Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Back for my second post of the day. I noticed the date of March 31st when I was doing the earlier post. It reminded me that I needed to post my finishes for the "Charming Guys & Girls Quilt Club". I had selected five projects that I wanted to finish this month. I managed to finish four. The quilting of the Spring quilt will have to be moved to April's list.

I finished the prim style wool mat with the long pot and all the flowers just yesterday. I decided to leave off the alphabet and the year that was to be appliqued on the bottom of the black background. I trimmed the black wool down and then added a border of pink, white, & green twill. I think the piece was also supposed to have wool "tongues" on the two ends. I decided that the piece was busy enough without all the other added. This will be a gift somewhere along the line.
You have already seen the pineapple mat on an earlier post if you follow my blog on a regular basis.
Same goes for the house mat. This one was a favorite of many of you that left comments. The mat is a large one and I really did not have a place to display it well. A fellow blogger left such nice comments about this mat that I decided she should have it. You can visit it here and see who I gave it to.
And the last finish is the wool heart mat which I posted earlier this month.

Now to decide what I want to accomplish in April.



This morning I have some finishes to show you. First is two identical pincushions. The pincushions are wool and cotton with crushed walnut shells for the stuffing. They weigh a good bit because they are eight inches square and hold a lot. The eagle pattern is from a Blackbird Designs book called "Summer Weekend". I happened to have the same cotton fabric that was used in their sample. It is from a line of fabric called "Savannah" by Fons & Porter and has been around for at least eight years. One of the eagle pincushions will be for my pincushion collection. The second for a gift.
The wool sheep pincushion is a duplicate of one I made a good while back. I had prepped kits for when the Sew 'n Sews came for a day of fun. I prepped more than was needed, so I had this one still in my stash. I will save it for a gift.
I finished the machine stitching on another block for "Land of the Free". Still several to go, including the big center block. I should do the center block and not leave it to last. I think it is better to get big blocks out of the way and feel like I have accomplished something.
I just realized that today is March 31st. I need to post my finishes for The Charming Guys & Girls Club. I will do that later today.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


"Land of the Free" has been prepped for machine applique since last fall. My knee surgery kept me from the sewing machine for a good while and I have been doing lots of hand work instead. I decided it was time to spend some time working on the blocks. I took these photos without a flash and I think they would have been better with. But you will be seeing more of the blocks as the quilt progresses.
If I ever do a hand applique Baltimore album quilt, it has to have a ship on one of the blocks.

I know, two of the same block. There are two of these in the quilt. I haven't looked at the layout in months, so I am not sure why there are two of the same.
This block certainly tested my patience. So many stops and starts with the stems and berries. I run the thread to the back with a self-threading needle. Then tie off the threads with a double knot. Then run the threads through some of the stitching on the back using the self-threading needle again. That gives you an idea of the work involved with each stop.
Hey, Mary! A pineapple. Mary from Quilt Hollow knows I like pineapples on my quilts.

I listened to the Bee Gees on my Zune while stitching on these blocks. Good thing I have lots of Bee Gees music. Well, back to the sewing machine.


Friday, March 26, 2010


I am ready for April and in more ways than one! It is a dark dismal day here in what is supposed to be Sunny Florida. We had a rainstorm last night and it is still cloudy this morning. I am tired of the below normal temperatures! I hope it improves soon.

I completed a stitchery for April. It is from a set of patterns called "Simple Pleasures Through the Year" and is from Buttermilk Basin. I saw these monthly designs on another blog and now I can't remember which one. Simple designs and easy to stitch.
You can order a frame that the design will fit in but I decided to do something different with mine. I have this wringer from an antique washing machine. I took a piece of jute cord and tied around the top. The stitchery then is clipped to the string with clothespins. I have one for the month of May almost done and will be working on the other months of the year.
I couldn't get down low enough to photograph the wringer with the stitchery where it sits in my home, so I had to sit it on a chair.
I know this wool candle mat looks familiar. This is the second one from the same pattern. The first was made for a gift. I made one for myself to use this fall.
I finished another stitchery block for the "Baskets of Life" quilt. This is a block for the back of the quilt. The backing needs pieced but I just don't have it in me right now to do that. Hope to get to it soon.

