Monday, May 19, 2008


Well, maybe he hasn't really lost his head but it looks that way. I am working on a Bonnet Girl block and have not finished the little boy. Some of my quilting friends, including myself, are working on a joint Bonnet Girl quilt. I selected the block called "Karen" because that's my name. It looks like a Fourth of July block. The boy will be holding a flag. He needs his hands & feet appliqued down yet and he gets a straw hat instead of a real head. I sure will be glad to get the block done. This style of applique is not my cup of tea. If you are not familiar with the method, you are supposed to turn under the edges and visably embroider down the edges.

My friend, Karen from Houston (another Karen, huh!), has been visiting for a couple days. If you come to stay at my house, you are going to have to make a wool pincushion. Karen was happy to oblige. In fact, she chose to make a second one. She is holding the finished pincushion in the picture below.
I want to share with you the framed crazy quilt piece that Karen made for me a few years ago. She used a design from a Piecemaker's Calendar. Those designs always involve a lot of embroidery which Karen is very good at doing. We both bought the calendars but I knew I would never make any of the blocks. She surprised me with the fall block. The workmanship is wonderful. It sits on the mantle above the fireplace. Karen asked me to take a picture of it with her to the side so she can forward it to her new friends in Texas. She is part of a crazy quilt group. Crazy quilting is her specialty. Aren't I lucky to have received such a beautiful gift!

I had a tote bag out that I made a couple years ago, so I thought I would share a photo of it also. It was from one of the Australian patchwork magazines. I am sorry that I do not know who the designer is. The bag is big enough to carry a fair sized cutting board in but mostly I use it to tote a new quilt in for Shown n' Tell.
That's all for now. I need to make sure my guest is stitching away. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.



StitchinByTheLake said...

Karen you're Sunbonnet Sue block is going to be darling. And I love you're wallhanging that your friend made. Gifts from friends are ultimate prizes!

liz said...

Hi Karen,
Your headless boy looks funny.
It will be a lovely block when finished I'm sure.
Thanks for sharing all the lovely quilts in your quilt cabinet show. They are all very beautiful. You have made so many.
Kind regards from Liz

Darlene said...

Well, I guess I can't go visit - sigh! I'm allergic to wool so I wouldn't be able to make a pin cushion. Sigh!

Wonderful gift from your friend, Karen. I hope you enjoy her visit.

Carol said...

Karen's crazy quilting is AMAZING! Tell her Hi for me please. Love that tote bag!

Marilyn R said...

Wow! Karen's Crazy Quilt block is fantastic! When I saw the title of you post I thought huh? Your block looks great! Can't wait to see him with his head on! *G*

Ginger Patches said...

Looks like you two are having lots of fun! That is one beautiful block wow! She does great work.

Your headless boy is too funny :)

Libby said...

Poor little boy . . . hope he finds his head soon *s*

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Karen, now I want to visit you and make a pincushion :o).

Your block is turning out really nice! Again, such beautiful work. You are amazing!

And your tote is so pretty. I carry around a giant bag given away as a gift when I bought some fancy cosmetics, lol. This girl really needs to branch out!

Anne Heidi said...

Oh that poor boy, I am sure he'll be a happy camper once his head, or should I say Hat is on :) It is a lovely block! Looks like your friend Karen is having fun making pincushions, you guys are just on a roll!

Marcie said...

How fun to have a friend come to visit. Esp when you both like to do such fun things-like make pin cushions! My kinda fun!

Anonymous said...


I just love your sense of humour!
A poor little boy! hope he will find his head/hat soon! and I just noticed the littel puppy sticking its head out of mom's skirt. it is so cute!!
It is nice to have friends to visit you sharing fun hobby. I like "Karen's" pincushon too.
I like the color combo of your tote bag. It looks so useful.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Looks like mom wacked his head off with her flower!