Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I only saw one antique quilt in the antique mall we were in on vacation that was even a bit worthy of a picture.  I do not find very many quilts, tops, or blocks in antique shops any longer.  I suppose most are now sold on E-Bay or at quilt shows.

Enjoy.  That's all for today.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Take a look at what came to live with me.
A white Singer Featherweight and case.  My husband found it in an antique mall in Vermont.  Somehow I missed seeing it.  It was in the first case as we came into the store.  Guess I was not very observant.  I have wanted one for a good while.  I look every so often on E-Bay but they always more than I wanted to pay.  This one was $195.00.  The case is in good shape but musty smelling.  Must have been in someone's basement.  I am going to try to get rid of the musty smell as best as I can.  The case does not have the metal tray nor any attachments.  Not having attachments does not bother me.  I already have a black Featherweight with attachments.  I would only want a 1/4" foot and I have a spare one of those that will fit the machine.  I did a bit of research on dating the machine.  It appears to be 1964 and probably made in Canada.  I know that it runs but have not been able to try out the stitching yet.  Just haven't had time since returning from our trip yesterday evening.  Now if I could find a tan one that was not a lot of money.....but I don't really need one.  It just would be nice.

I just discovered that the machine was made in Great Britain.  I found the info printed on the side of the machine base.


Monday, September 26, 2011


We are back home from a 2 1/2 week vacation.  We spent a week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and a week in New Hampshire.  More on that in my next blog post.

On the way home, we got tired of traveling on interstate highways and headed off on a scenic byway in Virginia. We came across a small quilt show put on by the Madison County Quilters in Madison, Virginia.  I took pictures of a few quilts and thought I would share them with you.

I like most any star quilt and these two are no exception.  Same pattern for both.  I am sorry that I did not get names of the quilts or their makers.  There was no quilt show booklets given and I had nothing to write on.

Basket quilts are always good too.  A nice setting.

This is number one of three quilts made from "Women of Influence" quilt blocks.  The guild was doing it as a group type project.  Each was making their own quilt.  I had to chuckle at the info card on one of them.  The maker said she was making May's block at the end of the year.  Typical of many of us.

I like these Amish style baskets.  Solid colors look so good with a black background.

Jo Morton fabrics were used for this star quilt.

I saw one of these quilts on a blog recently.  I think it is from an older pattern.  All log cabin blocks.

Redwork embroidery baskets.  I think I may have the pattern for them.

And finally, the quilt I voted for as Viewer's Choice.  It evidently was not a judged show so I do not know what quilt won.

Hope you enjoyed the view.  I will be back soon with more pictures.


Saturday, September 24, 2011


Recently, I went through a metal basket sitting on a fabric shelf looking for pieces, parts, and blocks for a fellow blogger's quilt project she is planning.  It is like visiting old friends to go through the basket.  And it amazes me how much is still stored in the basket after giving a bunch away.  I thought I would share pictures with you while I contemplate what to do with all of them.  The pictures were done quickly and just some cropping done.  Some could use some straightening but there isn't time for that today.

The above are log cabin blocks minus windows and doors.  They are blocks that did not make it into the two quilt tops I made.  You can see those here.  I didn't care that much for the two lower blocks as I thought the plaid for the roof should have been cut on an angle.

These are blocks that never made it into a quilt.  I thought I should have used a variety of backgrounds.  Had I made three more, I would have had enough for a small quilt.  I am not sure that I have any of the background fabric in my stash any longer.  I think the pattern for the stars was in a Judy Hopkins book.

A test block.  Well done but never put to use.

Another test block never put to use.  I like the design.  I should make more of these.

I do like making these stars.  I Just never did enough for a quilt.  Maybe it should go on the back of a quilt somewhere along the line.  Well, I did do enough for a quilt but using a dark red background fabric.

This is a test block.  I was trying to remember what the schoolhouse block design was that my little quilt group made for a member that was a school teacher.  Each one of use made a schoolhouse with a different block on the side.  This is as close as I could remember what the block was like.  I no longer had the pattern. I have not made any more of these.

A test block for a quilt that was never made.  It is fairly large.  It could be a medallion center if the mood ever struck me to work on the project.

I was playing with this block.  Just seeing how I liked the background fabric and deciding if I wanted a whole quilt using it.  The center needs the circle appliqued down.  I have made many of these blocks that have gone into a couple quilts but I never went further using the background fabric.

Ah, the angels.  I made these when I was first starting to get into folk art style applique.  I thought I did a poor job of getting the angels put together and was going to have to do some serious trimming.  I abandoned the project.  Now I think I could trim them and put them into one of my folk art sampler block style projects and be happy with them.  Jan Patek fans will recognize these as "Lisa's Angels".

