Saturday, November 22, 2008


I spent this past week working on a new quilt top and have just finished it. It is called "Hark". The pattern is from an older Red Wagon book called "Christmas or Not". I am not going to do the applique border as shown in the pattern. I am not sure what a cherry border has to do with angels. The cherry border would have gone in the light part. Instead of using one light background in that section, I used several pieces that were part of the main body of the quilt. I also used many of the reds for the final border rather than one red fabric. I will post a picture of it again after it gets quilted but I don't know when that will be. You have to like plaids to like this quilt!

I also made a Christmas stocking last weekend. If I were to make it again, I would make the pattern a bit wider. By the time the stocking pieces were quilted and everything sewn together, it does not allow for a gift of much width to go in. I am going to do the same thing as Libby from a Simple Girl and make some stockings to be used as gift wrap instead of paper. It is something that can be reused instead of thrown away like paper. And I certainly have plenty of fabric to make stockings from. The stocking pattern is also for the "Christmas or Not" book.

I am working on a secret project. I can't post a picture as it would be a for sure giveaway as to who was going to be receiving it. But it is oh so cute!

I thank all of you for your concern about my back discomfort. The pain is certainly less than it was but not cured either. But I can sew and that makes me happy!

We are experiencing cool weather in Florida. This is a bit early for us. In the past, I have served Thanksgiving dinner out by the pool when we had bunches of company. I think we had rain or some kind of weather problem last year at Thanksgiving time, but that was a first that I can remember not having decent weather for Turkey Day since we moved to Florida. I know eating turkey by the pool does not sound much like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but it works for us.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


No projects finished but progress has been made. I finally finished the applique on the pinwheels with the circles. The blocks need pressed and sewn together. This is certainly a different look fabric wise from what I normally work with. My husband says it looks "rather bland" for me. I am not sure I will be entirely happy with this quilt when finished. The blocks are all stacked now and I am waiting for the sewing area to get cleared enough that I can sew them together. I am cutting from my scrap baskets right now and have little piles every where you look in the sewing room.

Next, I got the Setting Sun blocks done and the sashings on. No border as of yet. I like this quilt top better now that I laid it out on the floor for a photo. The tan fabric in the sashings with the tiny little flowers gives the quilt a busier look than I had intended.

Blogger is not being very cooperative today. Moving the photos to the correct spot is not going the way it should. Guess I will have to go with the way it is.

I finished the basket quilt top. I don't know what I did wrong but one side was certainly longer than the other. I discovered that when I went to do borders. The blocks had all been trimmed to equal size before setting them together. One setting strip was longer than the rest. I did some un-sewing, trimmed it, then sewed things together again and that seemed to work. Guess there was some stretching in the last basket row when I sewed it together. The borders went on fine. I pieced a backing for the quilt. Please excuse the wrinkled back. It certainly needs a good pressing before going any further on this project. My back is bothering me too much right now to place the layers out on the floor for spray basting. I will worry about pressing the backing somewhere along the line.

I had my second nerve block done in my lower back this past Monday. Right now I am uncomfortable so I don't know how much good it is doing. I understand you can have discomfort for a couple days afte the injections. I tried going for a little walk last night to test out whether it had helped. We walked here in the neighborhood. I made it half a block and had to come back home. I do better in the grocery store as I have the cart to lean on. That relieves the pain in the back. I think my walking should just be with a shopping cart. The quilt shops need to have shopping carts for me to push around if they want my business right now. Luckily, I can still shop online just fine!

Libby from a Simple Girl has got me in the mood to make some of those stockings she has been showing on her blog. I ordered a stocking pattern this morning from Primitive Gatherings. She is going to put Christmas gifts in the ones she is making. No paper wrap for her. I wouldn't care if I got a gift or not if I got a nice primitive looking stocking like those! I don't think my grandchildren would feel the same way, though.

Back to my scrap basket fabric cutting. Why is it that the scrap basket never looks any emptier when I get done cutting from it? I am working on a LeMoyne star project. The 12" stars came from my fabric stash but the 6" stars have all come out of the scrap basket. I am using a Judy Martin layout for the quilt but making the LeMoyne stars from another method where you do not have any "Y" seams. They are made from squares and rectangles only. I made a note on the side of the pattern for how many blocks of each size I would need for her layout. There are also some plain blocks in the layout. I made a mistake and thought I needed 56 of the 6" stars when I read my notes. Instead, it was 56 of the plain blocks and 36 of the 6" stars. Since I had cut extra, I decided just to cut some more from the scrap basket and store them for a future sewing project. I will post a photo of project progress next time. I have all the 12" stars made but they are in two sections each. Judy's setting (quilt pattern is called Judy's Star, I think)(correction: the pattern is called Judy's Fancy) requires that the two halves be sewn together when making the rows. Hard to explain unless you see the pattern.

Time for me to get back to the sewing room. Have a great day and thanks for visiting my blog.