Friday, March 20, 2009


Say hello to Miss Tessie Twichett. She is one of the bunny blocks for the current quilt I am working on. I have one machine applique block done so I thought I would post it. This is a Jan Patek pattern. I think this will make a nice spring quilt. Not so Easter looking that it can't be out on display for a while. There will be some pieced blocks between the four bunny blocks. I like the name, Miss Tessie Twichett.

Tomorrow is the monthly gathering of the Sew 'n Sews group that I belong to. I am taking supplies to make a felted wool roving pincushions. Should be fun playing in hot soapy water squeezing the roving into shape. Then you put them in a nylon stocking and tie both ends off and squeeze and shape more. Then they go into the dryer. I have all sorts of colors of wool roving for the ladies to choose from. Our hostess has another quick project the ladies can play with. She has the raised design rubber templates & oil crayons for doing design rubbings on fabric. I am not sure that an oil crayon is the proper term but they do look like a fat crayon. I played with them several months ago. It was fun but oh does the paint stink! You have to wash the fabric before you can use it in a project. I hope I can remember to take my camera this time so I will have pictures to post of the festivities.

Nothing much else new to report. I am feeling pretty good but still having trouble with getting to sleep. I am tapering off of a medication that may be the cause of the problem. I sure hope that is the solution.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get plenty of sewing time!