Saturday, December 31, 2011


I completed a second block of "Millennium Garden" last evening but it is really part three.  Part two was making three of the star blocks.  One of which went into making the part three block.
What are you doing for New Year's Eve?  I will be sewing.  We learned long ago that being out on the roads on New Year's Eve is not the safest time.  And restaurants are crowded.  If you are out and about this evening, drive safely!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


We had our Christmas celebration a few days early so, while the rest of you were busy with family and friends, I was working on applique projects.  You will notice a change in the header picture.  It is a snowman wall hanging flimsy that I finished early last week.  I wanted to keep my Nativity quilt up through Christmas, so I am just now sharing the top with you.
The pattern for the snowman quilt is from "The Winter Book" by Jan Patek.  The pattern is called "The Winter Garden".  I am in a mood for snowman quilts.  No way are we going to have snow here in our part of Florida, so this is the only way I can build a snowman.  I hope to quilt it soon.  All the fabrics are from stash.

Next is the first applique block from a pattern set by Jan Patek and Alma Allen called "MillenNium Garden.
The pattern set has been out quite a while.  I was looking for a pattern idea that would use a fat quarter bundle of fabrics I have and decided to use them for this quilt.  I was able to find additional yardage online and am pulling some pieces from stash to add in also.

Next is a flimsy I completed that is a holiday design.  The pattern is called "Winter Wishes" and is from the book "Seasons Stitchin's" by Paula Stoddard.  I used the fusible applique method with machine stitched edges.  The patterns in the book are designed to be done that way.  A fast project.  All the fabrics were from stash.
Next up is a small wall hanging flimsy made from a pattern by Cheri Saffiote-Payne called "Sew Good".  I just realized that I did not add the embroidered words so will need to do that.
The pattern has three different quilts which makes it a bargain.  I already made one of the basket patterns in 2010.  You can see it here.  All fabrics used on the heart piece are from stash.

And last up is another flimsy I completed from a book by Jan Patek called "Homespun  Hearth".  The pattern I used is called "Partridge in a Pear Tree".  With a name like that, you would think of it as a Christmas design but it is not.  Cherie Ralston played a part in the design.
And now to answer your question.  Yes, I do sleep though not well at times.  These are smaller quilts and not complicated applique designs.  The stitching has gone fast for me.  Enjoy the pictures.  I hope to get the quilting done soon but I seem to bog down at that point.

Back to the sewing room.


Thursday, December 22, 2011


I changed the header again to another Nativity quilt I made a couple years ago.  The quilt pattern is from a Red Wagon book called "Christmas Or Not".  The pattern does not specifically list the designer but Jan Patek, Linda Brannock, and Gerry Kimmel are the designers for the book.
I started to prepare another of Nativity wall hanging from the same pattern.  None of the appliques are stitched yet.  They will be done by machine with a buttonhole stitch.  The quilt will be an after Christmas gift for a friend.
There was a gift I forgot to take a picture of for my previous post.  It was not sitting on the counter with the other gifts.  My friend Jean gave me a little wool pillow with an angel applique.  The stuffing is pine needles from a Christmas tree.  She is continuing the tradition an old friend of hers started by making  a Christmas remembrance.  It smells so good.  It would be rather hard for me to do that as we have an artificial tree.  But those of you with a live Christmas tree could certainly do that.  It is something you could tuck in a basket.
I think any holiday themed applique could be used.  A pine tree shape would be a good one to do or a little Nativity scene.  Get creative.


Thursday, December 15, 2011


Another header picture change.  I finished the small quilt yesterday evening.
The pattern I used is called "Comfort and Joy" and is by Cheri Saffiote-Payne.  It went together quickly and I think it will make a nice holiday quilt.

I received a package from Mary of "Quilt Hollow" yesterday.  A surprise gift for the holiday season.
I am delighted with the little quilt.  It has vintage look fabrics and my style!  I think it is something that I can display year round and I plan on doing that.  I plan on putting it on an end table by the sofa in the family room.    Mary did a really nice quilting design on the quilt.  She is the so good at picking an appropriate machine quilting design and executing it on her quilts.  I am so thankful to have her as such a good friend even though we have never met in person.  Mary enclosed a cute, cute snowman card which I forgot to take a picture of.  And two packages I can't open until January.

I hope you have a wonderful day.  I plan on doing some sewing.  So much to choose from but you can bet it will be something with a holiday theme.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Another header picture change.  This time I am using one of my older Christmas quilts.  A Mariner's Compass quilt with an old-fashioned Christmas scene background.

The first quilt class I ever took was from Cindy Blackberg and it was on how to make a Mariner's Compass quilt block.  Not a beginner's class but the shop owner said it was.  Fortunately, Cindy is a very good teacher.  This is not my first Mariner's Compass quilt but my second.    I got the idea to use the old-fashioned looking all-over scenic print from Cindy.  She used a different color range but had made a quilt like this.  I am pleased with how mine turned out.

