Monday, March 28, 2011


In honor of the Red & White quilt exhibit in New York City, I worked on a red & white block this weekend.  Here it is.  Wish I could have gone to the show.
I drew my own pattern in Electric Quilt because the pattern in the quilt book had thick lines and it was hard to know where to trace.  The pattern was called "Sundial".  I don't know if this is an original block or traditional design from the past.  It is a twenty inch block so quite large.  It took a while to make.  I don't plan on making any more of the blocks right now as other projects are calling to me.

Back to the sewing room.


Friday, March 25, 2011


I have not posted for several days.  Not that I haven't been doing quilt type things because I have.  Just not much of anything to show.  I spent a lot of time finishing the prep work for the basket applique project but no stitching.  I looked at quilt books trying to come up with an idea for fabric I have but no solid design yet.  I found designs I do want to try.  One is shown in the picture below.  The block is not complete.
My frustration with the block is the pattern.  I used a pattern from a Mariner's Compass program I have.  I did not realize that there are no patterns for the outer part of the block.  The part that makes it square.  I prefer to set the circle into a square and not applique it on.  I used Electric Quilt to make a pattern for the outer part but evidently my thinking about measurement was not correct because the piece did not fit.  So, I remeasured and think I will have the right size this time.  The fabric for the center circle is just laying under the Sunflower piece.  That will be the last step in making the block.

Another block I want to make is from a prim style pattern book.  It is also a circular design.  My frustration with the pattern in the book is that the pattern has thick lines.  How do I know what part of the line to trace?  It is that thick.  Do I trace on the very outer edge and hope for the best.  I don't want a block that doesn't lay flat because the pieces are the wrong size.  So back to Electric Quilt.  I am not very advanced in using the program as I don't spend the learning curve time to do so.  I have to have the book in front of me and follow the steps on the circle designs.  This is what I came up with.
The pattern in the book is called Sundial.  I was thinking red & white when I colored the block since this is the weekend the red & white quilts make their debut in New York City.  But I was not satisfied with my red fabrics in stash.  I am drawn to the colors shown in the book sample which is what I will probably make the trial block from and that is not in red.  I think the design would look good, though, in the red & white combo with alternate blocks being white where it is red & red where it is white now.

I want to share my friend Tee's quilt projects with you.  They are works in progress.

 I love chicken quilts so this one is a hit with me.  I am sorry that I did not get pattern info on her projects.  The chickens are fused on and the edges stitched by machine.
I do know that this is a Karen Stone pattern.  I the color selection that Tee made for this quilt.
The pinwheels were made using a special template.

I am glad that you stopped by for a visit today and hope you enjoyed seeing projects in the works.


Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, rabbits walk.  At least in my two wall hangings.  Two finishes to share with you.  The pattern is called "Walking Rabbit".
These are wool applique on cotton.  These two wall hangings are all from stash.  Most of what I have been working on lately as been from stash but yet the shelves still look full.  If I remember correctly, the pieces are about 18 inches wide by 23 inches long.  I like the plaid jackets and the carrot in the pocket.  The pattern is from an older Red Wagon book called "Another Nice Mix".  I see that the book is available on Amazon. The book also has another cute pattern for two yellow chicks pulling a wagon with an egg in it.  I am not going to make this one as I made a smaller piece very similar from a Buttermilk Basin pattern.

I started another wool applique on cotton project.  I have all the stitching to do but you can see the work in progress as it is right now.

The applique design is from a Blackbird Designs book.  I will give you more information on that as the project progresses.  This block is supposed to be the medallion center for a wall hanging.  Just have to see how things come together.

I am off to eat my breakfast and then start stitching.  Check back with me in a couple days for a progress report.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


A quick post to share some of what I have been working on.
This is one of the pieced filler blocks that goes into the applique basket quilt I have started.  An easy block to make.
This basket block is certainly a different style as far as the basket itself.  Not hard to make but takes some time.
And finally, an applique wall hanging that is partially done.  It will have a round of vine, leaves, & flowers that goes in the border areas that do not have the triangles.  I forgot to make the bias vine strip and need to do that before moving on with the project.

I am stitching on two spring wall hangings and should have something to show you soon.  I am always busy with one project or another.  Hope you enjoyed the view.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wool Garden and Blessings From the Hollow

The wool on cotton blocks have all the stitching done and have been sewn together with the rickrack.  The top now goes to Mary of Quilt Hollow to work her magic with machine quilting.  This is her quilt and it has been enjoyable doing the stitching for her.  I think she plans to do some fancy stitching on it.  The wool border is to be attached after the quilting and binding are done.
Next is a quilt top I recently completed.  It is made using the pattern "Blessings From the Hollow" which is in Kim Brackett's book "Scrapbasket Sensations".  The quilt in the book was made by Mary who has the "Quilt Hollow" blog.  She used the Moda line of fabric called Blessings.  I was able to find two jelly rolls of the fabric at a good sale price and also yardage for the backing from the same line.  I liked Mary's choices of which fabrics she put together for each block and did the same.  I like the way the top turned out.  Now to have it quilted.
The last thing I want to share with you today is an applique block.  It is not laying quite flat on my design wall and I will have to check if there is an adjustment that needs made or if I just didn't hang it very well.  The block will look familiar if you look back here.  It is the same as one of the blocks I appliqued for Mary last fall.  Her quilt top is complete and now I am making one for myself.  The project will probably be a while in the making because I have other applique projects I want to work on at the same time.
I have other pieces and parts already stitched for the quilt.  Some of the filler blocks.  This is the first applique block though.

It is a rainy day here.  We need it so I won't complain.  A good day to sit and stitch.  Nice to have you visit and come back soon.


Monday, March 7, 2011


Three finishes.  I am on a roll!

The first is a stitchery project called "Seasons" by Primitive Stitches.  Easy stitching.  And you can order a pattern set that was designed with Canadians in mind.

I very recently pieced "Madeline", a Schnibble pattern.  I took time to quilt and bind it.  It will be rolled and stored on end in an old wood box with some other small quilts.

The third finish is "Uncle Sam".  I pieced him last fall.  I decided it was time to quilt and bind the piece so I would have it to display this summer.  He has long legs.  The angle I took the picture makes them look even longer.  He reminds me of a 4th of July parade with Uncle Sam on stilts walking the parade route.  I used a Country Threads pattern.  On their website, it says it is a rotary cut only quilt but it does have those applique stars and the beard.  I fused them on and then stitched by machine around the edges.

Back to stitching!


Friday, March 4, 2011


I finished the twin quilts.  Not identical twins but close.
I can't figure out why there is a spot showing on the top of one in the photo but there is no spot on the quilt.  Maybe from the flash.  Anyhow, one is for a friend that I have never given one of my quilts.  She likes prim style so I hope it makes her happy.  I had to make one for myself also.  The pattern was designed by Cheri and is called "Monday's Quilt".

I am doing a set of stitcheries.  There is one for each month of the year.  The photo is a bit dark and I will show better ones in a later post.
The designs are by Cedarberry Stitches.  Eight more to go.

A friend sent me a wonderful package of wool pieces to add to my stash.  It is good when a friend looks out for you!

I have several more things in the works and will have more to share with you soon.  Come back for another visit.