This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eagle Quilts

I have many eagle designs in my library of quilt books and patterns.  I did not realize how many until I decided to join in with a group in creating an eagle quilt in the coming year.  I decided to start with Barbara Brackman's eagle design.
You can see a better picture of the design here.  The blocks are large.  Thirty-six inches and that makes a lot to hold while doing needle turn applique.  But I love the design.  Here are some fabrics I am auditioning.

Also, I am participating with Lori of Humble Quilts in a sew-along using Jan Patek's flag quilt in the book "Flags of the American Revolution".
I do not want to peel the freezer paper off the eagle I have cut out but you can see the fabric in the arc laying above the eagle's head.

I also would like to make a Lori Smith pattern that features an eagle in the center.  It is a beauty!  And I can dream!

Here is a link to Lori's pattern if you are interested.  I can't find Barbara Brackman's pattern online anywhere for sale.

I love a quilt with an eagle.


  1. They all look very ambitious to me!
    That Lori Smith pattern is especially challenging looking, but so beautiful!

  2. Oh boy--that is a challenge! I love LS's patterns--I just sent for a Medallion pattern--and am hoping to make it my applique project for this Winter. I am not such a good appliquer--but I like the freezer paper/starch over method...did that on my batik butterflies which are getting restless--I can hear them humming around in mycloset waiting to be let out and done whenever I open my fabric closet..lol--hugs, Julierose

  3. So many great ideas. Jump in and have fun!

  4. One of my favorite blocks. I have two other applique eagles that I've made and are just blocks. Finished my Patek one last night.

  5. I want to at least do an applique block featuring an eagle but haven't done much about it yet. I think I found a pattern, now to come up with some fabrics.