Saturday, February 27, 2010


The Spring Sewing Party time has arrived! I had trouble sleeping last night. Was I excited about sewing today? I don't know what the problem was. I woke about 4:15 AM and could not go back to sleep. My tossing and turning was keeping Mr. Log Cabin awake, so I got up and went into the sewing room. More on that in a few minutes.

Do you think my house needs springified? Now, I doubt you will find "springified" in Webster's Dictionary. It is a term I made up this morning. What I mean is that I still have Christmas trees in the living room. See photo below. I will explain. I gave my daughter all the Christmas ornaments before we moved about 10 years ago. And also the artificial tree. I was going to buy a smaller tree and new ornaments. Well, I could not make up my mind on what kind of ornaments. There are so many themes to choose from. That never happened. And every year, I would think the same thing. I never replaced the tree or ornaments. This past Christmas season, I was determined to have some kind of small tree. I like the prim style trees now and found this set of three on sale at Michael's Crafts for half price. I got the trees out of the box and set up but had no ornaments. I needed small ornaments. There was no time to shop for some before I had my knee surgery, so the trees sat bare and are still in the same spot. Now, I have ordered a pattern for some wool easter ornaments to stitch. I would like to decorate the trees with those. And I need some spring quilts!

I need some nourishment before heading back into the sewing room. Which shall it be. A donut or a banana? Help me decide. Oh, I can't wait on the rest of you to wake up and read this. I may faint from hunger before then. I will just have some of both.
P.S. I only ate half of the cream filled Long John but all of the banana. That makes it a healthy breakfast!

Back to what I was writing about being in the sewing room before 5 AM. I could not start the hand work on the yellow chicks wool mat project as it was in the bedroom along with my thimble and threads. I decided I would study the new quilt book I found at a thrift store yesterday. Paid all of a $1.00 for it and it seems brand new. Studying the book did not take long, so I dragged out my Country Threads patterns & books to look at them. Maybe I would could pick out another spring quilt to work on. Yes, I found one. Still I needed to be quiet so Mr. Log Cabin could sleep. I started flipping through Pat Sloan patterns & books. Another spring quilt jumped out at me. Then I started looking at fabrics in the stash to see what I could come up with. Yes, I have fabric that will work. It is a fused applique project. I can do it! So, I started tracing the pattern pieces onto Heat 'N Bond Lite and selecting the applique fabrics. The backgrounds are sewn together. Then I realized that the pieced border has to be on the quilt also before the vine is fused on the one side. I will be going back into the sewing room to make the pieced border. This is not a large quilt, so it should take long. I will post a photo after I get things situated and the fusing done.

My sewing room was a bit of a disaster before starting this morning and it has progressed to more stuff out and on the floor. But I am happy!

Mr. Log Cabin has left for his Saturday golf game. The sun came out shining bright for a little while this morning. Now it is overcast and sprinkling a bit. I will be back with you later.



Diane said...

sounds like your well on your way to springify-ing. Love your header quilt.

Stina said...

Springify on Karen... :o) Love to see what you can come up ...and love to see your trees decorated with some spring themed things.. I have one of those trees and I love it.. just sorry they cant be found here anymore..should have bought lots of them then... :o(
Good luck... and I just love your healthy breakfast... :o)

Bunny said...

I am sure by now you are ready for a nap LOL. Have fun and can't wait to see your quilt and those trees are adorable and will be cute with Easter eggs etc on the.

Linda said...

Hi Karen.........loved reading your cheery post. You were just a ball of fire this morning. But then when you said your DH went to play golf my jaw dropped.......hey where are you?
My DH is out shoveling the walk and driveway again!
Have a fun day!

Karen said...

Love your breakfast choices. It is snowing as I type so enjoy your warm weather! We probably have 16"+. It's so hard when you get up before the hubby! Enjoy your day!

Micki said...

Your breakfast sounded yummy to me. Spring is too far off here to think of spring cleaning...Enjoy your weekend!

terry said...

Saw your evergreen trees and wanted to share my decorating ideas. I leave an evergreen tree up all year round and decorate as the season dictates. (hearts for valentines day, halloween stuff for halloween, etc.) For spring/easter, the tree holds a variety of stuff. There are calico bunnies, crocheted eggs, plastic and ceramic egg ornaments, wee little bird nests complete with blue eggs, and paper mache egg ornaments, etc. I collect "tree ornaments" all year round and find so much enjoyment in decorating my evergreen tree.

Terry in So. California

Marie said...

Hello,I love your post today. I too was up early adn trying to be quiet is not too easy in this small house. I knew I needed to get ready to go with my daughter over to maitland to The Sewing Studio she neeeded stuff fo Faith's skating dress and of course I needed to look at everything. It rainned all the whole time. They have so many neat things to look at and of course I had to buy somethings too. I like your idea of decorating the tree for the seasons great idea. Your good I would have eaten the whole stuff you sat out for breakfst, afteralll need your strenght while sewing. I found my called Bunnies @More by Darcy Ashton and I think that will be my spring thing this year . I will start it as soon as I finish
Faith's quilt or maybe sooner. Have a great day. HUgs, Marie

Colleen said...

Woo hooo! What a breakfast and good for you starting new projects. I love the springy quilt :o) I actually sewed today! Miracle!

Maggey and Jim said...

Yes, springing up would be nice and I love how you are thinking out of the box..Can't wait to see that new project.. I love both of those books.. I would pick the cream filled, yummmmmmm.. Don't you love those quiet early morning times?