! You have made a lot of very neat quilts! A lot of work and time! I just love the picture in the very last one!

  15. Loved the quilt show. You've been a busy bee!

  16. Thanks for sharing your journey...it's been a very lovely trip.

  17. Yes, I'd say your taste has evolved. You do nice work.

  18. Oh wow! What an amazing array of work. Thank you for taking the time to put this together.

  19. Karen... all I can say is WOW girlie! You are a fabulous quilter! It was fun going 'back in time' to see the different styles.

  20. Love seeing all your beauties you have made over the years!

  21. Most of those do not look like your style. I think the Debbie Mumm is cows and I made that one too! It was the first quilt I ever made using strip piecing.
    Fun to see your quilts!!

  22. Lovely picture-quilt-show. There a lot of beauties in there, no matter who's taste it is.

  23. What a lovely show of quilts. Thank you so much for sharing them. It's always interesting to look back and see how our tastes have changed I think.

  24. wow was that fun! thanks for sharing all these quilts!!
    I love the house quilt especially and I also made the debbie mumm cow quilt!

  25. Amazing quilts: I especially like that Compass quilt--my DH always wanted to have a sailboat--but, duh--I mean, college expenses etc...and that Oriental girls quilt is really cute--lotsa work there...thanks for sharing. Julierose

  26. So fun to look through this lovely quilt show and see your progress.

  27. Thank you for the quilt show. Your quilts are so diverse. I have made some of those designs, too, back in the day! I love the way our styles change as we move along in our quilting journey.

  28. Wow, neat to see all your quilts and interesting to read all your comments on them; Thank you for sharing :-)

  29. You've had an incredible journey in quiltmaking. So many beautiful quilts.

  30. I loved your amazing quilt show. It was really fun to see all the different styles and techniques you have used through the years. It was also interesting to hear the story about each quilt, and your comments killed me ("I never liked this quilt"). I feel that way about some of mine, too.