This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

March Banner

The March banner is done.  Nothing about the design has anything to do with the month of March but I do like the Ball jar.  A Buttermilk Basin design.

If you are participating in the Old Voices New Impressions sew-along, how are you doing?  Goal is four blocks a month with showing what you have accomplished at the end of each month.  More or less blocks is fine.  It is not a race.  I came across another much more reasonable price for a copy of the book.  It is on E-Bay and listed with four other books for $12.95 plus $5.00 shipping.  The main picture does not show the book, so it is hard to recognize that one of the books is this one.  Here is the link.  It appears that someone has purchased the books as the listing has ended.

I have enlarged the block designs and am making the quilt on the back cover of the book.  Here are the fabrics I have chosen for sashing and borders.  I like the pink used on the quilt shown on the back cover of the book but have used pink in two other good size quilts.  I want something different this time.

Here is a picture from the back of the quilt book of the version I intend to make.

I am feeling better but not completely well.  But I do feel like sewing.  I am doing some hand quilting today.  I hope you find time for some kind of sewing too.


  1. March's banner is fun--I like the jar, too.
    I like the color of those fabrics. That will be very nice. What a pretty quilt!

  2. Another wonderful block and i am glad you are feeling better.


  3. bloque de marzo es bonito!!!
    las telas que as elegido para nuevo proyecto me gusta
    es diferente a todo lo que normalmente utilizo, sera un edredón precioso

  4. The March banner is one of my favorites! July is a good one too. Happy quilting.

  5. I love that March banner!! Really cute. The fabrics you picked out are really nice...that's an amazing quilt.

  6. You are moving right along on the Buttermilk Basin banners. I like the Ball jar on the March banner.

    I'm not participating in this sew along but I like the fabrics you are using.

  7. Oh I love that banner - what a fun fun one!

  8. Glad you are feeling better.
    I like the fabric you are using for your sashing in Old Voices New Impressions.
    I am joining in and am glad we are only posting once a month.

  9. Your March Banner looks wonderful!
    Happy to hear you are beginning to feel better!

  10. How fun a banner, nice job. Yourquiltwill be beautiful, love the fabric choices

  11. I love your March banner-the Ball jar is so cute with quilting supplies. I can't wait to see your "Old Voices, New Impressions" quilt! It's going to be spectacular!

  12. I love the Ball jar, too. I've been searching for my Old Voices, New Impressions book, but so far, it's still missing somewhere in my room.

  13. Love the banner and the fabric you are using for the sashing and border of OV!

  14. Love your fabric and that you r feeling better!!

  15. Glad you are feeling good enough to sew. Looking forward to your Old Voices blocks.