Thursday, April 30, 2009


A short post today to update you on my Trumpet Flower quilt progress. I'm thinking that this is going to be one busy quilt! I am going ahead with it regardless. The nine blocks are all done with the hand applique. The sashings are sewn and everything joined together. I have the pieces sewn together for the border. Now I am making bias for the vine that goes on the border. All the applique pieces are ready. It is more of the trumpet flowers coming off the vine and then leaves. I don't know how long that will take to do. I have missed the hand applique once I finished the nine blocks. I like to watch television or videos while I do the hand stitching. I have another project ready for stitching which I pulled out. I am finding the bias for the flower stems on the new project is just too wide. I don't like tucks in a stem where you make a sharper curve. I think bias that is a bit less wide will work better. So, I worked jigsaw puzzles instead of hand stitching. It took me three days to make the sashings for this top. I just didn't feel like spending a lot of time at the sewing machine. I did sew from about 1 am to 4 am one night when I had trouble sleeping! The top is hanging on my design wall and there are bits of two blocks of another project peeking out from the right side of the photo. Just to let you know that is not part of this project.
Another quilt top from the closet. This is Oak Leaf & Reels. A Fons & Porter design. I hand buttonhole stitched the applique on. I had trouble laying this out on the floor for a photo. My back just isn't co-operating. So, that is the only top from the closet I will show you today. I am going to go ahead and measure this quilt top & make the backing. I basted two tops last night and am on a roll. I have enough of the border fabric for the backing. I was going to use it in another project but I think I need to get this one done instead of loading the fabric back in the closet to store for a project I may never get to.
I am enjoying your comments. There have been some new visitors and that is great. Some have e-mailed instead of putting a comment on the blog. That is fine. I will happily reply either way.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


The closet is beginning to be empty. At least of quilt tops. I am now able to get to other things that need sorting through. If I am not using some of the assorted tools, pencils, etc., I am going to donate them to a thrift shop (one that uses volunteers for workers and uses their funds to help the down and out people). There are craft items that need to go also. I already pulled out a bunch of purse handles and donated those. And wool yarn that can be used for felted purses. I made a couple and my interest has waned in doing more. Who knows what else is in there!

Today, I am showing you quilt tops that I have posted before. I am being fair and posting them as they were in the closet. This way, I will have a record of everything and can keep track of what gets finished, etc.

Many of you previously commented on the Patchwork Garden quilt that was made from a Jan Patek pattern. I really like this one and received many very nice comments from the visitors to the blog.
I need to get the log cabin quilt finished soon as it is a favorite of mine.
The basket quilt was fun to make. Many of the baskets were made from a layer cake. I had a few fat quarters I had purchased before the layer cake. Then I purchased enough fabric for the strips and border. The setting triangles was from stash fabric.
The Pokeberry quilt is also a Jan Patek pattern. Lots and lots of berries on this one.
This is a quilt made from the pattern "Night Flight". Mary, this is the one I e-mailed you about. The photo is a bit fuzzy. I must have moved as I clicked the camera button.

I have the last of the quilt tops pulled out of the closet. One more post should finish them up. Then I guess I will have to do the dreaded count. Stop back for a final look at the contents of the mystery closet.


Friday, April 24, 2009


I know what you are thinking. Is there ever going to be a bottom to the closet?
It is getting close - at least on finished quilt tops. There are UFO projects in there also. Today I am sharing with you this flag quilt. The pattern was in the Quilt Sampler spring/summer 2007 issue. The pattern is called "Raise the Flag" and was a pattern presented by Good Wives Co. in Marion, Ohio. I did the smaller version that pattern tester, Laura Boehnke did. I definitely need to get this finished soon as it is a good time to display patriotic quilts.
The angels are from a pattern I think was Brannock & Patek. I made this a long time ago. I like it very much so I don't know why I haven't taken time to quilt it.

The house quilt top is a lot newer than the last one. Probably made 1 1/2 years ago. I do like house quilts!

The last top today is "Last Rung on the Ladder" by Lynda Hall. I should have made more blocks but it will be a good size to hang on my quilt ladder.
I photographed a finished quilt but I am going to have to display it differently to get a good picture. The reason I wanted to show it to you is that I was looking for it in quilt top form. I do not remember hand quilting it but I did. I don't have a label on the quilt, so I don't know when I did it. I have been thinking that it was unfinished. I was going to have it professionally machine quilted as it is such a big quilt. How can I forget that I actually hand quilted it? I took it out in the yard and spread it out for a picture but it is too shady. Guess it will have to be spread on a bed and a photo taken that way. Just thought you would get a chuckle that I couldn't remember it being finished. It was in a large basket displayed in my living room but with other quilts on top.
Come back for more, if you are enjoying my quilt tops. An old friend told me once that it was okay to have a quilt top collection because they take up less room than finished quilts. Guess I decided that was a good idea.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


No, I am not done showing you the tops in the closet. I still have a few you haven't seen before but I am coming to ones that I have posted when I finished sewing the top. The first photo is the angel quilt which I did show you a few months ago. It needs backing made and quilting done.
The second photo is of a quilt made with reproduction fabrics. This one was fun to make. I like the border stripe fabric I chose for the sashings between the blocks. It was better sewing the blocks together with sashings than having multiple seams meeting and making lumps that are hard to press flat.
The third quilt top is a street scene. This thing is pretty stiff. Definitely a wall type quilt.

