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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Raggedy Snow Angel and the Holiday Trade

I am making some monthly mini quilts from free graphics on the Primitive Blessings website.  Look under the Free Goods tab and then Graphics.  Several to choose from.  I chose the Raggedy Snow Angels because there is one for each month of the year.  I call them Raggedy Snow Angels because they have wings, sort of a snowman shape body and a prim Raggedy Ann head shape.  Here is Janauary.
And here is what the graphic looks like.
I had a Honey and Me snowman print fabric that I used for the wings.  Every piece of fabric I used is from stash.  Stay tuned for more as I find time to stitch them.

Back in December, my little quilt group exchanged small quilts.  I was unable to attend.  My friend Kenyan had my name so she mailed the wall quilt to me.  The only requirement was that it have at least one word.  Here is what she made me.  It says "Im a Quiltaholic!".  I would say she knows me very well.  These are the kind of colors Kenyan uses in her quilts and I love it.  Thank you, Kenyan.
If you missed seeing the one I made, check back here to my December post.  It was for our friend Rosy.

I am heading to the kitchen to to eat supper.


  1. I love the mini you received Karen. So sorry that you were feeling well enough on the day of the exchange.

    i did see the gift you made earlier.

    Happy 2014!

  2. The quiltaholic mini is precious. What a talented quilter!

  3. I like how you did the angel, really nice idea for each month. I never got a chance to use my new christmas fabrics so I put them all in a box so I can go through them and decide what project to use what in.

    What a fun piece to get and perfect for you.


  4. Excellent replica of the snow angel. I look forward to seeing your creation for each month.
    That is a great little swap quilt. Who among us can't relate? : )

  5. I love your Quiltaholic, specially her rhinestone glasses!

  6. Very clever, Karen, using the graphics for prim applique!!!

  7. Cute, cute, cute!!! I love the Primitive Gatherings patterns - just haven't made one yet!! Maybe this year. Love the the little heart quilt from your last post!!! So SWEET!!!!

    Blessings and hugs!

  8. Està molt be fer un mini quilt per cada mes. Potser divertit.
    T'agafo la idea !!!
    Petons i bona setmana

  9. Your Raggedy Snow Angel is adorable! Love your fabric choices, and the little snow man head just sets it off perfectly...CUTE!

  10. YOu know I am in love with angels at this juncture of my life...yours is just wonderful!! Thank you for the link too!

  11. Sweet angel. You even captured the wonderful little button on the jacket.
    Looks like it was a fun little quilt exchange.

  12. The snow angel is so cute!Tiffany is very generous with her artwork and loves to see what others make with them.

  13. She is so cute. The snowman wool button is such a nice touch. Love the mini you received.
    Happy sewing.

  14. What a great quilt you received from your friend.
    I love the angel quilt. THat's going to be a great series for the year xx