Monday, December 7, 2009


The Big "S" is tomorrow. I am having knee replacement surgery. I had my left knee done three years ago. At that time, I was desperate. The knee was so bad that I was on crutches the last couple weeks before surgery. This time I have decided to have the right knee done before it gets to that point. I hope that it makes recuperating go easier and faster. I was going to have the surgery in January but for insurance purposes, doing it this year is a better option. The surgeon is using some new pain relief procedures that he has been having good luck with. He said that he thinks I will be pleasantly surprised at the reduced pain this time and that I should recuperate faster. That remains to be seen. I was off work three months with the first knee. This time I am retired so I don't have work to think about going back to. I spent two weeks at a rehab center having physical therapy with the first surgery. More than likely I will be coming home this time.

I have run out of time to do any more preparations for Christmas. The shopping is done but no baking. I will miss the nut roll I make every year but I can make some later on. I have most of the Christmas quilts out on display. I bought a set of three of those skinny prim style looking trees and that will be about the extent of decorating.

I will not be able to quilt my new Christmas quilt or make any more gifts for friends. But there is always next year.

I am showing pictures of four quilts that are on display. If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you have seen them before.
The prim style manger scene was completed last year. The pattern name is "Nativity" and is from the Red Wagon book called "Christmas or Not".
There are two quilts on the ladder rack that I like to display at Christmas time though they could easily be out any time. The lower one uses a block called "Prairie Queen". The angels are fussy cut from a Brannock & Patek fabric. I made it several years ago. The top quilt is called "Lone Cabin" and you can see the full quilt & read about it here. The pattern is by Gerry Kimmel from a Red Wagon book.
The wide angel quilt with the partridges on a vine is also from a Red Wagon design. This one would be hard to hang on a wall but does well on the back of the sofa.

I was looking back at posts from last December and it reminds me of a couple more quilts that I should put out. Think I will do that in a few minutes.

I don't know when I will be able to post again. When I had the first knee surgery, I could not sit without pain for a few weeks. My leg was like one gigantic pulled muscle. Sitting made the pain worse. I am so hoping that doesn't happen this time. If I can sit long enough to compose a post, I will be back next week. If not, you know I will do it when I can.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello to all stopping by for a visit! I received a surprise package at my front door from Colleen. She had e-mailed to tell me to watch my mailbox for a package. I was not home when the mailman came so he left the package at our front door instead of trying to cram it in the mailbox. Thank you mailman! The package was kind of flat and had a box inside. I had no idea what to expect. Inside was this Moda Bake Shop Sampler. I have never seen one before.
Inside are 480 2 1/2" charm squares of different lines of Moda fabrics. My favorite stack is "Garden Party" by Blackbird Designs, "Butterfly Garden" by Kansas Troubles, "Martinique" by 3Sisters, and on and on.
It's like a box of chocolates. You have to stick your finger in the middle to find out what's in the center. Not the best shot of my arm. Trying to hold the camera and take a picture of my hand is not the easiest. I can see some fun in the future playing with these packs of fabrics. Thank you Colleen. We have been buddies right from the start of my first blog post. We both like prim style. I have a feeling that if I loosen the bands on the stacks and start playing, the pieces will never fit back into this box.
I am in the process of working on another three segments of a Christmas quilt. Here are some parts. I need to do the machine stitching on the blocks. I have another applique block to create maybe today and some pieced blocks. I don't know how many more parts there are to go. It is sort of like chapters in a book and I am just doing them as they come.

I made the stars that are the November blocks for Vicksburg which is a free block of the month by Dawn at Linen Closet Quilts. This month we were to make four stars. I don't know exactly how everything will be set in the final piece but I put them on the design wall the best way I could photograph.
I was asked to lay out my blocks for "Land of the Free" for a picture. It is a good thing I did as I find that I am missing a block. One of the blocks is repeated. Guess I should have read the directions. I just made one so I will have to get back into the sewing room and prep another. These are fused and will be machine stitched around the raw edges. Lots of stitching to do. I treated the center block as one big block instead of four small ones. The four blocks end up looking like one big block anyhow.
I finished the cross stitching. This piece will be made into something here very soon. I am trying to figure out the girl in the corner. Is she sitting at an old fashioned school desk? What do you see?
I finished making the Old Glory table runner. This is the back side. I used a Declaration of Independence panel on the back.
And here is the front of the runner. This was quick to make. The flag section is pieced, borders added around it and then the eagle panels added to the ends.
There was a shuttle launch on Monday. I tried to get a picture. We were standing in the screened pool area watching over the tree tops. This was our view. The night or close to sunset launches appear more dramatic but still we had a pretty good view in mid afternoon. There was a rocket launch a couple weeks ago. It was cloudy here so we only had a very short view of the rocket going up.
I am about to head to the sewing room to get more done on on-going projects. Come back soon for another visit.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


