Thursday, September 11, 2008


Just to let you know, I will be out of pocket for a week. It is vacation time. I will answer your comments and e-mails when I return.

To update you a bit, I switched from project one to the repro quilt project I showed in my last post. The general consensus was that everyone who left a comment seemed to prefer the reproduction quilt. In checking the project storage box that all the pieces are in, I found that I had quite a few more blocks already made up. I spent a lot of time yesterday sewing additional blocks. I think I need to make less than 40 more. I found that the medallion center is all made & ready to go into the quilt. Hopefully, I can get that done in short time when we are back home. Also, I finished making the eighteeen blocks I needed for the two identical quilts that are now set aside. A woman is allowed to change her mind!

I spent a little time today preparing more of the "Nice People, Nice Things" blocks for embroidery. Those will go on vacation with me along with three other hand stitching projects. I can switch back and forth between them if I get bored.

My Bernina was dropped off today for servicing while we are on vacation. She will be ready & able to work when we get back. I give her quite a workout!

Thought you might be interested in another project that I started about 10 days ago. I purchased a set of "recipe cards" from Laundry Basket Quilts. The set is called "Sugar Baskets". There are 12 block recipe cards. All the cards do is give you cutting measurements. I would not recommend the cards for a beginning quilter as they do not give you piecing directions. An advanced quilter would not need the cards. I thought that the set might give you layout suggestions. There are a couple quilts pictured on the website as samples of what you can do. The set is nothing but the cutting directions. Anyhow, I had a layer cake of Moda's Hemming House fabrics and a few 1/2 yard pieces extra. I ended up making 28 blocks and could still make more. The picture is a sampling of some of the blocks. My intentions are to set them in probably four rows with a strip of one of the black background prints from that line between in row and for the borders. In other words, a strippy quilt. Laundry Basket quilts has some beautiful applique patterns which I purchased a while back but I have not done anything with them.

I had better get busy doing some packing. Thanks for stopping by.