Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What do you do when you make twelve more log cabin house blocks than you need to make a quilt? Make another! So, Jeanne W., who has drooled over Lynda's quilt for so long, come on down! Choose what's behind door number one............

Or choose what is behind door number two............

The two quilt tops are not identical but are close to identical. I had fun selecting the fabrics for the logs in the cabins but oh so much sewing to get those little strips together. I think I may add another border to mine to finish it off.
So, Jeanne W., make your selection!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yes, I am alive and doing better. Thanks for all the kind thoughts and e-mails both about my brother-in-law's passing and about my back and leg pain. The pain is not gone but is getting better daily. I am scheduled for a series of nerve blocks and hope that helps. I am going to physical therapy. I am not to the exercise part yet. Right now it is heat/stimulus treatments and massage. I am getting around better but still can't stand long without leg pain.
Last Saturday, I attended a Halloween luncheon at my friend's home. Two other ladies joined us for stitching and a wonderful lunch. Susan has the most wonderful primitive style Halloween decorations. There is so much that it is hard to take it all in. She had a really nice fall quilt on the wall behind the dining table but I did not get a good picture of it.

Here is a picture of the table all set for lunch. Susan has Debbie Mumm Halloween dishes. (She also has Thanksgiving silverware).

Aren't the napkin rings cute as can be? And so are the cloth napkins.

The fireplace is decorated with several things. For some reason the lower things blurred in the photo. I wanted you to see the pillow she had made but it is one of the blurry things.

She has a table runner draped across a sofa along with a Halloween pillow or two.

The wool hanging is from a pattern called "Gourdy & Me", if I remember correctly. I just ordered a pattern for myself. Too late to make it for this Halloween but maybe next.

Susan hung a quilt on the shower rod. This is not a shower that they use but with a plastic liner behind the quilt, it could be.

Even the table covering is embroidered with Halloween sayings and pumpkins. Susan purchased this already made up. I want one!

Isn't the elephant a unique decoration? It has a little pumpkin blanket draped across its back. I could have taken lots more pictures of her decorations. So many! And all well done.

Carol (Brown Quilts) was one of the guests. She gave each of a bag of these yummy pretzel/candy things. If you like chocolate, you would like these. I don't know if she has posted a recipe for them or not.

Susan served a pumpkin soup, a delicious apple & greens salad, and a pear cobbler for dessert. She also made a flat bread that was oh so good. It was such a relaxing day getting to visit with friends and stitch on our projects.

And last, a picture of the progress on the log cabin houses quilt. I am working on sashing all the blocks and am almost done with that part of the quilt. Then on to sewing block to block. I am pleased with how it is coming out.

That's all for today. Thanks for stopping by. I know I have not been around to visit all my favorite blogs as of yet. I was having trouble sitting at the computer for any longer period of time. I'll be by to visit you soon.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Look what came in the mail! A cute pumpkin basket from my friend Karen in Texas. It had a bag of candy corn inside of it. I do like candy corn. Libby from "A Simple Girl" showed a picture on her blog recently of candy corn trees! Karen also recycled a Halloween card that I gave her last year by sending it back to me. It is one of those that makes noise. I will have to pass it on to someone else to keep the recycling thing going. Anyhow, thank you my dear friend for the basket & candy.
I am flitting from project to project again. I am working on log cabin blocks that I started last winter. I am determined to get the blocks done before moving on to another unfinished project. All the blocks are pieced. Right now I am working on stitching around the windows and doors to hold them in place. I am doing that on the machine. I hope to have a completed top to show you next time. You will note that the pattern is the same one used for my blog header. Stitching all those rows of strips together gets kind of boring but I did get a nice stack of them made up for the blocks.
I finished the basket quilt for my sister-in-law. It looks pretty much like the one I took to the family reunion auction. I hope she will be pleased with it. My photos aren't the best today. My husband is cleaning floors today and everything is moved around. I did not have much space to take a good picture of the projects.

To update you, I am feeling better than I was but still having back and leg pain. I walk with a limp because of the pain but at least I can get around some. I have to have some medical tests done and will start physical therapy later this week. I can sit in the sewing room and work some. I am thankful for that.

My brother-in-law passed away last night. This is my husband's younger brother. I posted wedding pictures a couple weeks ago that were taken at the Hospice Center where he was staying. His son & fiance got married there so that Brad could participate in the wedding. We are glad that could all take place before things went any further downhill and it will be a special memory for his family.

We are preparing for family to be coming in so I have to cut this short today. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I will be visiting your blogs very soon.


Monday, October 6, 2008


It's October and time to have all those fall quilts out. Today I am posting a picture of a quilt I made in 1996 that I gave the name of "Ghosts in the Attic". The ghosts are Drunkard's Path blocks in an Attic Windows setting. I was inspired by a quilt an older book called "Boo" by Harriet M Wyant. I made some changes to her pattern. I know that I added the cats and the Halloween wording. I can't remember what other changes I made as it was over ten years ago. I would love to find that book again. I have done internet searches several times but have never found it for sale. I think I will do that again today. The designer also has a book entitled "Piece on Earth". I will post a quilt I made from that book during the Christmas holiday season.

The "Ghosts in the Attic" quilt is one of my favorites. I love fall colors and this fits the bill. It is machine pieced and hand quilted. Even though I made it over ten years ago, I don't think it is out of style.
I have not accomplished any sewing since my last post. I was in bed or on the sofa for four days with pain in my hip and leg. I went to the family doctor about the hip and back pain. I could walk that day but slowly. By the next day, walking was very painful. My time in bed was spent sleeping or watching television. I did flip through some pattern books but could not concentrate on much of anything. I have medical appointments coming up this week and later in the month. Hopefully things will get figured out and I will be able to get back to my sewing. I am able to sit fairly well today and think I will try sewing at my machine but not marathon sessions. I did a tiny bit of stitching last night on one of the Nice People, Nice Things embroidery blocks.
My husband was teasing me earlier today. He says I am like the commercial on television with the California cows. I don't know if that is seen nationwide. This is the one where the cows are in a snow covered field and are talking about one of the cows having made a break out and was heading to Hollywood. One asks another when the cow left. I think the answer is "four days ago". Then the camera turns to focus on the other side of the fence and it shows the cow not too far away and walking very slowly into the distance. One of the still fenced in cows says, "Well, she is facing a headwind". I think the ad is for California cheese. I will have to ask Colleen if that ad is seen in Wisconsin. LOL!
I have not been able to sit at the computer much. I have visited a few blogs and will get around to others soon that I like to keep up with. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.