A week since my last post and I have been busy stitching. I finished this stitchery, added a border, a tiny bit of quilting, binding, and now have a small wall hanging. The pattern for the stitchery is a e-pattern from Chestnut Junction. I found it interesting that it has "Belmont County, Ohio" in the design. My in-laws lived in that county for many years. The designer lives in Ohio near that area. I am not sure if her city is actually in that county but it may be why she chose to incorporate it into the design. I did the stitching all in brown on tea dye muslin. I thought it looked a bit dull, so I chose a brown fabric with a bit of rust color in it and used a rust color binding. The design would have fit an 8"x10" frame but I liked the addition of the fabric border and finished as a small wall quilt.
The next photo is of a paper mache box that I covered with fabric. I followed directions that was found on Blackbird Designs' blog. I lined the inside of the box with paper. The directions said the lid would be a tight fit. Well, it turned out so tight that I have to bend in the box and struggle to get the lid on.

The next photo is a paper mache box I had finished a couple weeks ago. I followed Kaaren's instructions that are in a tutorial on her blog. The lid is too heavy but not because of Kaaren's instructions. My own doing there. I stuffed the pincushion with sand. Normally that would have been fine but not for the box lid. Also, the pincushion did not want to lay down flat close to the edges, so glue shows on the box lid. I want to do another using her instructions and a poly fil for the stuffing. The bird design was from a Jo Morton book.

I know Halloween is over but I forgot to show you this little pillow a friend gave me. It was given to me during the summer and I wanted to wait until October to post the picture. Then I forgot to do it. It is small but has a lot of design on it. I like it very much.
I have been prepping blocks for raw edge stitching for a new quilt. The pattern set is "Land of the Free" by Piece 'O Cake Designs. I have the large center block left to prep. You will be seeing more or this as I progress.
I am also working on a little cross stitch project. I didn't photograph it today but will show it to you soon.

Our weather is still summer-like here. Not as hot as it had been, but still warm.

Enjoy your day and come back for another visit soon.


Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was beginning to think I would not be able to finish my projects for the month that I had committed to doing. In fact, if I had not gone back earlier this past week to review what I said I would try to finish in October, I would not have finished one of the projects. I had completely forgotten about it. Out of sight, out of mind.

I finished the wool on cotton applique and made it into a pillow. I think the design would make a nice applique quilt. The pattern I used is called "Coxcomb Pillow". It was in the November/December 2005 issue of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine. The designer is Julie Larsen of Prairie Star Quilts.
I apologize for the darker pictures of the Great Pumpkin Quilt. I should have used the flash. But you will be seeing more of this quilt in the future. The pattern is by Jeanne Davis of Briar Rose Designs. I could not find a website for the designer. The pattern set is available from several quilt shops.

Next is the quilt I almost forgot about. It is called "Duck, Duck Goose" and is a pattern by Kim Diehl from her Simple Seasons book. I still need to do a final pressing on the quilt. It isn't laying very well in this photo. My pressing station by the sewing machine is small. I have to set up the ironing board to press well and will do that before layering the quilt for machine quilting. I added a row to the main body of the quilt so it would be plenty long enough to cover up with. I purchased the fabrics two years ago. I added in some fabrics from stash. Many of the purchased fabrics were designed by Deb Strain.
Hurray, I finally made the final block for the Christmas quilt! The long block on the left side that has a mitten holding a tree is the only one I needed to make. The quilt had been to that point for several months waiting for that one block. The patterns are by Cheri Saffiote-Payne. I don't see the set on her website. I love this quilt.
I showed "Miss Tessie Twitchett" on a post earlier in October and it is the last project from my goal list.

Now I have to make decisions about what to work on completing in November. Definitely at least one quilt top to be machine quilted. Maybe two. I have plenty to choose from for that. And lots of UFO's that need finishing.

Enjoy your Halloween night. I still need to get candy for the Trick or Treaters!


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Let me introduce you to Miss Tessie Twitchett. She has four dresses with co-ordinating aprons that she is modeling for you. Her collar is the same fabric as her apron. She is patiently awaiting spring, the time when we seem to think more about bunnies and she will get to be on display.
The green border fabric is from the Liberty Garden line of fabric put out by Moda a good while back. I didn't have quite enough left to complete the border using a continuous strip, so I added in a rectangle of the green with cream stars from the same line of fabric. Have to make do sometimes. I tried adding a scrap from the original border fabric. With such a big print, it looked odd, so I like the solution I came up with.
This is the back of the quilt. I used left overs from making the bunnies to piece the stars. And the scraps of the border fabric went in between.

