Monday, February 11, 2008


I am back to working on the Winter quilt. I finished the snowman, stocking, holly boughs, three top angels, the hollies berries section. and two Santas. I discovered that the holly boughs block needs red berries, so I can't assemble the top section just yet. The middle section has been joined together. I still need to applique the long tree and ornaments that go on the left side. Just waiting to see how the top two sections measure before I cut background for the tree. Won't be long now until it is all together. Yeah!

I made some more Sisters Choice Blocks for the trade. I have fourteen done with several more cut out waiting.

My pictures are taken with them stuck to my block butler. If you look at close ups, you will see all the threads stuck to it. I like the block butler but every thing sticks to it!

I will be off the computer for two weeks. We are going on a trip to visit family. We will also see our "oldest and dearest" friends as they have family in the same town. We planned our trips so we would be there at the same time. We have known our friends for over 40 years so that makes us all old and dear. We laugh a lot about that.

I will catch you up to date when I return.

Happy blogging until then!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008


Lea asked to see the whole Railroad Crossing quilt so I spread it out on a bed and took a couple pictures. I remembered that I used to own an antique quilt done in this manner. The antique quilt was very, very dirty and in bad shape. I found an antique quilt in a book that was very similar and that is how I came up with the pattern name. The quilt was done in similar colors as to what I used in the reproduction. I kept the antique quilt for a good while and then finally parted with it when we were down sizing. It is hand quilted.

Everyone is either posting Valentine quilts or making one. I found the heart quilt in my big stack, so I guess it will have to be my Valentine quilt. The pattern is called Linen Hearts and I think it is a Country Threads pattern. I no longer have the pattern and for some reason, I missed attaching a label to the quilt. Correct me if I am wrong. I got online & found the fabric that has cute reproduction looking Valentines on it but I do not have time to make one this year.

In my previous post, I have a picture of Jeanne's Snowman quilt. I was not sure who the designer is but have since found out that it is a Whimsical's pattern.

We are having very warm weather. It is supposed to be 84 degrees today. My husband is out doing yard work for the second time this year. In Florida, it's a year round thing that needs to be done.

Nothing new and exciting to report, so I'll get back to my sewing room.

Have a great day!


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