Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here I am again. Back with more goodies from the closet. And I am not done getting them out and taking photos for the blog. My back can only take so much leaning over at one time. I have decided not to put the tops back into the closet until I am sure that I have backing prepared or at least fabric available and set aside for it. Or some kind of plan. One quilt top found a new home. That was the pink & brown triple nine patch which was shown in the first closet post (or at least I think it was the first). I need to find new homes for a couple more!
The first top is done with Civil War reproduction fabrics. I used a pattern by Fons & Porter to make these blocks for the quilt top.
The second photo is of a quilt also done in Civil War reproduction fabrics. The pattern was designed by Barbara Brackman. I like the quilts with the strips.

This top is from a Thimbleberries pattern. I put it together quite some time ago. House quilts are always high on my list.

I wish I had more of the border stripe I used in making this quilt top at the time I was doing it. I made the top as long as I could with what I had available. It isn't long enough for a bed. Would make a nice quilt tossed on a sofa at Christmas time because of all the reds & greens. Lots of flying geese units in this top!

My friend Jeanne & I cut out pieces for each of us one of these quilts. Hers is long done. I think I set it aside because I noticed that one of the basket blocks was facing the wrong direction. I need to take it out and put it back in correctly.

The star quilt is from a pattern called Cranbrook Christmas by Lynda Hall of The pattern was published in a magazine a couple years ago but I forget which one at the moment.
I spent some time working on the Trumpet Flowers applique blocks a bit ago. I am on number 8 of 9 blocks for the center part of the quilt. I thought I had lost a block. I looked for it at least three different times feeling sure I had prepared the correct amount. I finally decided I had either misplaced the block forever or possibly had prepared 8 instead of 9 blocks. I had plenty of fabric available to create another block. I reached for something in the basket I have the blocks , fabrics, etc. in and there was that block neatly folded. I looked in that basket each time my search was going. I think a gremlin came out from the mystery closet and hid that block from me! Remember the saying that you always find something you are looking for in the last place you look? Why can't we look in that last place first.
I also have started the machine stitching on the Liberty Garden quilt blocks. That seems to be going rather quickly. I went out thread shopping yesterday as I was running low on a few colors. Now I am replenished and ready to go.
I used a 50% of coupon for Jo-Ann's yesterday for some bamboo batting by the yard. I have never used it before but thought I would try being a little "earth friendly" and give it a whirl. Darlene of says she has used the bamboo batting and likes it. It still amazes me that bamboo is used for flooring.
I recently found a "Baby Alive" doll at a thrift store for about $3.00. It was in nice shape, still talked when you pushed the bracelet button, etc. I thought I would send it to my great grand-daughter who is 4 years old. Little did I know that my $3.00 purchase would start adding up. I showed my 10 year old grand-daughter the doll and she says she had wanted one for a couple years. Never mind that she doesn't much play with dolls. When she brought it up a second time on her birthday, I decided I had better find another one. I purchased a "gently used" Baby Alive on E-Bay and it should be delivered this week. It comes with some clothes and other items. The doll wears disposable diapers because it not only drinks but eats some kind of food. Needless to say, it will be doing #1 and #2 to put it politely and will need more diapers. I bid on 18 of the disposable diapers and those will also be sent to her. The great grand-daughter needed clothes and accessories and diapers for hers also. So another E-Bay purchase. That original $3 purchase has greatly increased. But grandmas are supposed to do those things. I think I need to purchase some flannel and make cloth diapers for these things. I think these little bitty disposable diapers cost more than new born diapers for a real baby!
I enjoy reading your comments. The closet isn't empty yet, so come back for more.


Stina Blomgren said...

Ohh..more wonderful quilts... :o) and I love your basket quilt..and No dont change the direction of the basket..I think it is perfect... Love them as they are...:o).Makes the quilt special..:o)

Kim said...

I'm still watching and I wouldn't change a thing, wouldn't even consider it! You've made me feel better about the few quilt tops that I have hanging in the closet. Nothing compared to all you have shared here in your one woman quilt show, lol, which is stunning BTW. We share the same taste in quilts, fabric and color. Very pleasing to my eyes and heart. :o)

Sue said...

Well you just keep pulling out some fantastic stuff! You have been very busy this past week. Have you forgotten what any of them looked like having been in the closet for so long?

Darlene said...

More beauties! I'm stalking my postman today. WooHoo! I know MY beauty will be here today. I just know it. :-)

Julia said...

Beautiful, beautiful quilts!
I love the basket quilt... no, don't change the basket adds to it's charm and makes it that much more special...I wonder how many would notice that is wrong!
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

OMG...that basket quilt is just adorable and even with the basket turned! I love them all but really liked the brown and pink shown a bit back and now this basket one is just FANTASTIC! *Sigh* have such amazing tops *sigh* love your closet!!

Crispy said...

Some more great quilts!! Love the house one. I agree with the others, leave the basket alone, it makes it unique.


Salem Stitcher said...

You know what, I love the basket turned the other way.

This is really fun seeing what you pull out of your closet. It's nice to see someone else has as many tops in the closet as I have!

Lea said...

Another beauties! :-) I specially love the basket and cross block quilts. You picked very lovely colors...

Cathi said...

More gorgeous quilts!! I love the flying geese one. Absolutely love it!

I've heard one person saying that hand quilting the bamboo batt was wonderfully easy and another saying it was difficult. Think I'll buy a small one to try with a wall hanging or something.

Libby said...

I love it! It's like going to a quilt show - without the crowds and keeping my wallet in tact *s* You might just have the best closet . . . ever *s*

Janet said...

Wow - you sure have a lot of beautiful tops in your closet! Like Libby says - its like going to a quilt show. :0)

antique quilter said...

oh boy I am just loving this!!!!
beautiful quilts, its official you have many quilt tops than I do, are you planning on hand quilting them all or will you send a few out to be machine quilted?

hmm wonder who has more projects started?

Marie said...

Karen the quilts are so beautiful, your work is just out of this world. Thanks for sharing all with us. Hope your still doing so well. Hugs, Marie