Miss Tessie Twitchett was created from a pattern in "Say It With Flowers" which is a Jan Patek book.

Enjoy your day!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am glad that so many of you enjoyed my last post where I asked if seven yards of fabric was enough for a needle case. My guilt was relieved with so many of you saying you have bought more fabric than needed because you liked a line of fabric so well. And it was on sale. You relieved my guilt so much that I made an online purchase yesterday of two more yards and it wasn't on sale. Now, please don't laugh too hard. About 1/2 hour after I made the purchase, I walked into my sewing room and there laying on the floor by the closet was two yards of the very fabric I had just purchased. I didn't think I had that particular piece in my stash. I need 1 1/3 yard for the project I have planned. Two yards was more than I needed but having a little extra in the stash was okay. Well, now I will have four yards when I only need 1 1/3 yd. Maybe I can incorporate it into the backing. Lesson learned. Check twice, order once. Sort of like that measure twice, cut once thing we learned.

I completed The Circuit Rider quilt top. This is one of my finishes for The Charming Girls's Club, so I will be posting another photo of it later this month for that.
The quilt was being made as a donation for an auction of sorts. Now the need is no longer there, so this will be my quilt. I posted previously that I put in two blocks that were not in the book. One was the cardinal. It is the state bird for Ohio where I was born. The other, I can't remember which one it is. I selected a design from the applique library on Electric Quilt. I did the four rose blocks that are in the corners of the quilt as the original quilt had. There were other repeat blocks and that was why I chose two of my own selection.
I finished the wreath block given to us by Dawn of Linen Closet Quilts. I see I got in the way of the natural light and cast a shadow on the corner of the block. Not a good photo but I am sure you will be seeing this again. This goes along with the eagle block I showed in a post in September.

That's it for today. I have machine quilting waiting for me. Come back soon.


Saturday, October 3, 2009


"Boo" is finished. This is a small project and did not take a lot of time. It was just finding time to do the final finishing work. I like the way the spiders are made. A happy project.
I know the back isn't very interesting but wanted to show you the buttons. I used the witch hat fabric that was used on the front in the border. I decided to attach the two buttons on the back. I have to get to the craft store this weekend. I have been to two Michael's store looking for textile medium and forgot to get some of the magnetic strip stuff. I want the self adhesive kind. I plan on sticking a piece on each button. The quilt is small enough that it will stick to the refrigerator just fine and not get in the way. At first, I tried jute cord with an end tied around each button. That didn't work because the quilt buckled when I held the middle of the cord.
I love fall quilts! It is such fun visiting blogs and seeing all the quilts both for Halloween and fall itself. I know Halloween is not recognized everywhere in the world and it isn't fall in the southern hemisphere. But we sure love it here.

Looking forward to another visit from you soon.


Monday, September 28, 2009


Good-bye old friends. No, not you! I mean the fabrics from my scrap basket that went into the making of this quilt. No much came off the shelves. This is mySeptember finish for the Charming Girls' Quilt Club. The name of the quilt pattern that I used is "Last Rung On the Ladder" and is by Lynda Hall of Primitive Pieces by Lynda. The quilt had been layered and spray basted for at least three months. The top itself had hung in the sewing room closet for months. It was time to finish the project. I just about didn't make it to the finish with vacation this month.
I am showing a photo of the backing. I created a ladder using a wood grain look fabric. I thought it was something that would go with the title of the quilt. The fabric for the backing all came from stash. So no new purchases for any of the quilt.
Now to decide what project I will commit to for October. Have to think about it a bit.

My Bernina is in for service so I am taking the time to cut out for a quilt. Some of the fabric was on the floor of the sewing room so this will get things used and then put away. I have a good Pfaff I could sew on if the mood hits. I just don't feel like getting it out and setting up. I am very grateful to have two good sewing machines so that I have a backup machine. My Bernina was a luxury gift from my husband two years ago. I say luxury because my Pfaff sews very well. And I had an older Bernina for back up at the time and it sewed well. The new Bernina does have some features that I wanted, though.

I am off to the sewing room. Come back soon!


