This is the first block from the pattern "The Milkmaid's Album" which was designed by Betty Alderman. Out of print pattern.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shenandoah Update Plus More

I am late posting my block for the Shenandoah Botanical quilt even though it has been done for a couple weeks.  This block is titled "King's Crown".  It has been a year since the sew-along started.  I have not counted how many blocks are left to stitch but still several to go.

The next block is pretty far along in the stitching process but I am not happy with it.  Looks much too busy.  I have to re-think the block as to how to correct the problem.

Another "Beyond the Cherry Trees" block is done.  It has a busy look but I can go with the flow on this one.

I recently purchased a regular foot pedal for using with my Singer Featherweight machines (I have three).  I don't care for the pedals that come with the machines.  Just a square button to push on and it hurts my toes after a while.  This is a blurry picture but you can see the standard pedal that comes with the machines.

And here is the new pedal.  Much easier on my foot.

I have step one done of Lori's Madder mystery quilt sew-along.  Madder is a rusty sort of color and popular during the Civil War.

That's all for today.


  1. Your botanical block is beautiful as always, I love your color combination for these!
    This Beyond the Cherry Tree block is Gorgeous! The fabrics and colors are wonderful - love that little bit of Orange you are using too.

  2. Where did you find the new peddle?

  3. Beautiful blocks! Where did you get the new pedal? I recently began using my Featherweight, and I do NOT like the original pedal.

  4. That is a lot!!
    Two very different blocks, but each one a beauty.
    I usually sew barefoot, but on my featherweight I keep my shoes on so that the pedal isn't so hard to operate. Your option looks even better. :)
    I am at the same spot with Lori's SAL. Trying to cut parts 2 and 3 at the same time and I am getting confused.

  5. Karen tus bloques preciosos!
    me encantan los colores del bloque corona de rey
    mas allá de los cerezos me gusta otro bloque fantástico
    de maquinas ne se nada apenas utilizo.

  6. Your blocks are looking great. I love the Halloween piece, too.
    I bought one of those foot pedals and love it. Using a toe to run the FW is ridiculous!! You have 3?? LUCKY!

  7. More wonderful blocks, you do a lot of beautiful appliqué.
    My pedal is thinner and slanted so that my foot falls off, I like the old fat ones.


  8. Another beautiful flower for your garden and the applique cherry tree block is complicated but doesn't look busy. I like the bit of cheddar you've added.

  9. Very pretty blocks. You always choose the best fabrics & colors :)

  10. dear karen, i love your new blocks, very beautiful,susi

  11. Hello Karen ! The dark background makes your appliqué beautiful !
    Two wonderful new blocks in this post !
    The QAL of Lori is a success and of course, i'm in too ! :)

  12. As always, I love your appliqué blocks! I'm looking forward to seeing them all assembled into a quilt!

    Aren't Lori's SAL fun! I'm ready for the next step!

    Blessings and hugs!

  13. Your blocks are beautiful. Tell me where did you get the pedal for your featherweight? I have a couple machines and agree the original pedal is hard to use. Hugs

  14. I also replaced my Featherweight foot pedal and like it SO much better! Much easier to use. I also replaced the lightbulb (mine never seated correctly and was always going on and off) with an LED bulb. Makes sewing with Pearl so much nicer.

  15. What a fun block! I always thought that cherry tree block was funny looking. It makes me smile.

  16. Your applique blocks are looking wonderful! I am so tempted to do Lori's sew along, but just can't squeeze it in--it looks like you have a nice selection of madders!

  17. I have always thought BTCT has the most unusual blocks and this one is one of my favorites. Beautiful work:)

  18. I love this Beyond the Cherry Tree block! And the botanical is one of my favorites of the grouping.

  19. I love this Beyond the Cherry Tree block! And the botanical is one of my favorites of the grouping.

  20. love that chocolate background.
    great header wool piece too

  21. Your blocks are lovely. I always admire applique.

  22. Great blocks.
    I bought some accessories for my featherweights too. The foot pedal, an extension table and a 1/4" foot.