I had a win from a give-away at "Crazy'boutQuilts". A fabric panel that looks like folk art style applique blocks, a reproduction fabric (I love it!), and a book called "The New Handmade". I don't win give-aways often but they do seem to come in two's for me. I had two wins very close together a good while back and now that has happened again.
I have been stitching on the first block of "Sweet Nostalgia". I am close to being done. At first, I thought the stitching would go fast but that has not been the case. Maybe I will have a picture of the completed block for my next post. I don't have fabrics for sashing the blocks and will need to look into that in the coming months.

Another thing I am looking forward to in April is the arrival of our friends from the North. They plan a trip here every spring. It is getting close to time and we are anxious for them to get here. It is always a fun time.

Back to my stitching.


Monday, March 22, 2010


Good morning! It is still morning, but just barely. Thought I would give you a quick update on the Christmas quilt. I have not worked on any blocks since sometime before I had the knee surgery. I had these two blocks prepped but no stitching done on them. I decided it is time to get back to doing some work on them.
I like the angel block with her striped pinafore/apron.
Wonder what kind of cookies are in the jar. My favorite would be chocolate chip.

I don't know how many more blocks there are to go but I am making progress. I hope to do some work on the quilt this week.

Enjoy your day and I hope you have lots of sewing time!


Friday, March 19, 2010


Two wool projects finished. I am not totally happy with this table mat. I think the background wool stretched some as it is not laying as flat as it should. I do like the design, though. The pineapple is a sign of welcome and I like designs that include one.
The little candle mat was a free pattern called "Autumn Picnic Candle Mat" by Bird Brain Designs. You can find it here. It makes up quickly. This one is for a gift. I will be making a second one for myself.
Tomorrow is "Sew 'n Sews" day. We will be meeting at Rosy's home. She lives about two hours' drive away from me. It should be a fun time and worth the drive. I am going to try to remember to take my camera so that I can take pictures and share with you.

Enjoy your day and come back for another visit when you have time.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


The basket quilt top is complete. The pattern I used is called "Baskets of Life". You can see another version of this quilt on "Covered Porches & Wooden Screen Doors" blog here. I enjoyed doing the stitcheries. I have one more stitchery to make which will be incorporated into the backing of the quilt. I have that stitchery partially done.I was home alone so I had to lay the top out of the floor for taking photos. Not the best angle. The piecing of the settings for the stitcheries took longer than I had anticipated. I figured that one day of sewing would have it all together. Especially since I had a bit of it done already. It actually took me two days plus about an hour of a third day to get it all put together. I am pleased with the result.

Thank you for all your well wishes concerning my allergy flare up. I went through 2 1/2 big boxes of tissues blowing my nose! Not a fun time. It has pretty well cleared up now.

I am busy today stitching on a wool table mat. The mat is getting close to being done. I finished a little candle mat but forgot to photograph it. I will show that next post.

The last photo is not a good one. I was trying to get a picture of all the pelicans that were swimming on the little lake behind our house. I took the picture through the screen enclosure over the lanai & pool. I was afraid that opening the screen door and going out by the water would scare them all away. I have no idea how many were out there swimming. And it wasn't just the pelicans. There were diving birds, cranes, egrets, and some other types all around the lake & the shore areas. The next day after I took this photo, the birds returned. That time, we counted twenty-one pelicans. It was like they were having a meeting and all were invited. I think the birds upset the one neighbor as he loves to fish (catch and release) and the birds were devouring fish. He was trying to shoo them away without success.
Well, back to my stitching. I have lots to do. Hope you have some sewing time today, too!


Saturday, March 13, 2010


You will find me here on the sofa with my flannel chicken quilt and a box of tissues or in bed with a box of tissues. I am suffering from big time allergy. How so much can come out of my head is beyond me. I have been through a box of tissues and still going strong. Allergy medicine is not helping. So not much sewing. I did sit in the chair by the bed for a while yesterday doing some embroidery but that is it.
I love to cover up with the flannel chicken quilt. It is soft and warm. The quilt is from a Country Threads book called "On Behalf of Chickens". I was just reading on the Country Threads website that it was their first book. The chickens are fused onto the background and then hand buttonhole stitched with black embroidery floss. I had some help from a friend on the embroidery of some of the chickens. I did the piecing of the quilt. I like the log cabin border.