Saturday, September 26, 2009


About the only fall in the air here is in my fall projects I have been working on. It is still very warm and humid in my area of the country. I can say that the night air is not as warm as it had been as the pool water is cooler. That is the only difference I can see. I have been seeing fall photos popping up on the blogs. I would have to post photos of palm trees. Not the same feeling.
I have finished the stitchery that Kaaren from The Painted Quilt gave us a free pattern for. I finished stitching the binding down a few minutes ago.
I want to share a picture of the fabric I used on the back of the stitchery. I thought it was a good choice as it has words on it about fall things. The fabrics has these phrases: Halloween pumpkins, football games, falling leaves, back to school, crisp nights, apple cider, and cool days. Good words for the "Fall Is In the Air" stitchery.

I finished a new quilt top yesterday. I used a pattern called "Jack-O-Lanterns" which is in the book by Teri Christopherson called "Sunflower Patch". The pattern has three mouth selections, three eye choices, and three noses. Gives you lots of variety when you combine them in different ways. I pieced a back for the quilt. I will show that to you when I finish the quilt. It is all nicely folded right now and I don't want to have to refold.
I have finished machine quilting a piece and need to sit and hand stitch down the binding. It is for The Charming Girls Club challenge and I am running out of time. I have an Elton John live concert video to watch while I work on it.

Come back again soon!


Sunday, September 20, 2009


We are back from our week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Well, really we were staying in Cherry Grove and not Myrtle Beach. But you get the picture. We had a great week with the couple we vacation with a few times a year. The weather was good. Somewhat cloudy the last couple days but not rainy. A good thing because we couldn't afford rainy day shopping!

We ate twice at Horst Gasthaus. For years, we couldn't get Judy to agree to eating at this restaurant. We finally got her to agree to trying it three or four years ago. Now we plan ahead for the night we want to go because of the Monday night special. This year, we went two nights in a row. One night for the stuffed pork chops and the next for stuffed cabbage. I think the stuffed cabbage is my new favorite on their menu. It is a charming German style restaurant. Even has a man who plays the accordian. The polka music is fun along with other favorites he plays. The beach vacation is spent at a condo on the beach but we don't cook. Always good seafood to be had and many, many restaurants to choose from. We are there every year when the Shaggers are in town. For those who don't know what a Shagger is, it is a specific kind of dance that is popular in that area of the country. Sort of a slow jitterbug. They have a big gathering and have lots of fun. We stay close to that area.

I visited three quilt shops on the trip. One was Quilters Cottage in Garden City, South Carolina. They have a bright and cheery shop with a good selection of fabric, though I did not find much in the line of reproduction fabrics. Another shop was right in Myrtle Beach. I have forgotten the name. They had lots of dark fabrics and this is where I started shopping for the green, red, & yellow reproduction fabrics I purchased.
Not all of the fabrics in the stack came from that shop. On the way home, I had an opportunity to shop at Olde Green Cupboard in Orange Park, Florida. Always a treat to shop there.
Almost all of the greens in the photo above came from Olde Green Cupboard.
The fat quarters are from Quilters Cottage.
The eagle fabric is for a quilt backing. That & the cheddar piece came from Olde Green Cupboard. The Cupboard was having a 25% of sale on fabric and fat quarters. Made it extra special shopping!
I have a new piece of blue carnival glass to add to my collection. It is a Fenton swan. Below is a new toothpick holder our friends gave to me. It is a pretty orangish red color.
The greens, reds, & yellow reproduction fabrics were purchased with this pattern in mind. It is a Terry Clothier Thompson pattern and is found in the book "The People of the Plains Quilts and Stories". A couple weeks ago, I came across a green plaid fabric similar to what was used for the vases in the patterns. I found it in my stash when I was straightening shelves. I had been saving it specifically for this quilt. Well, I can no longer find it. I had taken some fabrics off the shelves and put them in plastic bags for donation at a local church thrift shop. The only thing I can think of is that my piece got into one of the bags. And the fabric is long gone from the thrift shop. I can't find anything else that I think will work as well. I have searched high & low in the sewing room trying to find it. A substitution will have to be made. I plan on using one of the fabrics I purchased on vacation. A lesson learned to double check a bag before donating it!

Oh, I secretly put the Halloween cat (shown on a previous post) on my friend's porch last night. I don't know if she will figure out it was me that put it there. We did it after dark and just as I got onto her porch, the sprinklers came on. I had to dash back to the car getting wet as I went. I hope that the sprinklers didn't spray all the way up to her door. I figure she either found the cat last night when walking the dogs or this morning.

I did a lot of stitching at the beach but need to put some finishing touches before I post a couple pictures of what I was working on. So keep tuned for that.

Come back for another visit soon!