The last picture is a wool applique project. I was thinking of making a pillow with it. Problem is that it is not a standard size. I would have to make the pillow. I can do that but just haven't taken the time. I used cottons for the base fabric on this. Also, the flag is made from a cotton stripe.

I know you all are thinking that I have a riduculous number of quilt tops that need something done with them. I 100% agree. One top is on its way to a new home and I have one that I am definitely donating to a charity as I know I will never finish it. I keep thinking that, if I were to finish all these quilt projects, what am I going to do with them?? I already have quite a pile of finished quilts from over the years. I have the need to create so I don't think I will get out of the quilting fever any time soon. I have some decisions to make about some of the quilt tops before putting them back on hangers in the closet.
I think I will photograph any quilt tops left that I haven't posted before and maybe skip those that I have. Unless there is a big cry out for seeing them again. I will definitely post them again when they are finished or at least when I am working on them. I have several UFO projects that aren't to a quilt top state yet. The list just goes on and on!
I purchased some one inch hexagon papers that arrived today. I am thinking I may have made a mistake. I already have 1/2 inch ones. The one inch look so big. Maybe I needed 3/4" papers. I am not starting on the project for quite some time. Have to think about this.
Thanks for stopping by for a look!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here I am again. Back with more goodies from the closet. And I am not done getting them out and taking photos for the blog. My back can only take so much leaning over at one time. I have decided not to put the tops back into the closet until I am sure that I have backing prepared or at least fabric available and set aside for it. Or some kind of plan. One quilt top found a new home. That was the pink & brown triple nine patch which was shown in the first closet post (or at least I think it was the first). I need to find new homes for a couple more!
The first top is done with Civil War reproduction fabrics. I used a pattern by Fons & Porter to make these blocks for the quilt top.
The second photo is of a quilt also done in Civil War reproduction fabrics. The pattern was designed by Barbara Brackman. I like the quilts with the strips.

This top is from a Thimbleberries pattern. I put it together quite some time ago. House quilts are always high on my list.

I wish I had more of the border stripe I used in making this quilt top at the time I was doing it. I made the top as long as I could with what I had available. It isn't long enough for a bed. Would make a nice quilt tossed on a sofa at Christmas time because of all the reds & greens. Lots of flying geese units in this top!

My friend Jeanne & I cut out pieces for each of us one of these quilts. Hers is long done. I think I set it aside because I noticed that one of the basket blocks was facing the wrong direction. I need to take it out and put it back in correctly.

The star quilt is from a pattern called Cranbrook Christmas by Lynda Hall of The pattern was published in a magazine a couple years ago but I forget which one at the moment.
I spent some time working on the Trumpet Flowers applique blocks a bit ago. I am on number 8 of 9 blocks for the center part of the quilt. I thought I had lost a block. I looked for it at least three different times feeling sure I had prepared the correct amount. I finally decided I had either misplaced the block forever or possibly had prepared 8 instead of 9 blocks. I had plenty of fabric available to create another block. I reached for something in the basket I have the blocks , fabrics, etc. in and there was that block neatly folded. I looked in that basket each time my search was going. I think a gremlin came out from the mystery closet and hid that block from me! Remember the saying that you always find something you are looking for in the last place you look? Why can't we look in that last place first.
I also have started the machine stitching on the Liberty Garden quilt blocks. That seems to be going rather quickly. I went out thread shopping yesterday as I was running low on a few colors. Now I am replenished and ready to go.
I used a 50% of coupon for Jo-Ann's yesterday for some bamboo batting by the yard. I have never used it before but thought I would try being a little "earth friendly" and give it a whirl. Darlene of says she has used the bamboo batting and likes it. It still amazes me that bamboo is used for flooring.
I recently found a "Baby Alive" doll at a thrift store for about $3.00. It was in nice shape, still talked when you pushed the bracelet button, etc. I thought I would send it to my great grand-daughter who is 4 years old. Little did I know that my $3.00 purchase would start adding up. I showed my 10 year old grand-daughter the doll and she says she had wanted one for a couple years. Never mind that she doesn't much play with dolls. When she brought it up a second time on her birthday, I decided I had better find another one. I purchased a "gently used" Baby Alive on E-Bay and it should be delivered this week. It comes with some clothes and other items. The doll wears disposable diapers because it not only drinks but eats some kind of food. Needless to say, it will be doing #1 and #2 to put it politely and will need more diapers. I bid on 18 of the disposable diapers and those will also be sent to her. The great grand-daughter needed clothes and accessories and diapers for hers also. So another E-Bay purchase. That original $3 purchase has greatly increased. But grandmas are supposed to do those things. I think I need to purchase some flannel and make cloth diapers for these things. I think these little bitty disposable diapers cost more than new born diapers for a real baby!
I enjoy reading your comments. The closet isn't empty yet, so come back for more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


