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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I was given two Singer sewing machines recently.  One has already found a new home.  This one is staying with me.  A good friend bid on four sewing machines in a Government auction and won.  He paid $12 for the four machines.  They had been used at a school.  One had no foot pedal and he put it out for the trash though someone helped themselves to it before trash pick-up time.  The three keepers are seem to work fine but there are no attachments or instruction book.  I learned to sew on an old black Singer.  They are seem to thread the same.
I have no idea how old this machine is but it seems pretty sturdy.  Some of the newer ones are not.  A basic machine with a variety of stitches for making buttonholes, etc.   It will be an addition to my collection of vintage machines.  I like to give them a home.  Do you share my love of old sewing machines?

You can see a jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table.  It has been there for weeks which is unusual.  We usually set one out and work it right away.  And you can see the two Roseville Pottery bowls I purchased in an antique shop while on vacation.  They have rims of blue sponge design which I like.

I will soon return with quilt type pictures.  Have a good sewing day.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Your new old sewing machine looks to be in great condition.

  2. What fun! It's always good to have a backup! I let the 4h group use my backup and it was shaken to death on a bouncy table by a teen who would not listen to slow down. Now I have my daughters basic as my backup. Thank goodness I don't need it! LOL. These computer models spoil us. Mine is about 18 years old. It's now a vintage machine I suppose! Ha!

  3. I had a machine just like that and it was great...then I gave it to our oldest grandaughter so she could learn to sew on it. She was thrilled and is still sewing with it. Always good to have a back-up, I have one too!

    :) Carolyn
    P.S. Love your header!

  4. yup your old sewing machine is looking fine..
    keep well xxx

  5. My mom had a Singer machine that made similar stitches, but you had to drop in a cam to make the change. I would guess that your new/old machine is ever so slightly newer that than since you can just select the stitches right on the machine. Mom got her machine in fall of 1972. How do I remember that? Because she was making my Halloween costume at the time - I was a witch. But I selected a cam that stitched ducks. Mom sewed a row of orange ducks right down the center length of my costume. Not very scary - but I loved that costume and will NEVER forget it *s*

  6. Our junior high had Singer Touch 'n Sew machines in the Home Ec. classes all of the girls were required to take back in the olden days.
    I love old machines and have a 60 year old Bernina and a 35 year old Viking, along with my workhorse Pfaff. I don't know where I would put another one, though I would love to get a featherweight.
    Love the bowls--and doing puzzles. : )

  7. Honestly, you're just like my best friend, she finds sewing machines EVERYWHERE. I've lost count of how many she has but I think she's up to around 40. Including some treadles. I have two and they don't get enough use, lol!

  8. Oh, i love the old Singers and have several black ones and two tan.(Two of those are treadles). They do make good back-up machines but then as back-up I usually use a cute Hello Kitty machine my husband gifted me with last Christmas.

  9. My grandmother was a seamstress and I still have her old Singer. It has a nice inlaid wooden box. Some months before I married, my fiancé (now DH), gave me a very expensive Singer machine and for many, many years I used it to make my own clothes. Till in the nineties I wanted a new one, on which I could make buttonholes in a much easier way, and I sold the old one. And that's a pity, for my first one was very fine quality.
    I love the bowls.
    Have a nice day, Cisca

  10. I only have one sewing machine--my trusty Bernina! I really would love to get a back up sewing machine some day.

  11. I'm glad the machine has a good home. I also love the spongeware. Good Find.

  12. That sewing machine looks like in a great shape. It sure is better than buying a new one that's worth more than your monthly salary.
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  13. This machine bring back a flood of memories for me. It sure looks alot like the machines we used in Home Ec when I was in 7th, 8th and 9th grade.

    Thank you for sharing, Karen.

  14. Yes! I share your love of sewing machines. I'm glad the machines found good homes. I saw a metal one recently made into a planter ;-) Maybe the trash raid one will be planted.
    Lots of manuals are now online if you needed it.
    Great bowls. I saw my Pyrex bowls at a vintage shop for a price I couldn't believe! Wish I knew a Pyrex collector...
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. That machine does not look old!! Maybe that's becasue I am getting older? LOL.

  16. If you get online to www.thesingerco.com You maybe can get a book or manual for the machine. Parts or attachments can be found online also.It should have a model number some place on the front and a serial number underneath it on the bottom plate. Singer has archives of info online. Chris

  17. your new old sewing machine looks clean and in good condition.
    I think the older ones are built to last!