I finished two more Bible quilt blocks.  The applique has been done for several weeks.  I still needed to add the embroidered words and finally have taken time to do that.

The last item I have to share with you is the completed Santa ornament I was working on recently.I showed my progress in a previous post.  At that time, almost all of the embroidery was done.  I still needed to assemble the ornament and do the button hole stitch all around the edge.  The kit was from Chickadee Hollow.

Now if someone could tell me what I did with the second Santa ornament kit.  I picked it up at least 25 times when I was working on the first ornament.  I moved it so I would stop mixing it up with the packet I was currently using.  I have moved it so well that I can't find it.
Take time to sew this week!  And stop back again soon for another another peek at my projects.


Saturday, December 10, 2011


A new finish!
The pattern I used is called "Pitcher of Blooms" and is designed by Linda Brannock.  Found in the book "Miss Jump's Memories".  I had a problem with the large yo-yo flowers on the upper right stem.  The circles were large and when gathered yo-yo style, it left a large opening.  The back side of the fabric could be seen in the opening and did not look very good.  I cut circles of the same fabric and stitched them inside of the openings with the right side of the fabric up.  Problem solved.  The yo-yo flowers on the lower right were made from a woven plaid fabric and looked fine as is.  A long wall hanging.
I changed the header picture again.  This time I chose a quilt I finished last year called "The Nativity".  The pattern is by Cheri of "Wednesday's Quilts".

Take time to sew during this busy holiday season and stop back for another visit soon.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Another Christmas quilt completed.  It took me almost two years to get to this point.  The applique blocks are fused pieces with machine stitching around them.  A Jeanna Kimball pattern set was used for the quilt and the pattern set is out of print.  I found a copy of the set on Amazon but  the price is high.  You can see it here but I doubt anyone wants to pay $165.00 for it.  The pattern set does not include instructions on the order of sewing the blocks into sections and getting everything together.  A bit of a challenge to figure it out.  The completed quilt is on its way to my great grand-daughter.  It is about 68 inches long so plenty big enough to cover up with.  I think she will enjoy it.

Take time to sew today!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Hurray!  I finished the "12 Days of Christmas" quilt and in the same year that I started it.
I added a couple elements to the quilt since I last showed the top.  I appliqued my initials in the lower left corner as it needed something there.  And in the top left corner, I embroidered the words "My true love gave to me...".    I embroidered the bucket handle that the maiden has and added drum sticks for the drummer though you can't see them well in the picture.  The pattern I used is by Cheri Saffiote-Payne of Wednesday's Quilts.  Lori of Humble Quilts finished her version of this same quilt a few days ago.  If you haven't already seen it, pay her a visit here.  Lori got a closer picture of her quilt than I did.

I thought my Bernina was sick and took it in for service today.  Turns out that it was not and I am relieved.  But the BSR (balanced stitch regulator) does have a problem.  The part of the housing that attaches the foot to the machine has a crack in it.  It lets the housing slip off when it shouldn't.  I left it to see if the service technician can do anything with it.  More than likely, it will have to go back to the factory and I picture that taking a long time.  And some money.  But a new one costs $800 and I would be foolish to do that unless mine can't be repaired.  The shop owner feels sure that the factory can restore it to new condition.  So, I will not have the stitch regulator for machine quilting and will have to do it the old way for the time being.  That is, if I do any machine quilting.

Enjoy the season!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


I changed my header photo to another of my Christmas quilts.  This one is Santa in his sleigh soaring over the rooftops of a town.  I showed this on my blog quite some time ago.
It was made at some point prior to 1995.  I no longer have the book the pattern came from so I don't have name of the book nor the designer.  If I remember correctly, it was a Canadian designer.  A copy of the book shows up on E-Bay every now and then.  Update:  I received info on the book name and designer from Launa ( a blog reader).  The book name is "Piece on Earth" and is by Harriet M. Wyant.

I received my swap quilt from Andee of "The Modern Diary" blog.  You can pop over to her blog and see how she hung the little quilt I made for her.  Andee made me a Lil" Twister quilt using cheery Christmas fabrics.  The fabrics remind me of the snowman table runner I made a while back.  I am happy to have had her as a swap partner. The quilt she made is one I will be proud to add to my Christmas holiday collection.  Thank you, Andee.  Mary of "My Needle and Thread By Mary" blog organized the swap.  She hopes to start another small quilt swap very soon.  If you are interested, stop by her blog and let her know that you would like more information when it is available.

I am machine quilting my "12 Days of Christmas" quilt today.  Lori of "Humble Quilts" finished hers a couple days ago.  She gave me the push I needed to get busy and finish mine.  Stay tuned for a picture.

Happy Sewing!