Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm here!  It has been over a week since my last past.  Darlene wrote to say she had missed me.  Nice to be missed.  We have been spending a lot of time with visiting family.  They aren't staying with us but in a campground not far from our neighborhood.  So, I have not been sewing as much or getting around to visiting my favorite blogs as often.

I did have one sleepless night that I sewed.  I don't know why my brain would not shut down and let me go to sleep.  Here is how my Joined at the Hip basket project looked on my previous post.
Here is how it looks on the design wall now.
A few more small baskets, some stars, nine patch blocks, and a block with the word "baskets".  I did not enjoy doing the applique on those letters.  And the pointy stars were not all that much fun but they are done.  And remember that I have made double of everything.  So, I will have two wall hangings in the end.

It is going to be close to 90 degrees here today.  No fall weather for us.  I guess it is Florida's version of Indian Summer.

I started straightening up my sewing room yesterday and culling out some old fabric pieces.  I have such a mess in that room that I can't figure out what is what.  I always have fabric out and can work that way but there is just too much off the shelves and on the floor right now.  A little better organization and I will be back to stitching in my normal mode.

Have a great day and glad you stopped by.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have more applique blocks to share with you and a quilt that is close to being done.
I will share a full quilt picture of this later.  I started the quilt last fall but did not get it done before Halloween.  Now it is quilted and waiting for the binding to be finished.
These are blocks from a new project.  Another basket quilt.  These are from a Joined at the Hip book.  I have made two of every block so that I can make two wall hangings.  There are a few more basket blocks applique, some little stars, filler blocks to piece, etc.  I am enjoying the applique on this project as the shapes are fairly simple.
The bee hives belong to the Collector's quilt pattern set I am working from.  This one was easy applique that went fast.

I have the background pieced for another basket block for the designer series.  Just haven't prepared the applique pieces yet.

We have family visiting this week and are enjoying spending time with them.  We have been playing a domino game called Mexican Train.  It is a good game for a group of people as we have five playing.

Have a good day and stop back soon to see more progress on my quilt projects.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Welcome to my blog!  I have been busy working on more basket blocks and for more than one quilt.
Another basket block for the Designer block of the month I have been working on.  This one was designed by Blackbird Designs.

It appears that one picture is all I am able to download at this time.  Google is being bad today.  Back later.


Friday, October 8, 2010


I have progress to show you on some applique projects.
This is one of the filler blocks from the Designer BOM I have been working on.  No applique on this one.  The basket handles are embroidered with six strands of floss. I can see that I have not done the final trim on this block.  Lots of strings on the edges.
This block is a substitute block on the BOM.  I did not care for the basket block included in the kit. The one from the original design had the basket on the diagonal of the block so I have done the same with what I selected.  I chose an applique design from a book by Karla Menaugh and Cherie Ralson.  I hope the person I am doing this for approves of the change.
I didnot  hang this piece very straight on the design wall.  I finished this wall hanging top yesterday evening.  It is a design from "Crossroads" by Ginger Cookie Company.  The pattern is called "Summer Flowers".  I know summer is over but the picture in the quilt book caught my eye when I was looking for basket patterns.  And I had fabrics in my stash that were similar to the look of the finished quilt in the book.  Hard to see in the picture but the background has a somewhat brownish pink tone to it.  All the fabrics came from stash which is a good thing.

I am working on the preparation of another basket block for the BOM.  This one is by Blackbird Designs" and has several pieces to it.  Hope I can do a good job on the block.

Glad you stopped by for a visit and come again soon.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


I have been stitching and stitching and loving every minute of it.  Here are some pictures of what I have been working on.
Another block for the Designer BOM I have been working on.  The basket part of the block was paper pieced and then appliqued onto the two bottom squares. Second, the handle appliqued to the top two squares.  Third, the two parts were joined together and then the flowers and leaves added.
This is a section of filler for the BOM.  The individual blocks are 4 inches finished, so the little baskets were small to work with.
Some more filler blocks.  Fun to piece.
I have been visiting Tom Miner Quilts and Folk Art blog.  Nancy has been working on blocks from a Jan Patek set of patterns called "Collections".  I have had the set of patterns for a good while but had not taken the steps to starting the applique.  Nancy inspired me to get started on the quilt.  This is one of my favorite blocks from the set of patterns.  I took the photos on a dark brown chair so my block background doesn't show all that well being as it is also a brown.
The house block is the first one I did from the same set of patterns.  I had parts prepped for the block for quite some time but had not done any of the stitching.  I like houses on quilts, so I like this one very well.

I have more close to being ready to share with you.  I am off to my favorite stitching chair to get busy on that.


Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have been stitching up a storm and have pictures to share with you.
I am way behind on the Snowbound blocks.  This is the sixth one in the series but number four for me.  I just grabbed one of the prepped blocks and stitched.
Another applique block from the Moda Designer Block of the Month.  This one was designed by Jan Patek.  I left off the applique triangles that were to go on the basket.  I felt the block was busy enough as is.
The last three stitchery blocks were completed and added to the first nine.  And a border added.  I am waiting to get my Bernina back so that I can do some machine quilting on it.  I have really been enjoying doing the embroidery on quilt blocks.
The last project to show you today is what will be a wall hanging size quilt.  This was from a kit that I purchased at Deb's Cats & Quilts in Franklin, NC. while we were on vacation in August.  It is a pattern that Deb designed.

I'm off to sit in my favorite chair for stitching.  There are plenty of projects to pick from.  Which one shall it be?