The quilt in the header is made from a Cheri Payne pattern.
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Saturday, September 25, 2010


The winner of the "GO" was announced in the previous post.

I have been trying to finish up some projects and quilt tops.  Making some progress that I want to share with you.
I completed "A Warm Welcome".  I really like the combination of the house blocks with the pineapple blocks.  A Jo Morton fabric was used for the border.  The pattern is from the book "Folk-Art Favorites" by Joined at the Hip.  Thank you, Mary, for the gift of this wonderful book.  It is chock full of quilts and projects I would love to make.

I completed the star quilt top.  The last I had shown you, it still needed the borders completed.  I was tired of sewing diamonds and set the quilt aside for a bit.  I decided it was time to finish the top.  There was no one home to help me display the quilt top for a better picture.  I just spread out what I could on the glider on the lanai.

These are the Snap It bags.  They have two pieces of a wide metal measuring tape in the top edges.  When you open the bag, it will snap back closed.  I made the one on the left from my Liberty Garden fabrics.  My friend, Vicky, made the one on the right.  I brought hers home with me to serge the side seams. 
The stitcheries don't show up well on my design wall but here is what I have done so far.  There are three more blocks to embroider.  I am working on #10.  The patterns are from "The Seasons Quilt Collection" by Primitive Stitches.  I had thought I would use the twist and turn method of setting the blocks but wanted to use fabric from my stash.  The polka dot fabric said it wanted to be used and I only had 1/2 yard of it.  So a straight set it is.  I have another green fabric for the outer border that is a bit different than what you normally see in my stash.  More on that later.  I used fabric from my stash for all of these projects I am sharing with you today.

I have more to share with you but I will save it for another post.  I am off to play.  Stop back soon.  I love to have you visit.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I wish I had a better way to photograph quilt tops, etc. rather than spread on the floor. I used to have a photography stand thingamajig that was used to hang backdrops. I used it to hang quilts for photographs. I used it for a while then we moved to a house where I could photograph from a stairway landing way down and ceased using the stand. Then we moved back to Florida and it sat in the garage unused. I finally donated it to a thrift shop. Now that I am doing a blog, I wish I had it back. Not in the budget to buy a new one. They have gone up in price. My husband is off to the hardware store in a few minutes to buy clothesline & pins. We aren't allowed to hang clothes out in our housing development but I figure I can tie the line to the plant hooks that are on the lanai and give that a try just for photographing the quilts.

I started putting fabric away I had on the floor that was pulled out for various reasons. I have previously posted about how I work on a small low table in my sewing room. The reason is because of my back pain. I sit to cut. Thus, I end up with piles of fabric on the floor beside me that I am pulling out of as needed. Things were getting out of hand. New projects floating in my head and more fabric pulled to see if I had what was needed all added to the piles. As I began sorting to begin the putting away process, I found projects that needed attention. I might add, that there are still a couple more on the floor that need some attention to finish the tops up. Here is one project that I just finished yesterday.
The quilt top is from a Jan Patek/Linda Brannock pattern called "Family Gatherings". The majority of the fabric used was from the Moda line of fabric called "Gatherings". At one time I had several pieces of the line but didn't do anything with it. A friend was given a table topper made from the "Gatherings" fabric. I offered her my pieces so she could make something to co-ordinate with her topper and she happily accepted. Then a while later, I wanted to do an applique project that used some of that fabric. I found a few pieces at an on line store and my friend Jeanne donated a little from her stash. Jeanne decided to do some sorting of fabric recently and decided she was done with the left over "Gatherings" she still had in her stash. I noted that the pattern "Family Gatherings" used that line. I still had some in my stash. I combined Jeanne's leftovers with mine, added some other fabric that worked well with it from my shelves and made the quilt top pictured above. The leftovers will be given to someone else for their stash.

Next I used leftovers to piece a backing for the quilt. I free hand drew a big basket similar to the one used in the pattern and added that to a square of fabric. Then I just kept piecing until I got the backing big enough. I think it will add interest to the back.
I then moved onto another project that was laying on the floor. I showed you a house block and a pineapple block in a recent post. I had all the blocks done at that time but had not made the pieced sashings. I made the sashings over the weekend and got the top center assembled. Yesterday evening, I added the borders. The pattern is called "A Warm Welcome" and is from the book "Folk Art Favorites" by Joined at the Hip. The sample in the book used a vintage floral border but I liked the deep red with gold stars that is from a Jo Morton line of fabric. It went well with the gold I used for the pineapples. The pineapple leaves and the diamond shapes on them are made from wool. The pattern calls for buttons within those diamond shapes but that would need to be added after the quilting is done. I have Mary from Quilt Hollow to thank for the gift of the book. This is going to make a good quilt to hang on one of the quilt cabinet doors.

I used only stash for these projects!

I hope to spend some time today on another one of those hidden projects. Most of the fabric that was on the floor is put away or will be shortly. Come back for another visit soon to see what I am working on.