More quilt tops from the closet as promised. I think I need to take them all out at once and then start hanging the quilts back in that have backing prepared. I have made a couple backings since I started pulling the tops out. I just don't want a big mess however I decide to organize these.

The first top is a wonky log cabin block quilt. I did this with just some verbal instructions that someone gave me. I like earth tones, so you will see those color combos a lot in my quilts.

The second quilt top is wall hanging size. I am sorry that I don't remember anything about the pattern at the moment. I think the reason I never finished this was that I satin stitched the appliques on. I wish I had used another technique. Still, I need to go ahead and quilt this.
The third top I am showing today is Missouri Star by T. Atkinson. I can't remember if it was supposed to have a border but I think I should add one. Have to think about it some and then decide.

The next two quilt photos were taken this past Saturday at the Sew 'n Sews group get-together. The first one is a top that Jean showed. She had shown the inner part of the quilt top previously. The quilt top had been started by a dear friend of hers whom has since passed away. The top was done in solid colors in the Amish style. Jean did not have a solid black that matched the black used in the top. She asked for advice. A group member suggested that she use a narrow border of a solid that would look good with what was already used. Then add the black that she had available. The separation would make the two blacks not be side by side and thus not be noticeable that they were not from the same bolt of black fabric.

The last photo is of a quilt that Jean had machine quilted. The top was made by me. It was one that I made and gave away as I just had too many tops waiting for finishing. Jean said she didn't have to do anything but take it to the quilter.

We had another quilt top shown but I did not have my camera out at the time. I am sure I will get a chance to photograph it once it is quilted.
Jean was our hostess for the day. She fixed two meals for us although I don't think she thought she was doing two meals. When we arrived, she had quiche squares, fresh cut up fruit, and blueberry muffins ready for a snack. The quiche & blueberry muffins were oh so good but I could have taken the fresh fruit platter and eaten the whole thing by myself. I like fruit that is all cut up nice & pretty. Then for lunch Jean prepared a hot chicken salad casserole, mashed potatoes with sour cream (I can't remember if she said Swedish or Scottish style), green beans, and more of the fruit. She also served a special recipe of apple dumplings that I have never had before. Served warm with a dab of ice-cream (we were too full for a scoop). She is a wonderful cook!
The group was small Saturday. It was a nice gathering, though. We talked up a storm and stitched and stitched. I worked on my Trumpet Flower applique. Didn't get much done as we were talking, sharing, and eating too much of the time. Next month I think we will be doing a little mini shop hop. The shops will all be new to me so should be fun. You can look at the previous post where I show photos of my clean sewing room and tell I need more fabric. LOL!
Speaking of fabric. I ordered a bundle of Beach House fat quarters by Blackbird Designs. I love the soft muted tones of that fabric line. I have to come up with something to do with them. I will be waiting for the mailman to deliver my box. I haven't received notification of shipment, so I don't think it will arrive before week's end.
My two grand-daughters have birthdays in April. The youngest turned 10 on April 16th. The oldest will be 26 on April 26th. Happy Birthday, girls!
Stay tuned for more quilt tops from the mystery closet!

Friday, April 17, 2009


As promised, I am showing your more mystery contents of the sewing room closet. I am working slowly at getting things out. I am trying to make some quilt backs if determined I haven't already prepared one. I am not getting these tops nice and flat on the floor. It is still hard on me bending over, so I just do the best I can with flipping and using my foot to pull the top into place. Then a quick photograph. I like this one with the pink stars that have a brown background. I do like pink & brown together. Reproduction fabrics were used.
More reproduction fabrics were used in this bow tie quilt top. The bow ties are made with the dimensional knot in the center. I find this block fun to make. A nice strippy quilt top.

This one is a favorite of mine. I do like circle type designs. The quilt top is in teals, pinks, and browns mostly. I made it a while back and just haven't taken the time to quilt it. That is a shame because I really do like it. Again reproduction fabrics were used.

The house quilt top is from a Buggy Barn pattern. One of those that you stack your fabrics & shuffle them as you cut out the different parts. It was hard for me to sew these because they turn out wonky and I am used to trying to get things nice and straight. But that is the fun in the Buggy Barn patterns done this way. I found that fabrics without a lot of color contrast within each piece worked better. In other words, tone on tone prints.

Okay, this is a departure for me. Well not the pattern itself but the bright, bright colors. I found the fabrics at a quilt show in a vendor's booth. They spoke to me but I wasn't sure exactly what to do with them. I think this was a good use. I did the applique by using freezer paper under the fabric and glue stick to turn the edges to the freezer paper. The freezer paper stayed in through a wash that released the glue. I didn't do the best invisible stitching on these but it is passable. This will have to be a gift for someone. By the way, I bought the fabrics about four years ago. A bit slow, huh!
Two of the quilt tops I showed you in the previous post are finding new homes. The green & purple double wedding ring and the pink & brown quilt top. By the way, the name of the pattern for the pink & brown quilt top blocks is called Triple Nine Patch.
There is a lot more to show you yet but that is all for today.
Stop back for a visit.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had several requests to show some of the UFO projects that are in the sewing room closet. I showed the newly cleaned and straightened sewing room in my last post. I also showed photos of the closet in that room that still needs the magic touch. I am starting the process of sorting through things that are in the closet. I need to figure out which quilt tops need backing prepared and which already have it. I only have one quilt batt right now and need to order more. That will probably happen in May.

You asked and I start.

I don't have a big floor space available in the sewing room for spreading out the quilt tops. That is the best room for taking photos at night, so I am spreading out as far as I can. This is a mainly pink and brown quilt made with reproduction fabrics. I have to create a back for this one.

I made a quilt top with Halloween fabrics. This is my own design. It needs a quilt back created.

This quilt top was a mystery quilt that my group, The Sew 'n Sews did a couple years ago. I think everyone else that did the project already has their quilt all done. I was the one who spear headed the mystery and mine still needs quilting. Bad me!

I have taught the Double Wedding Ring pattern a few times. These were class samples and never were quilted. I think I am going to part with the purple and green one with the leaves. I know someone who would probably enjoy having that. The catch will be that the new owner will have to finish it.

This is more my colors! I also made one in purples & greens in a queen size that was purchased by a grandmother for her grand-daughter's wedding gift. I have never made a bed size one for myself. Maybe someday.
It is late so this will have to be all for tonight. More to come. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Good morning to all! It's a cool Florida day today. Will be in the 60's for a day time high. Not what the spring breakers who have come to enjoy the warm sun want to hear. Tomorrow is another cool day and then a warm up into the high 80's by this weekend. Our northern company that is expected later this week is at Disneyworld right now. They have their daughter and grandson with them. I know they were hoping for warmer weather but at least it is sunny today. A big wind started in yesterday and it is still very breezy today.

Yesterday when we went out for our usual Monday lunch at Beef O'Brady's, we saw a big line up of cars along the roadside. We have been watching a swan on a gigantic nest keeping eggs warm for a while. I had researched on the internet to learn that the eggs take 35 days to hatch. It just seemed like it was more days that we had been driving by and seeing the nest along the water than 35. We noticed people on Sunday standing at water's edge and a lady in a lawn chair sitting on the other side of the pond watching the nest. Evidently the eggs were in the process of hatching. We could not see the babies yesterday as we drove by because of the reeds along the water's edge and through all the people standing close by. I am wondering how many babies there are. There are a number of swans in the neighboring areas. About once a day, two swans visit the water behind our home. This is the first year that we have seen any swans on our little lake. They don't stay for long.

I thought I would show you more of the blocks that I have prepared for stitching that go into the "Liberty Garden" quilt.

This is not all of the blocks that I have ready. Just all that I had room to put on the design wall. I finished preparing all of them this past weekend. I have all the parts ready for the border but thought I would wait until I get the inner part of the quilt top put together before doing the final prep for the border. That is just in case I need to adjust something. The eagle pictured below goes into the quilt also.

Also, an update on the hand applique project I am working on. I have not been spending a lot of time on it but do have four blocks completed and a fifth close to being done. The four completed blocks all have the stripe background. Now I have switched to the busier background. I am using one of the Moda Blackbird Designs fabrics for five of the blocks. There are nine blocks total for the main body of the quilt. This is one of the fabrics that looks like a cross stitch sampler. It makes a busier background but I do like the look.

A couple days ago I was putting some fabrics back into the appropriate shelves and the lid on a larger container slid off. Whoops! A UFO project I had forgotten about. It isn't even that old and I had forgotten it. I started working on the applique preparation in the last few months. I don't remember just when. I think I must have put it away just before I had the back surgery. So, last night I got it out and did some more preparation. I want to get some of the fabrics put away instead of being stored in a container. You never know when I might want to use one of them. I just have too many projects going at one time........but I am happy so I guess it is okay!
That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed looking at my parts and pieces. Come back soon for a visit.