I posted this photo of my $19.00 bargain vintage sewing machine a few weeks ago. I took a chance and purchased the 1/4" seam foot from Clotilde catalog that is meant for the Singer Featherweight machines. It arrived yesterday and it works fine. I figured that, since this machine is not full size, the foot might work.

Well, that is going to be all for now. I am going to get back into bed, turn on the television, blow my nose some more, and maybe take a nap. Hope your weekend goes better than the start I have had on mine.


Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hurray! Another finish for March. The table mat was a kit I purchased from Primitive Gatherings called Saltbox Table Mat. The kit had the pattern and wool for the top. I had to add a homespun backing. For the backing, I chose a black plaid.
I had the project prepped for months before I finally decided it was time to do the stitching. It went faster than I thought. I do love saltbox houses, willow trees, and sheep. And it is good to get it done. The pattern says it is 22 inches. I didn't measure. I like the yellowish green wool used for the house windows. Gives it the look of someone being home.

This morning was another of those early mornings. I woke up at 4 am and could not get back to sleep. I got up about 4:45 and headed to the sewing room. I prepped the applique for the February & March blocks of the Snowbound blocks from Bunny Hill. Then back to bed for a little nap.

Have a great day and hope you find some stitching time.


Saturday, March 6, 2010


My first finish for March is the wool Valentine mat. I am either a little late for Valentine's Day or very early. Take your choice.
The mat was an easy wool project to complete. The pattern is called "Warm Heart" and was in the January/February '08 issue of Quiltmaker. The designer is Zenith Petersen. The size of the project is about 10" x 11".

I had kept the pattern in a project folder. On my recent night of waking up at 4 am and not being able to go back to sleep, I was going through project folders reviewing what I had saved. This heart pattern jumped out at me. I checked my wool stash and found a piece of pink for the heart that was large enough. I already knew I had enough of the other wools to do the project. The shapes were easy to cut and prepare for stitching. An enjoyable process.

I am getting close to being done on the wool table mat with the houses and sheep. In fact, I am going to get busy stitching the edges in a few minutes.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I enjoyed having you.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Time for me to make a decision on projects to work on for the month of March. I have decided not to add the table runner back in that was on the list the last two months and still waits to be finished. If it gets done, it gets done.
My first project is a wool table mat with houses & sheep on it. All the wool parts & pieces need stitched down and the willow trees need their branches. It has been at the stage shown in the photo for several months.
The second project is a wool mat. I have had the pattern for a couple years. Time to do something with it. I prepped the pieces and got it all laid out this morning. The directions on making this are a bit different than I am used to but I am going to give it a try.
The third project is also done in wool. I worked all afternoon and part of this evening prepping the pieces and getting them all placed. There is still an alphabet to add to the bottom. Lots of stitching needs to be done on this one.
The fourth project is to finish this spring wall hanging that I made during the Spring Sewing Party last weekend. I have all the machine stitching done, though this photo was taken before I did that. It just needs a backing, quilted, and binding.
The fifth project is the Valentine table mat. It is all prepped and ready for stitching.
Looks like I have lots of hand work lined up for myself this month. I am really in the mood for the wool projects.

Check back to see how I do!


Monday, March 1, 2010


My enthusiasm from the Spring Sewing Party continued on through Sunday. I did a lot of the machine stitching on the Tulip basket wall hanging and I stitched the wool mat to the fabric border. This morning I added the backing to the wool mat. It is now complete and ready to lay on my dining room table. Just had to share a photo of the finished project because it is so cute! The pattern name Is "Olde Egg Cart" and is by Buttermilk Basin. Mine is done in wool but you could do it in cotton fabric. The size is 9" x 20". Doing it in wool makes quick work. I used 60 weight cotton thread in matching colors to stitch down the edges of the wool. If you are interested in the pattern look here. Select the button for Spring designs and scroll down until you get to the wool projects. I just noticed a wool project for a tulip basket too right under the egg cart pattern. It doesn't look like a basket but more like a pot to me. Regardless, I like that one, too. I also notice that the egg cart pattern is available as a stitchery pattern.

I will be working today on finishing up the stitching on the tulip basket wall hanging. I do not have much of that left to do. Then on to quilting it.

I find it interesting how a virtual quilting party via the internet can spur us into a sewing frenzy. It is fun to share our progress through the day. I am looking forward to the next party.

Now, off to decide what projects I would like to commit to for the month of March. Enjoy your day and stop back again soon.