Friday, May 29, 2009


Hello to all! It's been almost a week since I posted, so time to let you know I'm still around. This is an day of aches for me so I won't be posting much. My back and legs ache. One of those days! I hope I can get some stitching done today as I am working on the last border for my Trumpet Flower quilt. I am getting anxious to get it done. I have about 35 blocks prepped for the Circuit Rider quilt. My back aches too much to attempt to lay them out for a photo but will do that soon. No more complaining.

I thought I would post a picture of an off-center pineapple quilt I made a good while back. In fact, I completed it on January 1st, 2000. The first day of the New Mellenium. The blocks were paper-pieced. I drew my own pattern after seeing a similar quilt. I was really into reds at the time. I collected quite a few and made three or four quilts using them. I wish I had a photo of the bigger pineapple quilt I made. I just looked through my quilt pictures and I don't find one. And that was before I ha a digital camera. The design was a bit complicated and interesting. The quilt was given as a gift to a good friend.

This quilt is a nice wall hanging size. The center piece of each pineapple block is a black and white zebra.

It's Friday! I am retired but I still like the sound of the word Friday. For those who work Monday through Friday, you know what I mean. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. I have no plans. Not even a trip to the quilt shop! I already did that earlier in the week. And I got two squishy packages in the mail yesterday and another on the way.

Come back soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

POST 100

Hello to my fellow bloggers and visitors! The sun is trying to shine here in central Florida after two days of rain. We aren't complaining about the rain as we went almost a month without any. I don't know how many inches we received of the wet stuff but the pool had to be drained because it got too full. It rained some this morning and we may get more today. It has certainly helped ease the dry conditions that were causing brush fires.

I have been busy stitching on projects. I have two borders on the Trumpet Flower quilt. I started the third border yesterday evening. I showed the quilt at the Sew 'n Sew meeting the other day. I feel it is a busy quilt but my fellow stitchers said I needed to step back from it and view. I love the Blackbird Designs sampler fabric that I used as a background on four of the blocks. I think, though, that it makes the quilt a bit too busy. I am continuing on and trusting that I will really like this when done.

Another quilt from the closet. Hey, Khris, from Quilted Simple. This might be a quilt top right up your alley. Khris has a photo of the prettiest chicken (maybe it's a rooster) on her blog. This quilt top is a sampler of chicken blocks. I used to be really into chicken blocks of all kinds. I participated in a chicken block trade one time. Several friends have given me chicken blocks also. This is a setting I chose for some of the blocks. I saw a picture of a quilt done with this setting in "Smashing Sets" by Margaret J. Miller. It worked well for this quilt top and another chicken quilt I put together that you can see here. I have used this book on another quilt or two for settings that are different.

Okay, I give up. I have been trying to move the photo of the Floral Urn to another spot and have messed up something in the edit function. The Floral Urn picture is supposed to be after all the chicken quilt top pictures. Before I mess up any more, I will just leave things as they are. If you noticed the title on this blog entry, I have reached my 100th post. I started my blog in January of 2008. I have enjoyed the ride so far. I have made many blogging friends I never would have come across otherwise. And I have e-mail contact with a few non bloggers who read my posts and comment that way. All is good! In celebration of the 100th post I am giving away a kit from The Quilted Crow for the project "Floral Urn". The kit contains the pattern, floss,wool roving, and felted wool. Just leave a comment on this post. I will draw a name on Saturday, May 23rd, 2009. Good luck.

I am posting a picture of what I have completed on the Garden Club quilt so far. I don't like making the type stars that are part of the flag but muddled through with paper piecing.
The mini shop hop that the Sew 'n Sews did on Saturday was a lot of fun. I did not get pictures in the shops as neither owner of the two shops was working that day. I want permission before I take pictures and post. We visited a shop in Deland, Florida and one in Sanford, Florida. My purchase for the day was a small pile of fat quarters of a line of fabric called "Sachet Potpourri". I didn't photograph them to put on the blog. Forgot to do that. I haven't decided exactly what to make with them. Too much to think about with all the projects going on. We ate lunch at an Italian Deli in Deland. I don't eat much Italian food as some of the tomato sauces and sausages upset my stomach. I decided to just go straight to dessert and ate a piece of cheesecake. It was very good. Not a real heavy cheesecake which pleased me.

I need to get busy. Hubby is vacuuming floors. I will put a few things away so the house looks a little neater. Come back soon.