This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I just finished the second of two "Simple Sacks".  I used a pattern by "little stitches".  I put in a link so you can go to the site if you are interested in the pattern.

Here is the first bag made by the pattern instructions.  It makes  a bag about 15 x 13 inches.  The bag itself is a Moda twill and I used a cotton for the lining. It has what I call a lunch bag bottom.  The applique is wool on cotton.  I am going to add a key ring holder to one of the handles on the bag.  One that you can slide it open and easily hang your car keys on it.
The second bag looks very much the same.  This time though, I added batting to the back of the twill and cross hatch quilted it.  And I added an inside pocket to the lining.
The bag seems to hold its shape better in the quilted version but is not a necessary step.  One of my quilting friends has made a few of the bags and uses hers as a purse.  She also increased the size for one and added a lap size quilt inside.  She gifted it to a friend who attends her children's sporting events.  Something that could be sat on for cushioning on a hard bench or the quilt wrapped up in if the weather is cool.  I thought that was a good idea.  I want to make a third bag with a different wool applique on it.  If you can't work with wool, regular cotton applique could be used.

My opinion of the pattern instructions is that they are okay but I had to read over some of them  a couple times to understand exactly what they meant.  If you have made a lot of bags, it would probably be fairly easy to understand the construction techniques.

I happened to be near an office supply store over the weekend and went in to check on an alternative style folder to use in my applique travel notebook that I showed you in the last post.  I found some sturdier folders in a clear plastic though they come in colors too.  They have a slider on one edge that is much like using the slider on a ZipLock storage bag.  They were $1.99 each.  I was only able to get 10 of the clear and I bought  two of the colored ones.  I am going to wait for them to get additional clear ones into stock.  The folders are somewhat accordian folded one one side so I can get more blocks into a folder and can get by with the amount I have now.  The only problem I have now is that these folders take up more space and I could have used a thicker notebook.    But then I would need to make a new cover.  I will go with what I have for the present.
Back to my sewing room for more creative time.


  1. Love the bags! I love the appliqué on them, but those look like they'd be good for traveling with some sewing goodies :)

  2. Love your bags! Great job! Glad you found those good zippered pouches! Now you can sew. As I stop in your blog, I am amazed at our similar taste in quilting. It is as if I am in my own sewing room. I spend much time wandering through your posts, remembering quilts I have made or seeing quilts that are on my list! You are a very good blogger!

  3. Love your new header, great zippy packs for your pieces, looks like you have a good "take along" binder now.

  4. Love your bags!! The applique design is super cute!!

  5. Your bags are lovely. The applique panel looks great with the stripe.
    Love your header quilt, I earmarked that as a quilt I'd like to make one day...you have inspired me to have another look at the pattern, thankyou. I always enjoy seeing what delightful project you are working on!

  6. Love the bag and the folders are very usable! Thanks for the tip!

  7. The bags are lovely! Nice job!!

  8. Have to say I like the quilted bag better. Silly, I know, they are both the same!

    Which office supply store? One of them is very close to my house but I don't like going in to it because of their customer service issues. There is another one across town that I never go to unless there is something there that I can't find anywhere else, like maybe plastic folders with zips on them!

  9. These bags are just darling!
    I love how they turned out!

  10. Very nice looking bags. I do like the idea of the quilted bag--just seems more substantial. The lap quilt that your friend included is a great idea--in school colors would be fun for a child's sporting events. (I've spent many hours in the past sitting in bleachers cheering on my kids.)
    Looks like those zippered pouches are more in line with your needs.

  11. Your simple sacks are simply adorable!

  12. cute bags and so you! I love it quilted , when I made bags I used the heaviest batting I could find and I make bases from foam core cover them with a fun fabric , it helps have a base for the bottom and its cheap!
    someone is going to love their new bag what a great gift.

  13. Darling Bag-- I can't get enough of them. Love the organization tip. So many times I quilt on the run-- Or don't quilt because I'm not organized enough to just jusmp in.... Thanks.