I was still early in the applique stage when I did these blocks.  One more is pictured below.  I had trouble getting smooth curves.  Especially on the fruit bowl basket shown below.  I can't find the patterns so I suppose I gave them away.  Five blocks is not the right number for a quilt though I suppose I could make pieced blocks and fill in.  The eagle block (Hey, Lori, another eagle.) would make a nice center for a quilt.  I can't remember who the pattern designer is on these.  Anyone know?

I like the watermelon center fabric.  I am thinking it is either the same fabric shown on the pattern sample or very similar.

That's all the pieces and parts I am going to show today.  I do have more for a future post.  Hope you enjoyed my little jaunt down memory road.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here is where "Oak Leaves and Turkey Feathers" is at now.  I got the large triangles added and the leaves stitched down.  The pieced border is next.  There will be lots of fall colors used for that.  A UFO getting a step closer to the finish line.

Take time today for some quilting enjoyment!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sometimes a problem quilt block can make you want to put away a project and forget about it.  That is what happened with "War & Pieces".  I did not have a lot of applique experience when I worked on the blocks.  I struggled with two of the blocks but finally got them stitched.  Two blocks went together fairly well.  Then the fifth was not going well.  I will show you the completed blocks first.

Look, Lori.  An eagle!  Lori from "Humble Quilts" likes eagles in quilts.  I struggled with the block a bit but worked through that and got the block done.

The second block was easier than the first one.

I had trouble getting the parts of Mrs. Lincoln's dress to get in the right place and be covered by the layers above.  The whole block was a struggle but it is one of my favorite blocks from the pattern, so I could not give up.

I thought this block was a lot of work but it was fun to select the fabrics.  It went together easier for me than the Lincoln block.  I suppose it was because I was getting a little more comfortable with how to get the parts in the right place.

Then I blew it with this block.  If you are familiar with the pattern, this block is not in it.  One of my good quilting friends who does excellent applique, designed the block.  There are two very similar blocks in the quilt.  She left one out and designed one with a soldier on a horse, a cannon, and the tent.  She felt the quilt blocks leaned toward a more northern view of the Civil War so the soldier is in a Confederate uniform.  I liked the idea and she gave me her pattern to use.  I stitched the tent onto the block and then started to add the horse and soldier.  The one edge of the tent that was to be covered by the horse was not ending up covered.  So I took the block apart and made a new tent.  This time, I made the pieces for the right side of the tent lots wider so I could move it if necessary.  I was using an overlay and trying to get the pieces into the correct location.  Then another problem with that darn tent and the horse.  I don't remember what the exact problem was but did not want to take out all those stitches a second time.  I put the project away and moved on to something else.  Over a period of time, I have looked in the container thinking I should give the project away but I just couldn't part with the blocks I had worked so hard on.  At some point, I took the tent off again but no more progress on the block.  I pulled the container out again recently and decided to bite the bullet and fix the block and move on with the project.  I had to fix the flag on the tent pole and that is done now.  I will cut off the overhanging tent edge after I get more stitched on the block.  I know now that I do not  like working with an overlay.  I like to just place the pieces and not worry if they are in the exact place as the pattern.  I am ready to stitch the horse & soldier down.  Wish me luck.  I will have four more applique blocks to do after this one.

The pattern set is by Barbara Brackman and Karla Menaugh.  I read that it is out of print.  You can see a picture of a finished quilt on Barbara's blog here.

I hope you find time to stitch today.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I felt the need to actually finish a project or two.  I have way too many UFO's waiting for completion.  I chose some smaller projects that did not need much to bring them to the end.  The first is the "In God We Trust" schoolhouse sampler.  All it needed was a border fabric added and some simple machine quilting and then binding.  Done!

Next, I finished the wool on cotton angels with the Nativity embroidered on the dress.  One is a gift and one for myself.  The mini quilts needed quilting and binding.  I decided to hand quilt the one I was going to be sending to a friend.  I liked the look so well that I just had to hand quilt mine also.  The pieces are small so I quilted without a hoop or frame of any kind.  And done in a prim style.  The pattern used was "December" by Sandy Gervais.

The last finish is a table runner I started quite some time ago.  I had forgotten about doing the embroidered stems and the button flowers.  So that needed done and then some machine quilting and stitching down binding.  I can't find the pattern information right now.  I think it is a Joined at the Hip pattern.  All the squares are done by applique.  I remember it took a while to do that.

The last two days, I have been prepping more applique blocks for "The Bible"  quilt.  I am behind schedule on that.  I had intended to do at least one block a month and have let that fall behind.

Enjoy your day!