Tuesday, April 1, 2008


As promised, here are more quilts from the cabinets. The first quilt was inspired by a quilt made by Harriet Hargrave. Hers has nine patches and I chose the Friendship Star. I saw a picture of her quilt in a magazine ad at one time. Now you can see it in the book "The Art of Classic Quiltmaking" by Harriet Hargrave and Sharyn Craig. There is no pattern given. I drafted my own. Harriet was inspired by an antique quilt top she has in her collection. I like to use flying geese blocks in my quilts. My quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted in 1999.
Many of you know that I collect chicken items. I want to share with you two chicken quilts. Well, one is still just a top. The red, black, and white one was created from a variety of block patterns or drawings that I did. The chickens are fused and hand button hole stitched. I like the background fabric that I chose. It looks like old time advertising. I machine quilted this one. It was finished in 2002.

The chicken top consists of blocks that were made by several people including myself. I received blocks as a going away gift from guild friends, as birthday blocks, and chicken block trades via the mail. I had many more blocks than are in this quilt top. The setting for the blocks was inspired by a quilt pictured in "Smashing Sets" by Margaret Miller. There was no "map" to go by, just the quilt picture. There used to be a chicken swap group on the internet. I participated a couple times and that was fun. I don't think there has been any activity in that trade group in quite some time since.

The last quilt is a big one. It is called "Oh My Stars". Again those flying geese! The quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted. I used many different fabrics in it. I think it makes a great scrap quilt pattern. The pattern came from an American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. I made the quilt in 1999. I was living in South Carolina at the time. Two friends from Florida came to visit for a week. I had cut out a large amount of blocks for each of them before they came. I told them ahead of time that we would be sewing. They were to bring some fabric of their own but, other than telling them that the quilt would have a "country" flavor, the project would be a mystery. I cut out the rest of their pieces after they arrived. What a great week we had visiting, sewing, eating out, laughing, etc. My friend Karen was one of the visitors. I think she surprised herself as much as the rest of us as to how much she accomplished on the block sewing during that week. I am a slave driver!

Today my daughter and kids came for a visit. They live about 65 miles away which is not all that far but we don't get to see a lot of them. My daughter is a nurse. She works every weekend, working two 16 hour shifts. She is off during the week so that she can be there to get kids ready for school and be there when they get home. The kids are at school during the week, so it doesn't work out much where we get to see them. Our daughter also keeps a 2 1/2 year old little girl in the mornings, so she can't take off and come over here. Things clicked today as the little girl left early and it is spring break for the grandchildren. They came over and initiated the pool for the first time this season. The pool was 74 degrees today....too cool for me but kids don't care.

I finished hand quilting the "Poppy Ladies" quilt. I need to do the binding and then I will post a finished picture of it.

Glad you stopped by for a visit.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Karen! You really get a lot done girl! I love the chickens. Very cute. And I think my favorite of all is the scrappy one in the last picture.

Ahh.... 74 degree pool.... 36 degrees here today... hmmm....where would I rather be?? Lol

antique quilter said...

oh more beautiful quilts can't decide if I like the first one or last one the best!
the first chicken one is wonderful
I collect roosters too!

MARCIE said...

Love that pink one with the geese! I have Harriet's book & it is one of my faves. Have fun with your family! Our girls went into the bay, but not for long!

Ginger Patches said...

Sooo beaufiful!! Love the top and bottom ones...wow!!

Mar said...

omy they are all my favorites, I wouldn't be able to choose! Love the pineapple plaid and the stars. Fabulous!

Anne Heidi said...

Karen, those are just lovely quilts. Love the chicken quilts! That pool doesn't sound bad- we still have lots of snow here in Norway. I am looking forward to our Space Coast vacation this summer, so it is wonderful to hear the pools are warming up LOL.

Carol said...

Another wonderful quilt show...I so love that star quilt with the geese border. Andy says he'll be in our pool this weekend. Our's was 74 yesterday...way too cold for me.

KC Quilter said...

I am so enjoying your quilt show---keep 'em coming! You have been a busy, busy girl over the years!!!

Jeanne said...

Love the chicken quilts! The stars quilt is a favorite of mine. Can't go wrong with scrappy quilts.

Cris said...

I like this quilt it is very beautiful, great work!