This is the May sheep blanket from a pattern by Buttermilk Basin.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


We took a ten day vacation to the Smokey Mountains/Blue Ridge Parkway area.  We came across an antique store with so many vintage/antique quilts.  I am going to share pictures with you showing the displays.  I did not unfold the quilts for photos.  Just too many crammed in small spaces.

The name of this pattern escapes me at the moment.  The red and white is what caught my eye.  A quilt top and not a bad price.  Hand pieced, if I remember correctly.

A Drunkard's Path quilt in red and white.

The basket quilt was probably my favorite one.

I have often thought of purchasing the embroidery designs for the Bible quilt blocks.  Some day!

This is the first of a few pictures of shelves within what appears to be a vintage cooler from a store.  I would love to have this unit along a wall in my house with all those quilts in it.  I don't know how good it would be for the preservation of the quilts.
The quilt with the orange/cheddar background looks intriguing.

I like this Log Cabin quilt.  I don't often see one in an antique shop.

This chest had quilts all the way to the bottom.  I took a picture of the chest itself but cannot get it to load onto my blog post.  It was a good size hope chest.

The quilt shop was east of Canton, North Carolina.  I did not make note of the name of the shop.  Google Search is down right now or I would do a search for the shop name.  The only problem I can see with the shop is that it is very musty smelling.  Prices on the quilts did not seem out of line.  There was a glass case with many Singer Featherweight machines in cases.  The prices were too high on those in my opinion.  I hope to get a chance to browse her next year and maybe unfold some quilts for photos.

I had a conversation with a lady who was checking out the quilts in the cooler.  Her name is Rose and her sister owns a quilt shop in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  About 60 miles north of me.  We have been by the shop twice in recent weeks but not when it was open.  Rose was like me.  Just a looker and not a buyer but it was fun.  

Enjoy the rest of your day.  Take time to sew!


  1. Oh how fun! It would have been hard not to buy one.:) The basket quilt is my favorite too!

  2. Lovely quilts. Thanks for the pictures! Makes me wish I was browsing for antique quilts today. Have a great day!

  3. I would have been so tempted to spread each quilt out so I could see the whole thing. I'm not a quilt collector, I'm a quilt maker but it would have been fun to be with you that store.

  4. Sounds like a fun trip! The quilt peaks are nice and intriguing. Love the Bible block embroidery too. I don't think I've seen them before.

  5. I hope you can remember the name of the shop. I would really like to go see all the quilts.


  6. Just amazes me that there are sooooo many quilts in antique stores - the one in Redmond seemed to have just as many a couple years ago when I stopped in to browse.

    thank you for sharing. I love the red and white drunkerds path one.

  7. What a great place to visit and lots of wonderful quilts.


  8. I can't believe how many vintage quilts they have! I don't really collect, but I have picked up a top or blocks a time or two. You showed great restraint. If the prices were reasonable, I may have been tempted!

  9. Looks like a lot of temptation. Certainly not a shortage of vintage quilts!

  10. que bien lo pasas !!!!
    en esas excursiones para ver edredones antiguos,
    yo no he tenido oportunidad, de estar en una de esas tiendas
    gracias por compartir estas fotos,

  11. That's a lot of quilts in one place. I like the unusual handles on the baskets. I'm off to check a map to see where this town is located.

  12. Wow, it is really a fantastic shop, wished it was overhere! Thanks for the pictures! Greetings

  13. That is a boat load of quilts!!
    I think the first one is called gizzards and something......

  14. What lovely old quilts. The basket is my favorite, too.

  15. So many beautiful quilts in one spot. Wow!

  16. What a jaw-dropping collection of quilts. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were all taken out and hung in a show?

  17. All those quilts were in one shop? Wow! Just from what you showed us, there are many that I would love to add to my collection.

  18. Wow! I haven't seen such a nice selection of antique quilts in a long time!
    I love the red and white quilts -
    thanks for sharing these treasures with us!

  19. What a great vacation stop. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I think I could spend hours there!
    Many temptations :-)

  20. WOW! That's allot of vintage quilts!

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  22. WOW! that certainly is a collection of old quilts.

  23. Gosh this must have been such an interesting visit. Imagine a bunch of quilter all there at the same time spreading them all out and chatting. Seems like a place to re-visit to be sure!