Friday, March 25, 2011


I have not posted for several days.  Not that I haven't been doing quilt type things because I have.  Just not much of anything to show.  I spent a lot of time finishing the prep work for the basket applique project but no stitching.  I looked at quilt books trying to come up with an idea for fabric I have but no solid design yet.  I found designs I do want to try.  One is shown in the picture below.  The block is not complete.
My frustration with the block is the pattern.  I used a pattern from a Mariner's Compass program I have.  I did not realize that there are no patterns for the outer part of the block.  The part that makes it square.  I prefer to set the circle into a square and not applique it on.  I used Electric Quilt to make a pattern for the outer part but evidently my thinking about measurement was not correct because the piece did not fit.  So, I remeasured and think I will have the right size this time.  The fabric for the center circle is just laying under the Sunflower piece.  That will be the last step in making the block.

Another block I want to make is from a prim style pattern book.  It is also a circular design.  My frustration with the pattern in the book is that the pattern has thick lines.  How do I know what part of the line to trace?  It is that thick.  Do I trace on the very outer edge and hope for the best.  I don't want a block that doesn't lay flat because the pieces are the wrong size.  So back to Electric Quilt.  I am not very advanced in using the program as I don't spend the learning curve time to do so.  I have to have the book in front of me and follow the steps on the circle designs.  This is what I came up with.
The pattern in the book is called Sundial.  I was thinking red & white when I colored the block since this is the weekend the red & white quilts make their debut in New York City.  But I was not satisfied with my red fabrics in stash.  I am drawn to the colors shown in the book sample which is what I will probably make the trial block from and that is not in red.  I think the design would look good, though, in the red & white combo with alternate blocks being white where it is red & red where it is white now.

I want to share my friend Tee's quilt projects with you.  They are works in progress.

 I love chicken quilts so this one is a hit with me.  I am sorry that I did not get pattern info on her projects.  The chickens are fused on and the edges stitched by machine.
I do know that this is a Karen Stone pattern.  I the color selection that Tee made for this quilt.
The pinwheels were made using a special template.

I am glad that you stopped by for a visit today and hope you enjoyed seeing projects in the works.



Silvia said...

UAUHHHHH!!!. I love your works!!. Lovely rabbits...How much i love them..and of curse the walking ones aswell..
I will try to find the patterns or in taht case i think the book.
Could you please tell me where to find it????.

Thank you in advanced...

Ida from Central PA said...

For your Mariner's compass I can see two options.

1) Check out Sharon Schamber's "Piecelique"

That gives you a 'whole outside' block.

2) Measure it from the center on a corner, and think of it as a 'drunkard's path' quilt quarter.

That would give you a 'quartered' look to the outside.

Anonymous said...

Wow those are some complex blocks! Too much for this girlie, lol. I have trouble making my 9-patches line up!

loulee said...

Love the chooks and the pinwheels.
Good luck with squaring off that compass.

Teresa Rawson said...

I LOVE the first compass block...that is a stunning block and pieced so well. Is it hand pieced or machine pieced? I have to admit that I used your handy-dandy link to Amazon to purchase the book to make one of those adorable walking rabbit pieces. Those are just wonderful...fabulous, but not too cutsie, if you know what I mean.

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

em's scrapbag said...

The cirlce blocks are amazing. I agree alternate red and white blocks would look striking. The rooster quilt is great!

Kelli said...

What a trooper you are to work with Mariner's Compass! I salute you! I'm terrified of it. Your red and white circle pattern is beautiful - you must keep us updated as those two progress! Love the Twister quilt - ordered 'Lil Twister a few weeks ago and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Sue said...

Your blocks are so pretty. I have Electric Quilt as well, but don't spend much time with the learning curve either. I really need to, but trying to fit that in right now seems hopeless.

I really love the last quilt. I have the twister ruler to do such a quilt. I think it is quite easy to use:)

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Chris said...

Love the circle blocks Karen - right up my alley!

Allie said...

Oh my Karen that is way more work than I could do - as for the one with thick lines, I would think as long as you stick to either the outer edge or the inner edge of the line you'll be ok. The red and white is really lovely!

I love chicken quilts too - that's a great one! And the one below it is one I just admired today at my quilt shop - SO gorgeous!!!!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love your compasses! I love fiddling in EQ7~ then I spend too much time on the computer and not enough at the machine. lol ;-) Tee's quilts are all lovely too. Hope you have a great weekend!

Dixie Howard said...

I applaud your progress with these complicated pieced blocks. I have never tried the computer program for designing - maybe will try it someday. Looking forward to seeing your progress with the future blocks!

Darlene said...

Wow great blocks, Karen.

Barb said...

love your mariners compass block.
My friend just used Sharon Schamber's method for setting circles into blocks and it worked perfectly.
I think you can find it on utube.
good luck!
Did you take a Karen Stone workshop?
She is coming to our guild and i so want to do a NYB.

Kim Brackett said...

Your blocks are amazing. How clever of you to redraw the blocks in EQ.

Tee's quilts are beautiful. I really love the chicken quilt.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful blocks Karen. I love the pinwheel top. I have made a smaller one and ready to make one the size of yours. They are so much fun to make. A very clever idea!

Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing your projects. I always enjoy visiting you-- to see what you are up to.

:) Carolyn

Anonymous said...

I see Ida gave you a suggestion for that block. :0)
As always Ms Speedy delights with her photos. AND as alway I enjoy!

Crispy said...

WOW you did a great job drawing up the block in EQ Karen!! I love your blocks! It's so hard finding that perfect red, I wish you luck in your quest :0) That chicken quilt is wonderful!


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

You've been busy girlfriend! The compass quilts are so incredible, but all those points give me a migraine! Plus, I'm a chicken to do one, so I guess I like the chicken quilt the best. hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Someone has already mentioned Sharon's method and I can second that...fabulous method for those outside circles. I recently did a post on Stash Manicure about it too if you would like to see...

Frummie said...

Love your blog.

Cut a circle out of the background 1" smaller than the circumference of the Mariner's Compass. Place pins at the quarter marks of both pieces and match up. I use many pins around the circle and then stitch by machine. I have found the easiest way to sew is with the BG on top.

Hope this helps,


Lisa said...

I think red and white for the sundial would be perfect. If you can't find the right red in your stash, you could always buy some new. :)

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Circles! How beautiful. I can imagine a quilt full of these would be absolutely stunning.

Jane in Cumbria said...

Beautiful circles!! Succes with making them into square blocks.
Your work is lovely - I adore the rabbits!

Carrie P. said...

Great quilts made by Tee. You two are brave to make a NY beauty. Not me!

Purple Pam said...

Your blocks are great. Sorry you were having so much trouble with the measurements for the pattern pieces. Tee's quilts are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Teodo said...

Thanks for these wonderful quilts.
ciao ciao

quiltmom anna said...

I have only made one Mariner's compass block and I paper pieced it- That technique worked pretty well for getting it set in correctly.
I love Karen Stone's patterns and some day I am going to make one of her quilts.
You and your friend have created some lovely quilt blocks/ quilts.
Have fun.

bingo~bonnie said...

lots of great show n tell in your post! I love the last photo using the Lil' Twister template. I've never thought about using just 4 squares and borders then putting them together! Nice!!

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie